WordPress has recently been updated. Among these updates, we can notice that the audio and video sector has been enormously improved and that it now includes players for the different formats.

With this update, you can easily make videos and audio files available to your users from your blog.

But even more impressive, it is now possible to create a list of lecture. In this WordPress tutorial then, we will show you how to create a list of lecture On your blog.

How to create a list of lecture Video

Create a list of lecture is not so complicated, the principle is the same with the creation of an image gallery. We will guide you through each step. You should note, however, that the Reading List was introduced in WordPress version 3.9, so if your blog is not up to date, you will not be able to create playlists.

To begin, click "Add a media".


When you access the media library, on the left, click the option "Create a list of lecture video ".
Clicking on this option will display all the videos in the media library. Select the ones you want to add to the list of lecture.


Once your videos are selected, click "Create a new playlist", at the bottom right.


You can now see the list of lecture you have created, just click on the button "Insert a list of lecture video ", And your list of lecture will be added to the visual editor.


Overview of the lecture

Finally, the list of lecture will be included in the post, however, there will be no image that represents the list of lectureand she will look like this.


Obviously, this is not the best. Yet it would be better to have a preview for a list of lecture. This error will probably be corrected in future versions of WordPress.

But there is a solution. To correct this problem, you need to go to the media library (Media >> Library). Hover over the video to see the link " Edit " appear, and edit the video.

On the right side, you will see "image in the front page", as on a normal publication, add an image and now your video will have a preview.


The image you insert for the first video is theWhich visitors can see on the playlist. But the others will not have a preview, we recommend that you create a featured image for each video, so that when you change the order of the videos, there will always be a preview available.

That's what your list of lecture will now look like

your reading-list-

Audio Playlist

The principle of the lecture Audio is identical to the lecture video. You can also assign an image as preview to audio tracks (although this preview will be much smaller, so sometimes you won't feel the need to add a preview for your list of lecture audio).

audio playlist

We hope this article will help you create lists of lecture audio and video. Let us know your thoughts and don't forget to share this article with your friends.