More and more SoundCloud is widely used by music lovers. There are various reasons for its use, however, what we can all agree on is that it makes it easier to share audio files.

SoundCloud is also a social network, which means that users are registered there. If you are also there and if you want to display on your WordPress blog your latest titles or those of an artist you like, then no worries, because that is precisely what I will show you in this tutorial.


We will use a plugin called " SoundCloud is Gold ". If a point that I raise in this tutorial is beyond your understanding, we are at your disposal to provide further assistance.

How to install and configure the plugin "SoundCloud is Gold"

The first thing to do before using this plugin is of course to install it from your dashboard. You can also get in possession of this plugin, by downloading it as a zip file.


After installing and activating the plugin, you will notice a new menu " SoundCloud is Gold On your dashboard.

SoundCloud-Is-Gold-WordPress-Plugins menu

Clicking on it will bring you to the plugin settings page. From this page, you can configure the artists whose last tubes you want to display. For that, in the field Add username », You must add the username (artist), retrieved from the URL of his profile.


Further down you can set additional options that will apply to the player. For example, it is possible:

  • From auto playback of the reader
  • Show comments
  • Display the graphic representation of the sound
  • Choose drive type
  • To define its dimensions and its color


At the very bottom you can preview the last track of the artist that was chosen by default.

Remark : To choose a default artist, you must move the artist to the beginning of the artist list in the "User Name" section on the same page.


Once done, click on " Save Your Settings SoundCloud ».

How to display the player using widgets in WordPress

To view the player with an artist's recent track, you need to access the widgets page from your dashboard at the " Appearance >> Widgets ". Then get the widget "SoundCloud Is Golg" and drop it into a sidebar of your choice.


By adding this widget, several additional options will be available to you. For example, you can:

  • Modify the user ID to display
  • Filter the track to display (best, recent, favorite)
  • Set playback options
  • Edit Player

In short, these options allow you to override the ones that have been defined in the settings.


Then consult your blog, to see how the widget is displayed.


How to view the drive in an article / WordPress page

You can manually add a reader in a WordPress post / page. You just need to use the following shortcode:

[soundcloud user = 'xxx']

Where the property " user »Takes the user ID as a value (use the method I showed you earlier in this tutorial).

You can also add other properties to customize the player, including:

  • Enabling comments: [souncloud user = 'xxx' comments = 'true']
  • AutoPlay: [soundcloud user = 'xxx' comments = 'true' autoplay = 'true']
  • The width of the reader: [soundcloud user = 'xxx' width = '100%']


That's it for this tutorial on integrating a SoundCloud player on WordPress. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them.