Many bloggers do not want to let anything happen randomly. They want to do as many promotions as possible to maximize their chances of generating revenue through their blog. It's not a bad idea to do it, but it also has many risks.

Wordpress blog advertising risks

When selling your own products, you should pay close attention to the advertisements you post on your blog as well as those offered to you by Google AdSense for example (Google ads).

How do you sell your products when you flood your blog with advertisements from competing companies? Have you ever seen Ferrari promoting Peugeot? Or Coca-Cola to promote Pepsi? Don't be your own enemy!

If you promote your own products or services, pay close attention to the banners you post as well as the text ads on your blog. Why not use this space for promoting your own products? It would be more profitable in my opinion.

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You must promote complementary products and not similar products.

You will run many risks when you start without paying attention to these details that change everything.

Readers indignation

Some banners or advertisements will not be appreciated by some of your readers. Check in this case that the advantages of placing them at this or that place are greater than the disadvantages.

Do not be obsessed with money

I know bloggers who initially had blogs interesting enough and read by a lot of people every day, but who had the clumsiness to go then in their archives to delete any content having no potential to generate income (according to them).

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They then added so many ads on their blogs that it was almost impossible to distinguish the text. Some even ended up writing only about topics they thought were profitable. Unfortunately, they have lost the vast majority of their readership because of this bad choice.

Unfortunately without traffic, you can not really increase your chances of making money on the internet.

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Ads are very often congestion that your blog really need. Do not forget that a blog has one main purpose: to be read! It is primarily your content that needs to attract attention and not something else.

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If it's interesting, chances are it gives you that credibility you need to sell or recommend products to people. In addition, some ads are sometimes useless.

Preferably, choose ads that relate to the general theme of your blog. These are more likely to generate clicks and sales than any other.

Poor reputation

Many bloggers turn to affiliation to generate income, and very often they engage in the promotion of questionable products whose (illusory) merits are unfortunately praised. They think a lot more about the money they can make and forget about the bad publicity that can be caused by promoting a bad product.

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Reputation is increasingly difficult to build on the internet. Building your reputation requires time and quality and above all credibility. So why destroy something that took you months to build? Why promote products you are not even convinced of?

Avoid betraying the trust of your readers, because you risk paying a lot for it in the long run.

I believe that advertising on a blog should work as follows:

- Put your content and your readers at the center of your strategy
- Don't let ads dominate your content
- Please ensure that the advertisements published are relevant and appropriate
- Promote products that you are totally convinced of the usefulness

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You can use other WordPress plugins to give a modern look and optimize the grip of your blog or website.

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1. Instagram Testimonials

The WordPress Instagram Testimonials plugin allows you to display your customers' Instagram posts as testimonials on your website. 

Instagram testimonials plugin for wordpress

Don't miss this new trend and use social media to build trust in your customers. If they really appreciate your services and share them on Instagram, why not brag about it?

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So display their positive impressions as testimonials on your website with a recognizable design. Add stickers and make them more eye-catching, highlight phrases to catch the eye, set the ranking and you will see how very eye-catching this WordPress plugin is.

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404 Error Page Redirect to Homepage or Custom Page

Here is one of the best ways to easily add an 404 error page that will redirect the visitor to the home page or custom page, after activating this WordPress plugin.404 error page redirect to homepage or custom page

All 404 error pages will be redirected to the home page or to a Custom URL. Using this WordPress plugin, you will allow Google to reduce the pagerank of your website if it has many 404 error pages. 

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This WordPress plugin does not just redirect but it can also be a suitable solution to improve the ranking of your website in the results of search engines.

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3. Openswatch

Openswatch is a plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce with a lot of new features.

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Openswatch woocommerce variations image swatch

This plugin will make your WooCommerce website easy to use, very user friendly.

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