Here are some newbie blogger mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Create a professional and profitable blog, living easily from your blog is not always easy. Very often bloggers limit themselves to " what has to be done " to build a profitable blog, but they really don't care about the mistakes that must be avoided.Beginner blogger mistakes to avoid at all costs

See blogging as life in society, because you have rights, but also duties. In other words, you shouldn't just limit yourself to looking for tips from professional bloggers, you should also and most importantly learn from their mistakes.

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Then back to why we are here.

What are these mistakes?

So here are 25 reasons why you still can not create a professional and profitable blog.

1. You do not have the right approach: And until that one is good, then you'll never be working with the right tools, taking the right training, and blogging well enough to reach your end goal.

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2. You ask yourself LA wrong question: Instead of asking you "How much money can I earn" it would be good to ask yourself the question "How can I be the most useful person in my field?" "

3. You believe it is possible to duplicate the success of other bloggers: Unfortunately, this is quite simply impossible because it requires: selling the same product, meeting the same people, having the same number of interested people, praying that they have the same purchasing power, etc ... in short, reliving exactly the same past. Which is simply impossible. Don't buy magic methods, TRAIN YOURSELF!

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4. You focus more on traffic than monetization: Having visitors is one thing, but it is of no use if behind you do not have optimized your blog so that it generates more income. You don't just have to use the right tools, you also need to know what you want to sell.

5. You do not publish enough: Yes, you must publish as often as possible if you want to attract more visitors and maximize your chances of generating more income.

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6: Your goals are not clearly defined: Keep in mind that if you don't know what you want, it will be difficult for you to recognize it when you see it. Know where you are going, and you will know what you need.

7. You do not use the right tools to reach your goal: Plugins, themes, online platforms, you must be inspired by professional bloggers and define the best tools according to your niche.

8. You do not have personality or credibility: Don't pretend to be what you are not, because others will know it and see it. The more useful you are, the more popular you are, and the more popular you are the more you are respected. And all the respected bloggers, earn a lot of money.

9. You do not focus on the most important: The most important thing is to understand the needs of your potential readers and to offer them the best solutions. This is what should demand at least 70% of your attention.

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10. You lack humility: You must accept criticism, constructive remarks and above all, you must make the changes that are necessary.

11. You blog around pseudo-profitable topics and not around your skills: Do not look for a profitable niche, blog on a topic you are comfortable with, or develop skills on a new topic because on your blog, you will only be really useful if you talk about what you know.

12. You do not invest enough: Stop believing that you can quickly create a profitable blog without spending a penny or just spending 5 € per month. All bloggers pros spend 100 times more on tools.

13. You do not know how to set priorities: Spend more time on what's really important and don't change that.

14. You write articles and not solutions: Don't write to write, write to help your readers solve problems they encounter.

15. You do not do enough testing: You can't gain experience if you don't do tests and most importantly, if you don't learn from your mistakes.

16. You are a victim of information overload: You want to know everything, when you just have to learn what you need to get ahead in your business. Limit yourself to the essentials and give yourself time to experiment. The more you know the less you practice.

17. You ignore the quickest way to reach your final goal: Work as a team, invest in tools that allow you to do more in less time.

18. You procrastinate a lot: Do not send back to tomorrow what you can do now. Do it only if you think you think you can not do it now because of fatigue or stress.

19. You think that success depends on the number of hours of work:  don't limit yourself to working more, work mostly well.

20. You do not sell or promote the right products on your blog: Only sell or promote products related to the main topic of your blog and nothing else.

21. You see the difficulty and the failure instead of seeing the opportunity to learn: There is no better training than failure. Instead of complaining, harness the lessons you can learn from it and you will become a really great blogger.

22. You do not know how to rest: Rest is a form of work, so rest as often as possible and you will be more efficient.

23. Do not rely solely on positive thinking: Many bloggers rely heavily on positive thinking as if one positive thought has already changed the world one day. Be positive, but work hard and hard because this is your only chance to get out.

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24. You are no better than your biggest competitor: Your biggest competitor is you and no one else. So don't waste time watching or commenting on what other people are doing on their blog, use this time to improve yours.

25. You follow fashion instead of creating it: Get inspired by others and their tools, but create your own standards. Never forget that all of today's professional bloggers were newbies yesterday.


26. You limit yourself to AdSense, when there are better: Don't just limit yourself to advertising from Google AdSense to monetize your blog as it takes a lot of traffic and placement optimization, consider creating your own products and you will earn more money if you promote them well.

27. You limit yourself to your niche or your region while the world is bigger: Blogging on a topic doesn't prevent you from opening up your content to other complementary industries. And even when writing, don't limit yourself to just the realities of your area, sometimes try to think bigger.


Here are some tips on beginner blogging mistakes to avoid at all costs. Don't forget to leave a review in the comments section.

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