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How to choose a color scheme for your WordPress blog

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Have you ever thought about the color scheme you want to apply to your WordPress blog?

Not easy eh, I remember that for some customers, I often found myself spending several hours to find the perfect combination of colors that fits the mood of their different blogs.

I would like to avoid this pain by offering you today a list of tools that can help you find the perfect one (or almost) combination of colors for your blog.


The psychology of colors

According to one research, colors affect people's moods. Colors have an emotional impact on the choices and decisions made every day of our lives.

Many large companies spend millions of dollars to get a better picture of their brand and identity of their products. They hire several experts, just to have the perfect combination of colors for their brands and products.

The colors you use on your blog are part of your brand image. You need to choose colors that elicit a positive emotional response to your products and services.

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So, do you know what colors and what kind of reactions you are looking for?

Lucky for you, several scientists have researched and produced the following image.
emotional guide

I explain it to you:

  • Red is a color generally used to express joy and is generally used by young people. It reflects boldness and confidence.
  • The green is a color that produces an effect of calm and peace, which can cause a rather calm emotional reaction.
  • Blue reflects trust, strength and reliability.
  • Black reflects the sophisticated, which is solid and safe.
  • White reflects what is clearly perceptible and simple
  • Yellow is a color that raises optimism, enthusiasm and usability
  • orange creates humor, friendship, intimacy.
  • Roses aroused sensuality, the romance of emotions linked to love or femininity

What to consider in addition

It goes without saying that colors need to be applied according to the context for the expected effect to occur. Your brand or product will also need to have some associations that can (or not) work with the colors you have chosen.

Here are some things you need to consider before choosing a color scheme:

You must first consider the image of your brand. If you already have a logo or other marketing tools, then you can use the existing colors.

You must also take into consideration the different colors that are widely used on the web. Colors that do not disturb the view and that can be printed as easily as they appear on the screen.

Think of different media such as sliders, videos, images and call to action button, etc., that you will add to your blog.

How to create a color combination

Hopefully now that you have figured out the appropriate colors for your website with color psychology in mind. We recommend that you choose at least two colors that articulately represent your brand, and the response you want from the user.

Once you have the colors, there are several tools online that allow you to generate a color palette.

1. Adobe Color CC


Access the site

Known formally as Kuler, Adobe Color CC is a great tool that will help you generate a color palette. For can choose multiple rules and spin the wheel. You can manually adjust each color in the palette and the rest of the colors.

2. Photocopa by COLORLovers


Access the site

ColorLovers is one of the most popular destinations for those looking for inspiration. They have great tools for generating a color palette. One of these tools is called PhotoCopa, which allows you to generate a color palette from an image.

3. Material Palette


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Access the site

Inspired by "Material Design"From Google, Material Palette allows you to generate a color scheme using certain design rules. It offers colors that can be used on mobile but also on websites.

That's all for this tutorial on finding a suitable color for your website. Feel free to share this resource with your friends.

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