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Bloggers: here's 3 lessons you can learn from my mistakes

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Where did you expect blogging to lead you? I'm excited that blogging has taken me where I am today, with a successful, full-time business, a bunch of ebooks, a membership site, a blog with hundreds of articles published, two appearances as speakers at BlogWorld, and a book published on blogging for beginners.

For other bloggers, it could mean that I've succeeded. Which is not wrong. But, like any single blogger, I also had my share of failures.

Today, I will tell you about my very first blog. He did not take off, but through him, I gained a lot of experience. That's how it happened, and what you can learn from my mistakes.

When I started blogging

Like most beginner bloggers, I had a job when I started blogging. I was not really happy in my work, and for a moment, I thought of ways to make money Doing something I loved: thewriting.

I had the idea to do some " blogging professional And I began to quickly devour the archives of BlogPasCher. I was fired and the idea of ​​becoming a full time blogger crossed my mind. And immediately, I imagined putting up a book business and having a five-figure income.

But I made three big mistakes ...

Mistake # 1: What mattered most was the money

Instead of thinking about a topic I could write about in the long run, I chose the one that I could make money for: A healthy diet and weight loss.

This goes back to the end of 2007, when conventional blogging advice was based on choosing a niche. I had named my blog "The office regime" and I had focused on writing a healthy life for office workers. For me, it was a niche too small and I began to lose interest after a few months.

Do not choose only a niche for its income potential, choose it especially for the potential you have. This is your only chance to succeed in blogging.

You could even rely on a blog title that gives you the motivation to change your point of view, in case you start to lose interest in your original subject.

Error # 2: No real business plan

I wanted so much monetize my blogbut I did not have many ideas to make it happen. So, I registered on Google AdSenseI published a huge amount of ads in the sidebar of my blog, and I waited for it to start generating money ... easily. I waited. And I waited.

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In the end, it took me eleven months of blogging - and three articles published a week before receiving my first check from Google. Since that time, I acquired business acumen. Instead of seeing my blog as something that can magically generate revenue, I figured I needed to use my blog as a marketing tool to support my business.

Blogs are a wonderful way to market and grow your business by writing great content that attracts people to your products or services.

Advertising can earn you additional income only if you generate thousands of visitors a day. For most of us, it is much easier to build a successful small business than to create a blog with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Error # 3: No interaction with readers

When I started my blog, I decided to ignore the comments. I had seen some great bloggers being overwhelmed by the comments, and I thought as soon as I could be like them. Because I was convinced that in a short time, I was going generate a ton of traffic and receive hundreds of comments from individuals for each of my articles.

With a little hindsight, I just can not believe it, because I took my head so much! Of course, my blog did not take off and I lost a potentially very useful resource: Reader comments. Believe it or not, I continued to learn from this mistake years later.

From that moment, I realized that I was earning only a few cents with Google AdSense (partly because of my niche. The ads on weight loss do not pay well, and I did not think about this event before starting the blog). So I have launched an ebook.

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It did not occur to me to ask my readers what they might want to read. I had written an ebook that I thought they needed. Of course, it was a flop, like carrot sticks at a convention of chocolate lovers. I made some sales, but nothing that I had hoped for (even after breaking the price of 10 € only 4 €).

Your readers are the cornerstone of your blog. Cherish their Commentsespecially the first days of blogging. Ask them for their opinion when deciding what kind of content to display, and always do a survey when you are thinking or creating a product. You may well realize that what they want is very different from what you thought they would want!

As you can imagine, during this period, I was a little disappointed by my blog. I struggled to find ideas for new articles because I lost interest in the subject. I tried to set up a book idea, but (without surprise) the publisher was not interested in me, my statistics are not really impressive. And of course, I still could not make a lot of money.

The blog was a total failure. Except that the story does not stop there. In fact, very good things had come out of my blog, despite all the mistakes I made.

# 1: Guest Blogging opened the doors

I started doing guest articles (about a month after its launch). Luckily, I managed to publish my articles on blogs that paid me for the quality of my content. And about nine months after the launch of this first blog, I left my job.

My blog itself did not generate money, but blogging for other people allowed me to generate a regular income.

# 2: freelance blogging led me to the success of my first ebook

I found that people were very interested in how blogging allowed me to make money; so I wrote an ebook about it, and it was successful. From that moment, I started to make a name for myself, as someone who wrote on other blogs and on writing.

# 3: My ebook led me to my blog

In 2009, I launched a new blog. Of course, I made a lot of mistakes with this blog, but I managed to highlight all the things I learned from my first blog called " The office regime », and my second blog (which lasted at most a few months).

I was able to get readers a lot faster, and I got closer to them by posting guest articles and Twitter. Better yet, I write now on topics that inspire me. To begin with, I focused on personal development, but writing, blogging and publishing immediately caught my attention.

What I want to remind you

This article was very beneficial to me, so I wanted to finish with what is important to you. If you do not remember anything else in this article, do not forget this part:

  • It's always frustrating when things do not go as well as we would like.
  • If you have trouble getting more than a handful of readers, you may be tempted to give up. Do not do it.
  • Even small successes matter. If you only have about ten people on your mailing list, or ten registered subscribers to your blog, it is still a dozen people who benefit from your content. Imagine sitting with them on a table, in a restaurant. You will quickly realize that it is not a small number as such!

And every time you step out of your comfort zone and try something new, write an article about it and you'll be surprised by how successful it will be.

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Thomas Edison, who invented the bulb, did not succeed the first time. Or the tenth time, or even the hundredth time. But he did not give up. He said to himself: "I did not fail. I just found 10.000 means that do not work ".

Whether you've been a blogger for a few days or a few years, whether you've had some success or not, if you've made a few mistakes, you've learned a tremendous amount of things.

Share your best blogging experiences with us in the comments, so we can all learn from each other, and celebrate our success together.

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