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7 WordPress plugins to add an audio player

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If you are a musician looking to sell their music on the internet from a website or if you are a modern day storyteller looking to use cutting edge audio techniques to tell your story, whatever your relationship with the world of music, you're going to need an audio player to market your work to the world.

In this article we will offer you the best premium WordPress plugins dedicated to helping you add an audio player to your website or blog. We invite you to consult them absolutely.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Responsive HTML5 Music Player

Like all the other plugins on this list, this premium WordPress plugin will help you display a beautiful audio player on your website. Use the admin panel to create multiple playlists and players with different settings and songs of your choice.

Responsive html5 music player premium wordpress plugins add audio player

You can add this audio player anywhere on your website: on the sidebar, pages, articles and even the footer. Responsive HTML5 Music Player will bring you a lot of powerful features.

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And as features we will have among others: a shortcode generator, support for the FLASH engine for older browsers that do not support the HTML5 standard, a playlist with download option for each song, uninterrupted audio playback across web pages, multiple instances of the player on the same page, and more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

2. Featured Audio

Featured Audio is an excellent premium WordPress plugin that has inherited the best HTML5 features as the name suggests. This plugin allows you to adjust the volume of the selected audio for each post and page. So this audio player will be available to your visitors through a powerful HTML5 audio player.

Featured audio premium wordpress plugins add audio player

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As features we will have among others: the song on the front page, the HTML5 audio player, support for mobile devices such as: iPhone, iPad, Android and WP7, the use of audio files stored in the WordPress media library, support for old browsers, support for audio formats: mp3, wav, ogg, etc…, the multilingual, and many others…

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3. ZoomSounds

ZoomSounds is a premium WordPress plugin that will help you display an audio player on your website. It is also one of the best bought plugins with over 1690 sales. The best part about the plugin is the fact that it comes with all the features that allow you to make your website user friendly.

Zoomsounds premium wordpress plugins add audio player

The interface and design of the audio player are attractive. Just like the popular plugins of this niche, it presents a powerful control panel that lets you take it in hand. It also supports SoundCloud.

Your visitors will have the opportunity to like and comment, which makes this plugin more social. Other interesting features include: support for the playlist, WooCommerce support and eight audio player models.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. HTML5 Audio Player

This is a premium WordPress plugin that provides your blog with 3 types of video players. We have in particular a video player with playlist on the right, a video player with playlist at the bottom, and a video player without playlist.


Its features include: a responsive layout5 models to choose from for each reader, the possibility of adding a reader multiple times on the same page with the same style or using a different style, the psupports MP4 and WEBM video files, and others.

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Download | Demo | Web hosting

5. WavePlayer

As you can guess from the name it bears, WavePlayer is a premium WordPress audio player plugin that takes the waveform of the audio file being played while it is playing. With this plugin, you can host tracks or simply integrate other cloud hosting services, such as SoundCloud.

Waveplayer premium wordpress plugins add audio player

With this plugin, you can host tracks or simply integrate other cloud hosting services, such as SoundCloud.

It can also be used for podcasting purposes and it offers other features such as: HTML5 support, responsive layout, WooCommerce integration, etc. You will also be able to visually create a playlist before publishing it. Another essential feature is its speed and efficiency.

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6. Disk Audio

Disk Audio is another premium WordPress plugin that will help you display an audio player directly on your website at the touch of a button. The layout of the audio player is completely responsive, so that mobile users can enjoy its features without any problems.

Disk audio player premium wordpress plugins add audio player

In addition, it offers many customization options which will include among others color games, appearances, background images and opacity. The plugin also allows you to display your playlist with an adjustable scroll bar.

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You will also be able to embed download links on the music player to show users where they can go to buy the track currently playing on your website.

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It also has options for keyboard control and more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

7. TPlayer

The responsive WordPress premium tPlayer plugin helps you integrate an audio and radio player on your website. It is very functional and supports a lot of customization possibilities. It can also display details about audio and radio stream, as well as statistics about users' audio listening habits.

Tplaye audio player premium wordpress plugins add audio player

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tPlayer is one of the most awesome HTML3 MP5 players available on Codecanyon. It supports unlimited number of play tracks and each play track can have unlimited tracks.

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These audio files are self-hosted and it comes with support for some external storage such as Google Drive, Amazon S3 and much more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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Here ! That's it for this article dedicated to the best premium WordPress plugins, for creating audio players on any website or blog. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to offer them.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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This article features 7 comments

  1. Hello,
    First of all thank you for this comparison. But what does REACTIVE reader mean? reactive to what?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

      1. Well at the end of each paragraph of info on the plugins you specify if "he is reactive" or not. But I don't know what that means.

        example (see last sentence):

        Info & Downloads

        The PC Media Player allows you to play audio and video files. It allows you to create lists, and it also allows you to benefit the PayPal service so you can sell your music via the player.

        While you can change the size of the drive to some extent, in the free version, you are limited to one and only one drive style. The reader is not reactive.

        1. Ah okay I see !

          I believe the author of the article certainly meant that the audio player takes a long time to start playing audio files.

        2. Good evening, I think in this case, "Reactive" refers to the "Responsive" character of the reader, to say that it will adapt to any device.

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