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How to tailor your blog to success with simple tactics

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Blogging is a tough job.

That's how I chose to start writing this article. You know why ? Well, it's just because it's absolutely true. Create a successful blog asks for:

Seen from this angle, it is hard to believe all those dream merchants who claim to have the magic formula to easily and quickly earn money on the internet. And if you think it's easy, I recommend this exclusive video that will unveil the truth about the myth of the profitable blog.

To return to our article, you will put all this in place without the guarantee of winning a dollar. I know it's quite discouraging as new but good, do not worry because I've put in place some simple tactics that will help you optimize your blog for success.

1. Adapt your inspiration to better goals

Now that you are your own boss, you must be deeply motivated. The biggest success is not going with someone to tell them what to do every five minutes.

A great way to keep your motivation is to set yourself goals. Of course, I'm not just talking about a goal. Earning a million euros at the end of your first year as a blogger might not be the most realistic goal you could think of.

The truth is that you have no way of knowing what will happen at the end of your first year, and you have no control over the choices of others. Will they read your blog? Will they buy your products?

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However, you can eliminate some of these unknown factors by researching the potential of your niche. Thus, you can increase the chances of achieving your dreams by creating a different type of goal.

Focus on the type of content you will be writing, the number of articles, how and when you will promote your content.

Focus on quantifiable objectives, Like eight articles per month on your blog and eight invited articles that you will propose on popular blogs. Do not set a goal of publishing eight guest articles per week if you are unable to do so.

2. Follow your progress

The next step is to track your progress. Write down what you do, which makes you more productive, but also distracts you and prevents you from achieving your goals in time. This is important because it allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Whether once a week or once a month, take stock. It is important to clearly define your strengths to improve yourself, but also to know your weaknesses to know what kind of help you need.

Encourage yourself to ask questions. To say "I do not know " at "I'll ask for helpThere is a big step towards success. Any help will always be precious.

3. Take your time and take advantage of your failures

Starting a new business is never easy. The acquisition of new skills and the mastery of new tools requires determination, concentration and above all, a lot of practice.

4. You're going to make mistakes.

Do not be hard on yourself. People around you can put pressure on you. It could be your friends or family members. They love you and want the best for you, but they might not believe that your blog is the best for you if they do not see you making money after a while.

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Do not be influenced by all this. Tell yourself that you do not win even a lot of money because you do not have done what it takes to earn that money. In addition it's true! Accept this reality as well as this other: You too can make money online.

Motivate yourself during this time. Learn from your mistakes, improve in each of the areas mentioned above and the results will follow.

5. Expect to make mistakes.

These mistakes will be your guiding points to develop your blog much more than you can imagine. They could be transformed into sources of inspiration for your articles. Every mistake can turn into an article, in case studies that you can use to show your expertise (and how did you turn failure into success)

They could even turn you into a good mentor!

6. Be Sociable

Being part of the blogosphere can be intimidating. Relations with influencers are already shaped and reformed every day.

This experience becomes easier once you feel that there is someone you can approach. You have, of course, need communication tools and the courage to connect.

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If you are afraid to approach the influential bloggers in your niche then start slowly. Post comments on their blogs, then connect to them on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). There is one who will eventually notice you and be open to some form of partnership. Maybe you will even find that you have interests in common!

So much for the tips.

Did you encounter any of these obstacles when you were a beginner blogger? How did you build your blog? Do you have questions or advice? Share your story in the comments area.

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