Blogs are supposed to be personal is not it? But how can you be personal, to the point of sacrificing your privacy? Do you have to share the most 'details secrets Of your life with people who are totally foreign to you? What must remain anonymous on the web?

There are some people who think that it is wiser to remain anonymous if your blog is controversial. It would not be wise to fight for hacking and leave your address on the page " about us To facilitate the meeting with your pots ". It would also be wrong to criticize Osama and invite bearded extremists to have tea at home one night!

Here are some points that you really need to be careful about when sharing some personal information on the web.

1. Share your address

There is no reason to reveal your home address to the world. The purpose of your blog is to interact with others through it. Your blog is your online home, and others have no interest in knowing all the details of your real life.

It can be dangerous for you to speak without thinking, or if you throw yourself headlong into controversial discussions. At the same time, you do not necessarily need to be provocative or engage in controversy to attract hatred and threats. Being slightly different or unusual may be enough (even if your originality will not please everyone! ).

2. Share your phone number

Unless you are using your blog to sell a product and you do not want to make phone support available to your customers, opening your phone to the world via your blog could become one of the worst nightmares you could ever have. have never done.

There are many people who go through this " test And I can assure you that they realized that it was not the brightest idea of ​​their lives. Because of the anonymous side of the canvas, many people do not hesitate to display their true nature. It is therefore recommended to be careful enough when you decide to reveal certain information.

3. Share your picture

If you are a woman, I will manage to take a look at your photo every time I visit your blog! But if you are a man… feel free to admire your photo yourself. Either way, whether you want to share your photo or not, it's up to you. But your photo will certainly give your blog an extra personal touch.

For a personal blog, for example, sharing your photo or e-mail is not really a problem, as is sharing your name. But do not overdo the personal touch.

4. Share your email

It's a good idea to be accessible to your readers by e-mail. But still, if you like controversy and that (On the other hand) you do not like reading hateful e-mails filled with misplaced words that you ' breathe To these people, you might want to remove the contact page from your blog.

5. Share your name

It is highly recommended to write in your own name. Your name gives a personal touch to your blog, and your readers will be more comfortable knowing that they interact with a human being. So, if we summarize a little:

  • sharing your home address can be deadly.
  • sharing your phone number is not recommended.
  • share your photo is not bad.
  • share your address and your name is recommended.

People are not primarily interested in your personal information when they come to your blog. They come first because there are good articles and the information they find is really useful. They are looking for a solution to a specific problem, even if they want a human being to bring it to them. (Humans are complicated, are not they? ).

What do you think?