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10 WooCommerce plugins to boost your online store

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Need the best WooCommerce plugins to boost your online store?

Recently, one of our visitors asked us if it was possible to offer him some WooCommerce plugins to boost an online store. This article is therefore the beginning of a response to his concern.

WooCommerce is definitely one of the best WordPress plugins for create an online store. Its popularity is mainly based on the multitude of features it offers ...

Yet despite its functionality, it may seem that it does not offer the functionality you are looking for for days, which is why in this list of WordPress plugins, we are going to introduce you to the 10 best WordPress plugins that will help you boost the functionality of your online store.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. WooCommerce SMS / WhatsApp Notifications

WooCommerce SMS / WhatsApp Notifications is a premium extension of WooCommerce which allows the administrator, the seller and the buyer to receive a notification by SMS or WhatsApp regarding an order. This SMS sending service is based on another service offered by Twilio.WooCommerce plugins to boost an online store

This is the best way to give customers information about their order. This type of functionality nicely increases the trust of users. Because you show them that you are close to them.

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2. WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager

This is a very important and versatile premium WordPress plugin, dedicated to e-Commerce websites. With the latter, you will be able to choose from 1200 font icons to use to indicate the status of the order or pending action.Woocommerce order status actions manager wordpress plugin

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The plugin also automatically sends an email when the order status changes. It is 100% customizable and handles perfectly the different stages of payment.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. WooCommerce Brands

This is a complete premium WordPress plugin, dedicated to branding on your e-Commerce website. You will have the possibility to add brands on all your products to make them more attractive.Woocommerce brands wordpress plugin

It also has an Ajax filter which improves the efficiency and usability of your website. It is also compatible with Visual Composer for further customization.

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4. WOOF 

WOOF is a powerful premium WooCommerce product filtering plugin that extends its functionality to allow your online store users to search by categories, product attributes CustomBy keywords and by personalized prices.WooCommerce plugins to boost your online store - Woof

It has tons of professional and premium features and without a doubt, this will be the one that strikes you the most, if you try them all. It will improve the product search on your online store, with exceptional ease of use.

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5. SUMO Reward Points 

This is a very popular WordPress plugin that rewards customers with points, for loyalty to your online store.Sumo reward points woocommerce reward system plugin wordpress

Reward points earned can be used for future purchases. Its features also offer a lot of flexibility at the product and category level.

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6. WooCommerce Sequential Order

This flexible WordPress plugin will allow you to create an order number for each order based on different criteria such as destination, categories or their shipping class.

Woocommerce sequential order wordpress plugin

This way your customer will get rates fromexpedition specials, when he purchases multiple items.

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7. WooCommerce Prices By User Role

This WordPress plugin extends the functionality of the popular WooCommerce plugin, adding prices based on the default roles of sellers.Prices by user role for woocommerce wordpress plugin

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It provides customers with dynamic pricesso that products can be offered at different prices for different groups of sellers.

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8. WooCommerce Request a Quote

This WordPress plugin will allow your customers toadd products to a list and submit a "request for quote" to the owner of the online store or one of his Webmasters.Woocommerce request a quote plugin ask for quotation plugin wordpress

This custom quote adding feature gives your customers a huge advantage and will make them come back regularly to your website.

Download | Demo | Web hosting


The premium plugin WOOCS allows you to change currency and get rates converted in real time (prior installation of WooCommerce required).best WooCommerce plugins - Woocs

You can use currency aggregators to obtain converted rates either through Yahoo, Google, AppSpot aggregators, either manually. This WordPress plugin ensures that no matter the location of your customersthey will always order on your online store.

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WooCommerce Currency Switcher is available as a widget and works in any space provided (shortcode available -> [woocs]). On the public interface, "Currency Switcher" can be presented in 5 different ways to discover.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

10. WooCommerce PDF Invoice

WooCommerce PDF Invoice is the premium WordPress billing plugin The most professional and the most feature-rich in the world. It is not at all an ordinary plugin, it is very reliable and IDocuments that it generates comply with standards and regulations accountants.

Woocommerce pdf invoice

WooCommerce PDF Invoice allows you to automatically generate dinvoices in PDF format for each new order and attach them to standard WooCommerce emails.

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This premium WordPress plugindetects the currency that is used in your online store and offers you prices in the store.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

Easily create your Online Store

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We also invite you to consult the resources below to go further in the grip and control of your website and blog.


Here is ! That's it for this list of WooCommerce plugins that will allow you to boost the functionality of your online store. If you have comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to tell us in the section reserved for these.

However, do not hesitate to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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