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Need for best WordPress plugins to create a Booking website?

You have a hotel or a restaurant and you want to create a system of online booking (booking) thanks to WordPress, but you don't really know how to do it. If this is really your case, then don't worry.

In this article we will introduce you the 15 best premium WordPress plugins dedicated to online booking. These WordPress plugins will extend the capabilities of your website and allow you to manage events, appointments and reservations, sell tickets for concerts and plays, organize parties with friends and much more.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Book an Appointment Online PRO

Book an Appointment Online PRO is an excellent premium WordPress plugin, suitable for mobile phones, for any company wishing to make an appointment with its customers. 

create a Booking website - Booking an appointment

Book an Appointment Online PRO differs from many similar plugins by a large number of useful features, such as integration with payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe and push notifications, SMS and e-mail. In addition, it can also sync with Google Calendar. 

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This plugin also allows you to adapt two different schedules for normal working hours / shift work (2 report: 2, 3 report: 1, etc.). It also includes a personal area, where users can view and edit their bookings online.

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2. Amelia

Amelia is a next generation premium WordPress plugin, dedicated to helping you create a reservation system on your website. This plugin is built with recent technologies by a team that has won numerous awards on WordPress.

WordPress plugins to create a Booking website - Amelia

It can be used as an automated reservation specialist, whose work will be done 24h / 24 and 7j / 7 to ensure that your clients can make an appointment even while you sleep.

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It is a complete plugin that offers features such as: ease of use, its use on several types of websites, a very user-friendly dashboard, support for payments from multiple gateways, configuring multiple employees with customizable work hours and days off, multiple location support, presence of graphs and diagrams for KPIs, and much more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. Octaboo

Octabook is a very easy to use premium WordPress plugin and an Instant Booking Appointment tool for almost all types of services and service providers who wish to offer online booking from a WordPress plugins - Octabook

It offers several features, including: support for multiple localization, configuration of services, dynamic pricing, notifications, etc., support for customizable fields for forms, customization of appearance, support for Google Calendar, an intuitive dashboard, export of data to csv format, and much more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. Visual Restaurant Reservation

Create the online booking system for your restaurant or cafe website, thanks to this excellent plugin. With the latter, you will have the possibility to create tables and seats by yourself on the grid offered by this plugin and to let your customers reserve those that are free, this is the main feature of this plugin and what sets it apart of the other plugins on this list.

Visual restaurant booking

Using Drag & Drop, you will be able to drag different types of tables onto your restaurant grid and calculate the maximum number of seats for each table as well as the number of tables. Visitors to your restaurant will be able to choose the shape of the table they prefer and the location of the latter in relation to the other tables in the grid.

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The customers of your restaurant will be delighted to make this choice directly on the internet instead of traveling. With this plugin they will be able to get an idea of ​​what will await them today.

Download | DemoWeb hosting

5. WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin

The WooCommerce Booking & Reservation plugin will allow your customers to book your services directly on the internet. To do this, simply integrate it into your e-Commerce website and add your service as a reserved product with price and availability, to allow customers to make their reservation.

woocommerce booking reservation

With the help of a booking calendar, customers can quickly select the days they want to book. In short, it is a plugin that lets you create services that can be reserved and assign them to products to optimize the income of your website.

As functionalities you will find among others: price configuration for certain days, null validity period specification, dynamic pricing support, 100% responsive layout, multiple location support, professional customer support, and much more.

Download | DemoWeb hosting

6. Calendarista

Calendarista is a premium WordPress plugin designed to provide your customers with a faster and more efficient online booking experience. Its objective is to make services very quick and easy to add for companies that offer the reservation of sessions or appointments on the internet.


So if you are looking for a complete reservation system for a hotel, car rental company, apartment rental, travel agency, beauty salon, restaurant, etc.…, this plugin will be perfect for you.

As features it offers among other things: 10 ready-to-use booking methods, support for 3 payment gateways, WooCommerce support, the integration of a customizable form builder, Google Map support, an excellent calendar to post your appointments, and much more

Download DemoWeb hosting

7. Easy online booking

Easy online booking allows customers to book anything on the internet. With this tool, you will be able to create a website booking – Booking – in the desired niche, for example: Events, Travel, Conferences, Webinars, Hotels etc…

Easy online booking

As features it offers among others: a easy to install and configure, the support of the evaluation by the customers, the support of several types of payment, e-mail notifications, compatibility with any WordPress theme, multilingual support, and more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

8. Driver

Chauffeur is a powerful premium WordPress limo reservation plugin for businesses of all sizes. It can be used by limousine and shuttle operators. With this plugin, you can easily take reservations for any defined route. It will help you improve customer service and manage your limousine rental business online.


It offers a simple, step-by-step booking process with support for multiple payment gateways, email and sms notifications, WooCommerce plugin, Google Calendar and an intuitive control panel.

As features we will have among others: the ability to create, modify or delete reservation forms, the support of the shortcodes, the specification of the types of service offered, the precision of the minimum and maximum rental time of the limousine, the specification of the reservation period, the precision of the time interval between reservations of the same vehicle, the physical geolocation of your company, specification of routes available in the reservation system, and much more.

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Download Demo | Web hosting

9. EventOn

The premium WordPress EventOn plugin is the best-selling calendar plugin on CodeCanyon, with over 7000 sales. It has a ton of useful features like featured images for events, shortcodes, unlimited creation of event calendars, customizable metadata fields, and event features.


Its main extensions are among others: the possibility of selling tickets, the import / export of events in CSV format, free integration with Google Map, sorting and filtering on the event list, fully responsive layout, Multilingual support, and easy customization of the calendar.

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Some features are already available for free in other plugins, but the value is an effective compromise.

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10. Calendarize It!

With the premium WordPress Calendarize It plugin! Customizing the calendar design is particularly easy with the free Visual Editor. The plugin includes advanced filtering, based on many taxonomies like time, organizer, and location. You can list events based on days, months, or years and view upcoming events through widgets.

Calendarize it

The plugin also supports the management of user roles, custom post types, several shortcodes and custom fields for events. There are also a couple of paid modules at $ 15 each, which include payment options, advertising options, event and booking rating, comments and much more.

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Its features include: Importing events in CSV format, displaying events by year, countdown on events, Support for multiple payment options, advertising options support, sharing on social networks, the intuitive booking form, etc….

Download | Demo | Web hosting

11. Event Booking Pro

This is another 100% responsive premium WordPress plugin, easy to customize and dedicated to the management of reservations on any website, which offers its services in the fields of events.

Event booking pro

Its main features include: customization of text, color, borders and others, support for PayPal, management of coupon codes and coupons, the Google Maps support, support for email management, support for shortcodes, intuitive control panel, easy event creation, total control over appearance, etc.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

12. WordPress Pro Event Calendar

The WordPress Pro Event Calendar plugin is the cheapest premium plugin on this list, with a pack of useful features. The most remarkable are: the Drag and Drop, special dates and the responsive design.

Wordpress pro event calendar

Its functionalities include: the submission of events by users, the responsive layout, the easy management of events, Multilingual support, the touch support, the simple customization, the integration of Google Maps, export to ICal, and much more

Download | Demo | Web hosting

13. Events

The WordPress premium Events Plus plugin allows you to easily create and manage your events online through the WordPress administration interface.

EventplusIt will allow visitors to register and pay on the internet for events, manage participants, discount coupons and participants ...

As features we will have among others: the native support of the multilingual, the 100% responsive layout, the personalization of the appearance, the presence of info bubbles, the sharing on social networks, the countdown on events, the beautiful dashboard, the integration of Google Maps, the support of shortcodes, the management of the recurrence of events, and others

Download | DemoWeb hosting

14. booki

The premium WordPress Booki plugin allows you to create online bookings that adapt to customers' time zones. Let's say you are in Asia or America and the customer viewing your reservation is located in Europe.


The Booki plugin will calculate the time zone differences and show your customer their local time. It also has a built-in form designer with validation.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

15. Bookly

Bookly is an excellent booking tool, easy to use and manage. It has a wide range of features especially dedicated to booking.


Booking configuration is fast, enjoyable and easy with the Bookly!

Download | Demo | Web hosting

Mhr Post Ticker

The premium WordPress Mhr Post Ticker plugin is designed to beautifully display the titles of your posts or articles on your website via a shortcode. This WordPress plugin is especially useful when you want to display multiple categories of posts with different sets of options.

mhr post ticker wordpress plugin

Any blogger or professional can use this plugin to display articles, reviews, information, events and all the messages of your selection in a professional manner thanks to an automated or manual navigation function.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

Other recommended resources

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Here ! That's it for this list. We hope that this list of WordPress plugins dedicated to creating a complete reservation system on any website will be very useful. 

However, you can also consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

We will be happy to take advantage of your appreciations and suggestions in our section Comments. Do not hesitate to share this article on your different social networks.


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