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How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog

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Like thousands of bloggers every week, Do you also want to change the theme (template) of your WordPress blog without knowing how to do it? Or, you just bought a premium theme and you do not know how to add it to your WordPress site ... Do not worry.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to correctly change WordPress themes. But before changing it, you have to go through all the required procedures.

Themes screen in WordPress

Get ready to change the WordPress theme

Changing the appearance of your blog is an important step. That's why before starting, we strongly recommend that you create a full backup of your blog before making any changes. Once you have created this complete backup of your blog, we can then begin the theme change process.

Install a new WordPress theme

WordPress themes are available in free mode and by paying. It is therefore up to you to choose the option that suits you. But before changing the theme, you must first install the new theme on your blog.

How to install a free theme in WordPress

If you have chosen a free theme that is in the theme directory of WordPress on, then you can install it directly from your WordPress admin area using the "search" feature.

You must first go to on Appearance »Themes. You will then see a list of all the themes currently installed on your blog.

Go to the themes screen

Then click on the button Add at the top of the screen, yes in the grid containing the sign " Quicker".

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Add a new theme

This will take you to the page for adding new themes. Page on which you can browse the free themes of the theme directory.

The purpose of this example, let's say you want to install Slipstream theme. By typing the name of the theme in the search box, it automatically appears in the results.

Slipstream theme searched

Then, when you move your mouse over the theme screenshot, you will see an install button. Just click on the button installer to download and install the theme.

Install theme

Remember that installing a theme does not automatically mean " activate This theme or apply this theme to your blog. He simply downloads the theme. We will show you how to activate a theme installed later in this tutorial.

Install a theme from a .zip file

Another method is to install a WordPress theme by downloading the .zip file of your theme. If you want to use a Premium WordPress theme, you must use this method because the search method we showed above only works for free themes that exist on the theme directory.

Start by downloading the file .zip theme on your computer. Once you have the file .zip of the theme, then you have to go on Appearance »Themes. Then click on the button Add at the top of the screen.

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Add a new theme

On the Add New Themes screen, click the button Put a theme online at the top of the screen.

Put a theme online

This will bring up the theme download form. Then click on the button Browse, choose and then search the zip file on your computer. After selecting the zip file, you must click on the button install now.

Download Form

WordPress will now download the zip archive from your computer to your blog and install it for you.

Activate a WordPress theme

Once you've installed a WordPress theme, it's time to activate and apply this theme on your blog. Start by going to Apparence »Themes where you can see all the themes installed on your WordPress blog, including the new one you just added.

Roll over with your mouse the theme you want to activate, and you will see a button activate under this theme.

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Activate the theme

Now all you need to do is click the button activate to apply this theme to your WordPress blog. You can also use the button Preview to see a new overview of the design of your WordPress site.

This is where our tutorial on the best way to Search, install and activate a free or paid WordPress theme. If you have suggestions, share them with us in our comments section.

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