Need to find the best WordPress plugins to add a download manager to your website?

WordPress is a wonderful platform that allows the base to do blogging. Thanks to its modularity, it now allows to make websites, sites for e-commerce .... In short, you will understand, WordPress is the Swiss knife of blogging.

Sometimes you need to make some downloads available to your visitors, just as you too need to upload files to your WordPress media library. To do these operations efficiently, it is important to have a good download manager.

We therefore invite you to discover in this article, the 10 best premium WordPress plugins that will help you integrate a download manager into your WordPress website.

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Then, back to why we are here.


WP FSAM is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create a manager at file sharing. It offers administrators the possibility of uploading private and protected files and sharing them with certain users.

Wp fsam file sharing access manager plugin wordpress

As features, it offers among other things: the possibility of creating categories of files which can be assigned to downloads private, it allows to easily upload files and share them with certain users, the ability to create users and allow them to upload files in specified categories, and many more.

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2. Use-your-Drive

Use-your-Drive will help you easily integrate Google Drive into your blog or website. This premium WordPress plugin allows you to view, download, delete, rename files and folders directly from a page on your website.

add download manager

You can use this WordPress plugin as a file explorer, gallery, audio or video player.

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Its other features are: the ability to view Google Drive files and folders on your website, creating forms to allow users to upload multiple files to Google Drive, adding, deleting, and renaming files and folders , downloading files as a zip and more.

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3. WooCommerce Downloader and PDF Viewer

WooCommerce Downloader and Pdf Viewer is a premium WooCommerce addon. It allows users to download free virtual products directly from the product page and view them directly in the browser.

best WordPress plugins

The "Add to Cart" button is automatically replaced with the Download and View buttons to allow users to download or view attached files without having to go through the ordering process.

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It displays a statistics page that tracks downloads and views by date and keeps you informed of the list of the most downloaded products. Its features are very useful if you need a section of your online store containing free virtual products.

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4. Automatic Download

Automatic Download is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to attach any file to your posts (including custom types) and pages. 

WordPress plugins to add a download manager

Once your visitors open these posts / pages in their browser, the file will automatically download. This is a really cool feature for all digital content download websites.

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Its main features are: the ability to download content when opening the page or article, setting a time before the start of the download, the integration of a media library, support for custom types of posts, support for multilingual and others.

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5. WordPress File Download Manager

This WordPress plugin premium allows you to transform your website into a real file manager. It is ideal for give clients secure access to confidential files.

Wordpress file download manager plugin wordpress

And as functionalities it offers: the possibility of uploadingThe files in the administration panel and assign them to users, only those with file access rights can download the files, automatic creation of login pages and download, tvery secure, even if the URL of the file is known, because only assigned users can download it, the extensive integration with the WordPress file manager as well as its User Management and more.

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6. EasyDigitalDownloads Export

Easy Digital Downloads Export is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to obtain all the data on the downloads of your online store in one click. You will also be able to configure it and sort the fields you need, create a template and receive a daily report by email.

Easydigitaldownloads export by makerise codecanyon

This plugin allows you to export data on downloads from Easy Digital Downloads to Excel, CSV ou a PDF file. It also provides creation and planning reports which it sends by email or uploads to your Dropbox account.

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Its user-friendly interface allows you to export data with the least effort. Also, this plugin looks great on all devices and doesn't require any knowledge in coding. In addition, it is very responsive; and its updates are very regular.

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7. WooCommerce Attach Me!

WooCommerce Attach Me is a premium WooCommerce plugin that allows online store managers to attach any type of file to customer orders. They can be documents, videos,… in short, no limit!

Woocommerce attach me wordpress plugin

It also allows attach files to products (manuals, documents, etc…); these files are then automatically available for download on the order page as soon as customers have purchased said products (optionally visible if and only if the order has reached a specific status). You can set an expiration time.

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8. WooCommerce Bulk Download

As the name suggests, this premium WordPress plugin from WooCommerce will help your potential buyers to make bulk downloads of virtual products from your online store.

Woocommerce bulk download

So instead of letting these download file after file, installed this plugin will save them time by downloading the zip file of the selected files.

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9. FileBird

Creating a website means you're going to be adding tons of new media files such as images, videos, audios, PDF, txt, docx and. etc…, in your day to day database. Therefore, your website will have to store thousands of files.


But with WordPress' default media manager, you can't organize the files logically, but you want to do it the way you do with your files on your own computer.

The WordPress plugin FileBird so come let you de overcome the obstacle, offering you the possibility easily organize your files in your website's media library.

With this plugin in hand, you can manage and organize thousands of images, audios, videos and other files just like you do on your computer.

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10. Export for eForm

Export for eForm is a premium WordPress extension. It offers the possibility of exporting reports to XLSX, PDF, XLS and / or HTML. It also allows you to download submissions in any form as a RAW CSV file for manual analysis.

Eform wordpress form builder

This plugin is not a standalone application. You must use it with WordPress eForm plugin, who is a premium WordPress plugin that offers the possibility of easily create quizzes tabbed, paged or simple with personalized validation.

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All submissions are stored in the database for full analysis. While it is different from the other plugins on this list in terms of download managers, it could be a useful option for those using the WordPress eForm plugin.

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