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How to convince a customer and sell his products on the internet

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La sale of a product on the internet and even outside depends on persuasion, and this in turn depends on understanding the customer's expectations. The better you understand your needs, the better your products will be. 

You must know that it is simply impossible to convince a client that one does not understand. Moreover, when you start to understand your customers, you realize that it is not only the product that interests them, they also pay attention to details such as:

  • Product packaging
  • Related gifts
  • The support
  • The attention they are given
  • Etc ...

"People buy for what you promise them, but they become loyal because they love you" Gary Halbert

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But back to why we are here.

How many problems have you solved?

  • Identify the problems in your niche
  • Identify the root cause of these problems
  • Find the easiest and most important way to solve this problem
  • Create an action plan to turn your ideas into reality

You need to understand and define how your product will bring value to your customers. Find out how your product or service can help them achieve their goals, then create an offer they could not refuse.

How to convince customers to sell products online

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Do not just limit yourself to the product or service because for some customers, the most important is often delivery, packaging, warranty, quality of support, service, etc ...


  • What sets you apart from the competition?
  • What makes your product or service so unique?
  • Why should we buy it at all costs?

In one sentence, you must be able to explain why a prospect should do business with you and not with another person, or why he should buy the product you are selling.

Your product must solve a given problem in less time and with greater efficiency. Your offer should be what immediately comes to your customer's mind when he thinks of you or when he explains why he bought your product.

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You must not try to convince yourself to buy your product, you must instead present its value and let people make their choice. Believe me, this is the best way to convince a customer.

"To convince someone is to make them aware of the seriousness of their problem, and then to propose a suitable solution that will allow them to solve it easily and in less time"

The one who wants to convince focuses only on the benefits of the product for his client and not only on the characteristics of the product.

Tell me why I should do business with you!

You will meet customers who will tell you:

  • I do not know who you are
  • I do not know the name of your company
  • I do not know the products of your company
  • I do not know what your company represents
  • I have never heard of your company
  • I do not know everything about your company's reputation
  • I do not even know if your products suit me
  • Ah, what did you want to sell me?

Look at the truth - your potential customers do not usually care about you or your business. They do not even want to know how long you have been in the business. They only care about themselves and no one else. They wonder : How is this product or service useful to me?

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So you have to give a good reason to your prospects to buy from you rather than from someone else. That's why your sales proposal must be unique.

Little reminder : So here are 35 questions that I already asked you on this blog.

  1. What is your main source of motivation? Money or the desire to help by making money?
  2. What problem do you want to solve in your niche?
  3. How do you plan to solve it?
  4. Do your customers already recognize your potential? Finish this sentence: "What I'm most proud of is my ability to ..." 
  5. What loyal customers could you boast about?
  6. What is the first thing your customers think when they hear about your business or your business? Finish this sentence: "We are the first company / the best / the only one to offer ..." and "unlike our competitors, we offer our customers. »Our products improve the lives of people in ...»
  7. What do you do to reassure your customers? If so, how is your offer better than that of others?
  8. Do you offer discounts? If so, how to take advantage of it?
  9. Does the volume and frequency of purchase afford certain benefits?
  10. Are your discounts better than the one you meet online?
  11. What about the quality of your service? Is it up to the needs of your customers? Is it fast?
  12. Are you closer to your customers? Why ?
  13. Do you give them special attention?
  14. Are you flexible and responsive?
  15. For you, what is the real value of a customer?
  16. Do you offer fast and free delivery?
  17. Do you use more than one means of transportation?
  18. Are you sure to use the best automatic delivery software for your digital products?
  19. What do you offer for free to your prospects and customers?
  20. Do you offer offers such as: "For two products purchased, the third is offered" or even "Buy two for the price of one"
  21. Do you offer popular and secure payment methods?
  22. Do you allow payments in installments? If yes, why ?
  23. Do you offer special rates for the elderly or unfit?
  24. Do you have 24 / 7 support?
  25. Do you use online live support in addition to email support?
  26. How long do you have to answer an email?
  27. Are you open evenings, weekends, holidays or 24 / H?
  28. Do you have testimonials from people that your products or services have helped?
  29. Do you have complete or partial documentation?
  30. Do you have a special relationship with all your customers?
  31. Do you offer tutorials?
  32. Do you offer your customers a service that exceeds their expectations? If so, how do you know?
  33. Is your way of working different from others? In what ?
  34. What about your legal status?
  35. What should you add to your business?

Ok the list is not exhaustive but it is already that.

As you can see, selling is not a pleasure part. You have to have skills and tools to sell on the internet and even outside.

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Here ! That's it for this tutorial and we hope it will help you convince a customer and sell on the internet. Do not hesitate to share with your friends on your favorite social networks

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation.

And if you have any suggestions or remarks, leave them in our section Comments.


This article features 8 comments

  1. Hello thierry great article, I also love making checklists and yours is really excellent. It's a subject that I myself worked on a long time ago and if I had come across your article before, it would have saved me a lot of time. tanpis ...

    If you don't mind, I'd like to add one of the articles I did as an additional resource to convince a client (at least in comment 🙂). this is a list of written tips that can complement the ideas you have given here.

    Here's the address :


  2. Hello Thierry,

    Thank you for this article focused internet sales. I do not practice this yet but through my field experience in direct sales I think that two elements or reflections come together:
    - what is the experience that my client will have with my product and what problem will he solve for him, hence the need to discover his needs in order to focus on the best solutions for him

    - what added value do I bring to it: personally, in addition to the product, I try to provide it as quickly as possible if I do not have it immediately, in good condition and above all I provide advice that brings out the lot. I provided a book on the use or general effects of the products for example. For the info products that I consume on the Internet, I often see tutorials in addition to the product or training elements that complement the product. I find its great because we especially have the impression and I try to convey the same to my customers that they have more than for the amount spent, much more.

    So for me, two pillars are positive experience product + value added,

    What do you think?

    See you soon


    1. Hello William,

      Totally agree with you. A good salesperson should only talk about what he knows to himself experienced.


  3. Hello Thierry,

    Very good article to remind us that to sell better, you have to focus first on the needs of your customers.
    Your advice can also be applied in blogging, in order to write relevant articles.


  4. Hi Bertrand,

    Thank you for this little reminder to better identify our customers.



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