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A newsletter, newsletter, newsletter or cyberlettre, is an information document sent periodically by e-mail to a mailing list bringing together all the people who have subscribed to it. 

So, if you want to embed a newsletter on your website, and you do not know what tools to use to do it; then you are in the right place.

We offer in this article, the 10 best premium WordPress plugins, designed only to help you create a newsletter on your website.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Mailster

Mailster is a WordPress Plugin easy to use and which will help you integrate a newsletter into your website. With the latter, you will be able to create, send, and track your campaigns without too much hassle.Mailster

Its main features are: the possibility to track open emails, clicks, subscriptions, and bounce rate, possibility to target your campaigns, management and pcampaigns, the support of 6 types of auto-responders, theunlimited registration forms, an ifriendly interface, customization of the background, support for multilingual, t more.

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2. Opt-In Panda

Opt-In Panda is a WordPress Plugin which locks part of the content of a web page, while asking visitors to enter their email address (opt-in) to unblock your contentIn other words, it gives visitors a reason to sign up in exchange for instant access to valuable content on your website - (eg downloads, discounts, videos, etc….opt in panda

Its main features are: aanalysis reports and statistics of the activities of your campaigns, an iuser friendly visual interfacecustomization of features specific to your website, compatible with W3 Total Cachetheptimized for mobiles, thedrunk with 4 types of blockers, optimized for SEO search engines, t more.

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3. Opt-In Downloads

This WordPress plugin will allow you to give your users the possibility to download certain files if they are subscribed to your newsletter. So any visitor who wants to upload a file to your website must leave their contact details. All submitted data is stored in the database or can be sent to MailChimp, AWeber, iContact, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, MadMimi and MyMail Responders and others.

Subscribe download

Its other features are: export and import of data saved in CSV format, a fregistration form based on Ajax, compatibility with MailChimp, AWeber, iContact, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, etc…, support for multilingual, layout andfully responsive, the psupport for shortcodes, the vAlidation of the email addresses submitted, and more.

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4. ChimpMate Pro

Chimpmate is the WordPress plugin of Pop-up MailChimp , which will help you convert your readers into subscribers. It was designed to increase your email list without irritating visitors, with annoying pop-ups.Chimpmate pro

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It is fully customizable and you will master when and where to display pop-ups. His other features are: he fIt works perfectly on several browsers and has pseveral planning options, a fully customizable layout, responsive customer support, intperfect erosion with WooCommerce, aExcellent cache management, perfect integration with many WordPress themes, multilingual support thanks to the WPML plugin, not much anymore.

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5. ConvertPlus

ConvertPlus is an all-in-one WordPress plugin, which turns your website into a powerful lead generation module. In particular, it allows you to create your own contact list, bigger, faster and more targeted than ever.Popup plugin for wordpress

You will have the opportunity to create beautiful popups in a few minutes and start converting your visitors into subscribers.

The characteristics of an effective popup for WordPress are to be discovered absolutely

Its other features are: support for pread from 10 locations for popup display, p supportover 100 WordPress themes, the support of Video Popups, social sharing, F'sormals, Widgets and other bars of information.

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6. Jackmail Newsletters

Jackmail Newsletters is a WordPress newsletter plugin that allows you to create and manage your email campaigns. It is both a WordPress plugin for newsletters and a professional routing server. Just say goodbye to these emails perceived as spam.Jackmail plugins wordpress create newsletter website

Its main features are: bautomated information leaflets, layout 100% responsive, the ieasy mport of WordPress articles, a bfree image library, ptotal personalization of appearance, statistics overview, the iimport of contacts, the presence of the automatic mode, et more ...

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7. Incredible Contact Form with MailChimp

It is a very advanced, responsive form design tool that is compatible with Bootstrap 3. This plugin allows you to create contact forms and newsletter in the WordPress administrative interface without the need for PHP or MySQL.Incredible contact form with mailchimp

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It has many customization options for your complete satisfaction, as well as also customizable email templates.

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Its other features are: the integration with MailChimp, the vform alidation, personalized Confirmation messages, with models available, the return of an eacknowledgment of receipt, mConfirmation emails, notification emails and newsletter emails and much more.

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8. Marketing Automation

This WordPress plugin provides a simple and flexible user interface, the purpose of which will be to help you easily create a powerful newsletter on your websiteIts flexibility will allow you to handle a wide range of events, conditions and actions - so you can easily configure your marketing strategy, and take your agency or business to new heights of communication.Marketing automation wordpress plugins create newsletter website

Its main functionalities are: the possibility of applying conditional logic based on the reaction and on the behavior of the visitors, the tracking of the actions of the visitors of the website, perfect for all loyalty programs, excellent for marketing strategies that bet on rewards, an intuitive dashboard, segmentation of website visitors, the possibility of doing surveys, sms notifications and by email, pop-ups based on visitor behavior, banner ads based on visitor behavior and much more.

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9. Notify Subscribers

Notify Subscribers is a recent WordPress plugin, designed with new development technologies. It gives you the opportunity send a notification of published articles to subscribers. You will have the possibility to send your e-mails as a notification.Notify subscriber plugins wordpress create newsletter website

It comes with shortcode support to help you create your own email templates. Its customization is also left within the reach of anyone who wishes to blend their native appearance into that of the WordPress theme used.

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Other features accompany it and we can mention for example: Multilingual supportpersonalized management of error messages,details on subscribers and the management of this information,Activating or deactivating notifications for any type of message, and many more.

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10. Acelle Connect

Acelle Connect is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sync your WordPress contacts with your mailing list in Acelle Mail - an email marketing web application. Suppose you want to create periodic email campaigns for your contacts. You need to create a mailing list in an email marketing app like Acelle Mail or MailChimp and then import your WordPress contacts into the mailing list.

Acelle connect wordpress plugins create newsletter website

However, since your WordPress contacts are regularly updated, you must be able to propagate updates to the created mailing lists. And it is at this level that Acelle Connect comes to stand out as an option worthy of the name.

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It's just a perfect synchronizer between your contact WordPress list and your mailing lists. Its installation and configuration are very easy, I would say almost automatic.

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Here ! That's all for this list of the best premium WordPress plugins, designed to help you easily create a newsletter on your website and finally improve traffic to it while retaining your visitors. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to offer them.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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