Do you see a strange string of characters v = xxxx in your WordPress URLs?

Recently one of our readers asked us how to get rid of the v = xxxx string of its WordPress URLs. This character string seems to be randomly composed of letters and numbers added as parameters to your permalinks.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily remove the v = xxxx string from your WordPress URLs.

But before, if you have never installed WordPress discover How to Install a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps et How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog 

Then let's come back to what we are here for ...

Why do you see the string v = xxxx on your WordPress URLs?

This channel appears on websites that have an online store that relies on the WooCommerce plugin. This is not a bug or an error, but a real feature of the extension.

The purpose of this channel is to help WooCommerce calculate taxes and shipping fees based on the user's geographic location.

The chain makes the feature compatible with the WordPress caching extensions  as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.

However, if you do not need to calculate delivery charges and taxes for different locations, you may have inadvertently activated this feature.

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Let's now see how to easily disable it and remove the v = xxxxxx random strings from your WordPress URLs.

Removing the v = xxxx character string from WordPress URLs

First you need to login to your WordPress admin area, then head to the tab WooCommerce then access the settings of the latter.

Under the tabGeneral options Scroll to the option "Default client location »

It would be set to “Geolocate (With support for a cache page). You must replace it with "No default location" or "Store address"

Do not forget to click the Save Changes button to save your settings.

If you use a caching extension, you will have to empty your WordPres caches. After that you can visit your website and the geolocation chain will disappear from your WordPress URLs.

How to geotag a default location without the URL string?

You can do this by selecting the " Geolocation "In the option" Default client location »Parameters.

However, this option is not compatible with static caching extensions, and displays incorrect shipping and tax information to users due to pre-caching the page.

Running WooCommerce without caching is strongly discouraged because it will slow down the performance and speed of your website. Go further with What You Need to Know About WordPress Caching

If you need to use "geolocate" to calculate shipping costs and taxes incurred related to theft, you will have to tolerate for the moment the string v = xxxx in your WordPress URLs.

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Here ! That's it for this tutorial. I hope you can remove the v = xxx string from the WordPress URLs of your online store. feel free to share the tip with your friends on your social networks.

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