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How to add subtitles to your WordPress blog

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Have you ever wanted to add subtitles to your WordPress blog? In some cases, you will need your pages and publications to have subtitles, to provide more information to users ... but also, a better presentation.

In this article, we will show you How to add a subtitle title in your articles in a few simple steps.

The first thing to do is to download and install the Plugin Segondary Title. After activation, you will see a new field added below the title of the publication or page.

segondary post-title

Do not worry if you want to use it on pages or other custom forms of your blog. Le Plugin comes with its own configurations that will allow you to define how the other titles will be displayed in the dashboard but also on your WordPress theme.

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If you want to change these options, you must go to this location " settings >> Secondary Title » (From the dashboard menu).


On the settings interface, you can choose the type of publications, the categories or a particular publication or the subtitles that should be displayed. You can also choose the location of the subtitle field on the publisher. It is more precisely to display the field above or below the title field of the publication.

By default, the Plugin Will automatically display subtitles, but you can change this option by choosing "No" near the option "Automatic Insert".

You can also manually add the subtitle on your theme WordPress, if it does not support subtitles by default. You just have to open to add this code in the file function.php of your WordPress theme.

"<? Php get_secondary_title (); ?> »

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This will give you more control over subtitles. The default format displays the subtitle just after the title of the separate publication of a double points (: ) thus:

"The title of the publication: the secondary title »


You can also change this format in the format title option from the settings interface of the Plugin. What will your publications look like after the integration of the Plugin on the subject Twenty Thirteen

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