One of the best things about Elementor is that it's easy to use for quickly building a website. However, you can further speed up this design process with the help of Elementor templates.

There is no shortage of designers and websites that offer Elementor templates. But, below you will find the best websites to download Elementor templates. Some are free and some are premium, but all of them will save you time when working on personal and client projects.

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Then let's go to why we are here.

1.Elementor Pro

The first place you should look for Elementor templates is the pro version of the plugin itself. Although the free version of Elementor offers a few templates to get you started, the Pro version comes with over 300 templates as well as 90 widgets.

Elementor pro templates

You can search for templates based on page type or based on your business. Templates can easily be inserted on your pages with just one click and you are free to modify them to suit your needs.

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All of these templates are available to you when you upgrade to the Pro version of Elementor which starts at $ 49 for a 1 website license.

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2. ThemeForest Template Kits

ThemeForest is a well-known marketplace where you can find thousands of WordPress themes. Well, you can also find templates made specifically for Elementor.

Themeforest template kits

As you would expect from ThemeForest, you can find an Elementor template kit for any niche and the prices range between $ 6 and $ 29. All template kits include several page designs so you can easily use them to create an entire website.

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They are also easy to customize - colors, fonts, images, and more -.

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3. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is another part of Envato where you can find quality Elementor templates. They offer hundreds of template kits in various niches with all the pages needed to create a complete website. You will also find over 2000 individual Elementor templates.

Envato elements elementor kits

You can browse all the templates using their free plugin and import as many Elementor kits as you want. Some kits are free to import while others are chargeable. You can access Elementor's premium templates by subscribing to the Envato Elements monthly plan for $ 14,50 / month.

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LaunchParty is probably the most unique resource on this list. It is not a website that specializes in selling Elementor or other models. Instead, they offer a completely free course that teaches you how to build your website with WordPress and Elementor.


To complete the course, they also offer over 600 Elementor Kits templates. What's better, you can download these templates even if you don't take their course on building a website.

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All templates are completely free and designed without a specific niche in mind. However, they fit together perfectly so that you can build a cohesive website.

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5. One By Template Monster

One By Template Monster is a subscription marketplace with thousands of design resources such as: Elementor plugins and addons, as well as Elementor templates.

One by template monster

You can find page-based templates as well as templates for almost any niche. They currently have over 700 Elementor templates. 

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Price starting at $ 14,90 / month. You can also purchase the lifetime membership for $ 599 or the annual membership for $ 179.

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6. Crocoblock

Crocoblock boasts itself as the ultimate toolkit for anyone who wants to build a website with Elementor. In addition to the various Elementor add-ons, it also offers a number of templates for various niches.


Each template includes several page designs so that you can easily create a complete website. The templates are part of the subscription. The subscription price starts at $ 80 per year for a website, or $ 750 lifetime and unlimited.

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Crocoblock also recently released a set of dynamic website templates for Elementor. These simplify the website creation process by offering appointment and reservation forms, ajax filtering, unique pages, editable user profiles, and more.

It's worth mentioning that Crocoblock also offers a limited number of free and individual elementor pages that you can download and use with Elementor.

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7. WPBuilt

Think of WPBuilt as a directory that brings together all of the templates offered by Elementor and third-party developers. You will find more than 800 free templates there. You can choose the templates you want depending on your niche.


Some templates only offer one page while others offer several. You will find free and premium templates listed here.

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It's worth mentioning that some of their free templates can be used with the free version of Elementor while others are free, but require the Pro version of the Elementor plugin.

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Designed by CSSIgniter, Elementorism is a collection of over 50 Elementor landing page templates and starter kits. The templates are divided by niches so that it is relatively easy to find a suitable design for your type of website.


This set of templates includes free and premium templates. You can get access to all the templates for $ 49 per year and this plan also offers a year of customer support and updates. You can use these templates on an unlimited number of websites.

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9. EasyTheme Packs

The EasyTheme Packs offer a decent selection of premium templates for Elementor. Like the other websites on this list, the templates are organized by industry and feature multiple pages of designs in niches such as: fitness, travel, beauty, coffee, and more.

easythemepacksWhile most of these templates can be used with the free version of Elementor, some of them require the use of Pro widgets. However, this is clearly marked for each template and you can still use the template even if you don't have the premium version of Elementor. 

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Overall, you will find 30 templates that you can purchase for $ 49. You can use them on unlimited number of websites and get lifetime access to them.

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10. Katka Template Pack

The Katka Template Pack offers a collection of Elementor template kits with multiple pages, popup templates and block templates. What sets them apart is that they have a nice collection of Elementor page templates designed with WooCommerce in mind.

Katka template pack

This template pack offers 240 section blocks, 118 page templates and 114 popup templates. You can buy them all for a one-time payment of $ 49 and use them on an unlimited number of websites.

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11. Elementor's Den

Elementor Den is a sister site of Divi Den which focuses exclusively on Elementor models. They offer a small number of Elementor templates which are completely free to download and use.

Elementor den

All of the templates are one-page templates which means you won't find full page kits like with other websites on this list. However, if you need a template kitElementor quick and easy to use single page, well worth checking out.

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As you can see, there is no shortage of websites offering Elementor Template Kits. Now all that's left is to add them as favorites and start using them in your future design projects.

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