No matter what your website style is, there is a universal truth: your titles must be catchy. This is really important because they influence things like reader engagement, readability, conversions, SEO, social sharing, and even clicks.

  • 80% of people will read a catchy title, but only 20% will read the article. Your ability to tip this balance will depend on the magnetism of your title.
  • A very good title can multiply your traffic by 5

It's worth taking the time and effort to write a good title for each article in your blog. Much of the success you will encounter will depend primarily on the quality of your titles.

Before entering the writing of catchy titles, let's take a look at recent trends.

But before you start, take the time to take a look at How to install a WordPress themeHow many plugins to install on WordPress.

Then let's get to work!

What is happening in the world of web writing?

You've probably already read a lot about creating quality titles. Be wary of anyone who tells you that headlines should look a certain way. Web content is constantly evolving.

Some people think that it is not good for articles to be very "smart". However, there are websites that have seen their numbers go from zero to 70 million visitors in a few months ... thanks to titles of this type, titles that do not at all resemble what we have often seen on the web.

Just to say that what's popular and trending about titles is constantly changing. It's a bit like with fashion trends. They come and go, changing with popular sentiment and the seasons. To capitalize on popular trends in this area, you need to stay alert.

To remember : Always be up to date on the latest writing trends.

What do you want from a title?

What's the perfect title?

It is impossible to answer this question. You should rather ask the question: "What is the perfect title for my situation? " The titles will therefore be based on three things:

  1. your goal
  2. Your audience
  3. Places to promote your title

So, let's answer the question first "What is the purpose of this title? "

Put another way, what do you want your title to do for you ?

If your title aims to boost your social presence, it should have viral elements and links. If your title is centered SEO marketing strategy, the title should contain the right mix of keywords and engaging language. If your goal is to convert, then you will need your title to have language that increases your conversion rate.

Second question: " Who is this title for?

Your audience should be central to your thinking when writing a title. Who are these people ? What do they like ? How do they think? What is their favorite drink?

You will need to write a title that will be, in a basic way, a personal letter addressed to those you are aiming for. Think of them, write for them, aim for them.

Finally, where will this title be promoted? "

This is the last factor. For example, the Twitter character limit prevents you from posting very long titles. Google + and Facebook use easy to embed images, rather easy to use widgets. The Twitter image may or may not appear in the Twitter thread, depending on the application. This implies significant alterations in the title, on the associated image, and on the previewed text.

You will definitely want to use as many channels as possible to promote your article, but you will have to adapt the title to maximize all the possibilities offered by a particular social network or by another.

To remember : write a great headline that meets your goals, connect your audience and match your promotion strategy.

What changes in the writing of your titles?

In the field of securities creation, there are traditionally 5 types of securities, which are also called "Types of high-level titles"

  1. Normal (Ways to make your tea break more satisfying)

You will see that everywhere. Traditional newspapers and magazines use this kind of title.

  1. Question (what are some ways to make your tea break more satisfying?)

Strategic or brilliant issues have been in fashion for a long time. It is implied that these questions will be of sufficient interest to the reader, to the point where he will eventually read the article for the answer to this question.

How to create a question / answer site with WordPress is a must read

  1. How (how to make the tea break more satisfying)

This style is a great way to offer your readers something that interests them directly. It's a problem-solving approach, and it works well. These are popular websites based on this idea.

  1. Numbers (30 tips to make the tea pose more satisfying)

Encrypted titles are among the most popular of the moment. These titles desperately want to click ... is not it ?

  1. Speak to the reader (what you need to make tea break more satisfying)

You will find a large number of articles that put the reader face a need. These titles often start with " Why "

These are the 5 categories that can be described as standard. However, current trends have created a new category that can be described as " emotional intrigue " ; and it's a strategy that seems to be working well. These are pretty straightforward titles actually, but they're really clever in the end. For example :

"You must have seen this photo before ... but nothing can prepare you for the truth behind it." Wow. "


“These 32 pieces might seem normal at first… until you find out their secrets. Then they will look GREAT to you. "

These titles stimulate human curiosity. They use the first person, and a shocking language, to make you want to click.

These types of titles stimulate social sharing and act as catalysts.

These titles are raw, intriguing, shocking, curious, and they touch something deep in the human mind. They offend us, amuse us, question us enough to stop, click, look, and share.

These are really powerful titles.

To remember : to capitalize the power of securities, use a combination of these methods

So, how to write a catchy title?

We come to the central question: how do i do that? How are you going to get to write these brilliant and psychologically stunning headlines that can generate 500% more traffic and forge a path to international recognition?

Let's try to remember a few simple tips:

Do not expect to be the next Da Vinci of your niche. Aim for the moon, but do it well. Aspire to dominate your niche.

  • Imitate what is good

As I told you above, stay tuned for the latest trends in headline writing. You have to find what works, and do the same for your audience.

Use the techniques and strategies employed by those who lead the industry. The adage that says that “Good artists copy; great artists steal ” has some merit, and even in the creation of titles. To imitate is to show genius.

The safest information you will get will come from your own investigation. Do these tests as early as possible, and as aggressively as possible.

  • Own your language

The titles are full of words. You must be particularly adept at expressing yourself in the language you use to write your headlines. Since the success of your article depends on the title, spend enough time selecting and replacing words, trying iterations, testing different versions on friends, colleagues, etc..

Review the words, synonyms, sounds, verbs, all the ingredients of your title. Create something surprising.


If you want to become a master of social media, or content strategy, or, digital marketing industry itself, you must first become a master of well-made titles.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching your statistics and seeing this strategically brilliant title generate explosive traffic and incredible sharing. This kind of satisfaction is completely within your reach. Go for it !

What trick do you have for writing headlines so catchy that they draw hundreds of visitors to your blog every day?

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