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How to "steal" your blogging style to succeed on the internet

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We have already discussed the subject together is not it? And if there's one thing to remember, it's that it's not easy to fly.

There is no treasure in blogging that just waiting for you to find out. You must know where to look. Moreover, you must stop reading just for pure pleasure.

That is true. You should rather study the content.

You need to determine what makes content successful. You need to learn the persuasion techniques, the methods to use to link to your readers, and the recipes to become memorable.

You must study a variety of textsarticles, sales letters, advertisements, newsletters, news, and even newspapers. Even the most 'magazines trash Can to learn a little more about blogging.

Each of your readings must be a moment of learning, not just a moment of pleasure, or relaxation.

What is so important for you to buy this magazine so often that you read with fidelity and diligence?

Seek to discover it, and apply it in your own writing.

You must analyze:

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  • Which gives success to a great title: what profit it offers; what powerful words are used;
  • What are the techniques for starting an article, and what are the reasons why an opening paragraph plunges you into the story;
  • What the closing paragraph makes you feel, and how it pushes you to do or believe something;
  • How a landing page drives you to register or buy;
  • How writing techniques such as metaphors, stories, or big suspense are used.

Take the time to analyze what you are reading from these angles.

It's a lot of work.

You must learn what to "fly". Once you've mastered that, then you can start building your swipe file.

The file "swipe" is the secret to succeed in blogging

A good swipe file is better than a good education (I draw that from a certain author 🙂)

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The swipe file is a collection of tools that you can use as inspiration for your own work.
This is certainly your fastest way to create quality content and boost your blog traffic. Do not reinvent the wheel. There are some who have done a lot of work for you. Use it in.

Here is what a swipe file will do for you:

  • Save your time: you'll have suggestions for titles, email topics, content structures, and more.
  • Tell you what topics your audience wants to discover and what topics are bothering them to die;
  • Helping you overcome the blockade often faced by authors: it's hard to be stuck when you have a model to follow
  • Make yourself a better author: there is no better way to be excellent than to be inspired by excellence;
  • Improve the effectiveness of your content: if others have found what works, why start from scratch?

When you create a swipe file (No matter how you use it), take the trouble to create categories. You can have
Powerful words

  • Opening paragraphs
  • The titles
  • Closing paragraphs
  • Etc.

You can add some for metaphors, suspense, landing pages, and more.

Once your swipe file is created, you will be able to add new content each week, and every time you start writing, tap into this file.

Do not be surprised to find content very similar to yours on another site ... once you have success. But first you must be successful, and to do this, you will really have to shake yourself (between us, when it comes to work, it really does not laugh at BlogPasCher 🙂)

The truth about building a popular blog

Become a "thief" in blogging it's really a lot of work.

You can not just copy and paste ».

  • You must analyze the reasons why others are so persuasive and memorable.
  • You have to study what gives so much success to a content.
  • You must discover why others are "worshiped" by their audience.

Then, you have to use these lights every time you write.

So start collecting the works to "fly" right now.

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By the powers that are invested to me, I authorize you to steal, steal, and even plunder! The most important though: stop doubting your abilities.

All you need to become a successful blogger is to study how others write, and borrow the best parts. Do it your way, and trust me: your readers will love your style.

Tell me everything!

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