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7 lessons to create a profitable blog and Professional

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Do you also want to know how to start a professional blog that attracts visitors and makes money? If your answer is yes then know that you have come to the right place because I will give you 7 crucial lessons in building a successful blog. (And profitable) on the Internet.

We attack directly. 🙂

Lesson # 1: Don't let anyone repost your content

When you are approached by big blogs offering to repost your content, it is very tempting to say yes. Why? Because your brand can be very exposed.

For this reason, we would gladly let any popular site republish our content. However, the problem with this strategy is that Most major brands do not understand the SEO, which means thatthey republish your content in a way that may harm you.

Most of these blogs will take your content by linking to your site as an original source. Although it may seem like the right thing to do, it's not really the case.

The correct way to do this is touse "Canonical URL". For example, the search engine crawler might repost the article you are reading right now, but in the source code it asks the search engines to credit the original source, BlogPasCher, for the content.

Otherwise, this practice can cause you harm by penalizing you with an update from Google. This may result in a loss of traffic over time.

Keep this lesson in mind: Do not let anyone republish your content.

Lesson # 2: Avoid Sites scrapers »

There is a plethora on the web, which will take your content to dump it everywhere. You will not be able to stop them all, and in most cases, Google will not penalize you for their actions. However, they could have a negative impact on your rankings.

What you need to do to get out is block the services of Amazon's IP addresses, since most of these " scrapers Come from this particular platform. Make an e-mail to your hoster and ask him to block the traffic coming from these IP addresses.

Rest assured, Your traffic will not fall. You should think about doing it for your blog, or then subscribe to a service like cloudflare, which works a little better, but which will cost you 20 US dollars per month.

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Lesson # 3: Do not take comments for granted

Beyond encouraging comments on your blog, there are two other aspects of the comments you need to handle:

1. Spam comments : even if you use plugins like Askimet, this type of comment will creep in. While it is clear that the plugin looks great and really helps a lot, you should know that nothing is perfect in the fight against spam. The more popular your blog, the more spam you will see.

2. Reply to comments : If you don't respond to comments, you won't build a relationship with your readers. Without it, it will be difficult for you to convert them into consumers.

If you have guest articles on your blog, you will not be able to force their authors to respond to different comments on the articles they publish. Think about doing this job yourself. It will already be that fact! 🙂

Lesson # 4: Do not focus on traffic, but seek to build the right audience

Traffic is not everything.

You'll be able to produce eye-catching articles for social networks and marketing, but make sure: at the end, you will not have much in terms of sales. Why ? Because the visitors you attract will be interested in the topics you are talking about, but they are not your ideal consumers.

So, instead of focusing on your audience in general, you should be looking to produce content based on analyzes made about your ideal audience.

In summary, for this point: Look to create the right audience for your blog and not just building traffic.

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Lesson # 5: Do not take your foot off the accelerator

When you find a specific concept for your blog and that it generates significant traffic, do not make the mistake of reducing the pace. These are things that happen often, but not necessarily because we lack ideas: we simply direct our energy towards other projects.

Even if you have the capacity to bear the losses that it could generate, I do not advise you to let go ... not even a little. Over time, you will find that you earn a lot.

6 Lesson: Edit Everything, No matter Who Is the Author

Here on BlogPasCher, we "An eye that (re) sees everything" 😀 (it's nobody other than Thierry Bertrand)

It's not about keeping an eye on everything just for the "sake" of it, but doing what's best for the site; and it works well to this day.

In fact, we can never be too carefulespecially with a site or blog of some popularity. One of your authors could easily be approached by an individual offering him a flirtatious sum for him to insert a link in one of the articles he writes for you! 🙂

If you do not edit an article submitted to you before it is published, you will not know if the author has put links to the wrong site, made plagiarism, or statements with which you do not agree

Ultimately, you are responsible for the content that is published on your blog. Whether you are the author or not, it does not matter anymore. It's your job to make sure the content goes with the standards and values ​​of your business.

Lesson # 7 (and last 🙂): Monetize early

We often think that we must have 100 000 visitors before monetizing his blog. In this way, you would really take the trouble to build an audience, without being distracted.


The audience is built from the first article. And if so, the monetization must also be properly organized from the start.

You need to know that some content generates better quality leads than others. You may find that webinars create good conversions. If you are monetizing early, information like this will help you get your blog up and running quickly, and you can convert very early, and so on.

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Test and try different methods. You will be able to stop with monetization once they are complete, once you know what works for you.


No matter how beautiful your marketing, it can always be improved. Every company has its marketing problems, but what separates the big web marketers from the mediocre is that the big ones learn from their mistakes, and adapt according to them.

I'm sure you have lessons for BlogPasCher! I already have the pen on my notepad!

See you soon in the comments!

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