A few days ago one of our readers asked us how to build an authority thanks to a blog or to offer a guide to build an authority thanks to his blog? This article provides the beginning of a solution to his concern.

If you want people to visit your blog and stay there, you need to be an authority figure. This is certainly true if you are trying to solve a common problem or start a popular, useful, and profitable blog. You must know and understand what you say.

how to build authority with a blog

Knowing that you are an expert in your field is a comfort to many newbies. They see you as that guide they've always been looking for. They know they can trust you. They have faith in you, and that faith will grow as long as you help them achieve real results.

This means that you cannot fail as long as your readers are satisfied. So you understand that this satisfaction must be your main goal. Your readers need an expert with good advice, and you need to live up to those expectations if you're aiming for success and financial independence through your blog.

How can you become an expert? How can you become the person they want you to be for advice and direction?

Here are four steps you can take into account to help build your authority.

1. Write on something you already know or are ready to learn

This trick can make the process easier. You need to focus on something you know or are ready to learn. If you are interested in your topic, writing your blog will be much easier. If you are already an expert, you shouldn't run out of things to write about.

If you become an expert, then you will be able to give practical advice that will help your readers achieve success on the internet from their blog. Good advice gives credibility. A useful article makes the visitor want to subscribe to your newsletterSo come back to your website because you have proven that you know what you are talking about.

You may not be an expert on what you have chosen to write, but the passion on the subject can take you a long way. You will learn about what you are going to write. You will be able to provide information to your readers on what was and was not effective for you. It may take a long time to build that credibility, but it is definitely possible that way.

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Yesterday you were a beginner yourself, you were looking for information on the best way to achieve internet success from your blog, today that you are an expert, what better way than to share your experience with your readers?

Watch Thierry Bertrand from BlogPasCher. He became an expert in blogging. Thierry knows his job and every day publishes useful tips for novice bloggers.

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If you take a look at his articles, you will see that he speaks with authority. Thierry is a reference in the French-speaking world of professional blogging and thousands of newbie bloggers trust him as an expert.

2. Speak with authority

This is a crucial aspect in the development of your blog. This allows new visitors to become loyal, and old visitors to remain so. If you speak confidently about the information you provide to your readers, it will spark interest in your readers. They will certainly be more willing to put your advice into practice.

how to build authority with a blog

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How to speak with authority and confidence? Good question. The biggest point is to look at the words you use. If you use words like " might "And" perhaps You do not give your reader confidence in the information you provide us.

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If you give your readers the right information, and if they apply the advice you give them, there should be no doubt that they will get results. Not only do you need to be sure of yourself, but you also need to give your readers confidence.

There is no question that you hesitate in what you say. If you do X, it will save you Y. No " perhaps ", no " pourrait ", Only results. This is what people want: results.

They want to know that if they do what you say they will get real results. that's why it is very important to always talk about what you know and have experienced yourself and not what you have read on other blogs.

3. Talk about your experience

If you give your readers advice, then you'd better have them tested yourself. The easiest advice you can give is about what went wrong for you, not the other way around.. You must always talk about what you know. If you talk about your experience, not only will your information be more detailed, but in addition, your experience will also be more reliable. This is a great way to establish your credibility.

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Readers love to hear about experiences from successful bloggers. It adds a personal level to your writing. And if your credibility is built, it's because your readers know you've tested every piece of advice you share with them. Besides, how can you be confident in something you've never tried?

You have to share your experiences, and if these lead to concrete solutions, then your readers will love them. We all love a good story. Much more than just a story, you especially need to give value at the end. Whether it's a philosophy or a specific action, provide useful information. It's quite powerful!

4. be honest

If the information you give is supposed to help your readers, but it doesn't, imagine how they will feel. Bloggers who are unsuccessful with their blog usually owe their failure to the poor quality of their content.

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True experts will also know that you have gone astray. If you have a section for comments, they will point out how wrong you are or talk about what you do not know. You can not publish anything by telling people that it will help them without you knowing if it will be.

It is bad for your credibility and your authority.

Don't post someone else's content as if it's your own. People want new and useful information. If you steal other people's work, you will lose all the respect of the blogging community.

Blogging is about building relationships with readers and other bloggers. Taking content from others will make other bloggers lose the urge to work with you. It will tarnish your image and your brand. Be honest and your authority will skyrocket.

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Neil Patel of Quicksprout is well respected in the Anglo-Saxon blogging community. Neil has had his share of successes and failures. It has a very large audience. He's also very open about what works and what doesn't.

He established himself as an authority figure thanks to this. His articles are honest and genuine, and include a wealth of valuable information. Take inspiration from Neil and be honest and helpful when writing.

Are you an expert in a field?

Well, there you are. These are four ways to increase your authority and expertise. If you regularly put these tips into practice, your readers will know they can trust you.

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They will come to you more often for the information they need. Become an authority figure and success will follow!


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