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Do you want to become a successful blogger and earn money?

Becoming a blogger is no longer a weekend activity. It's a way of life, and more and more bloggers are becoming "Blogpreneurs" (Blogger and Entrepreneur) by taking advantage of their popular articles to start their online business.

So what is a " blogpreneur " ? The definition varies, but here's the one that might be right for you.


anyone who operates a blog as a business, turning his interests and passions into a full-time career, often taking a financial risk.

There are quite a few Blogpreneurs nowadays, and it is very likely that you visit a number of their websites every day.

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But back to why we are here.

How can you  become a Blogpreneur

While I can't guarantee success, I can give you the basic steps to get started. There are three main steps which include having a basic blog, increasing traffic and of course how to make money from your blog.

1. Create your blog

We've told you about WordPress blogging techniques a few times, but here's a condensed version. First of all, you need to get accommodation. I recommend you WPEngine, because they have made WordPress the main tool. In addition, they offer very good backup services, and good support for 29 $ per month.

But, if you have a restricted budget, you can use BlueHost, which also offers good services.

noir-theme - become a successful blogger

Once the hosting is booked, you need a good premium WordPress theme (free themes can also turn out good). You must choose one specially designed theme for blogging. You should also take into consideration the different features offered by this WordPress theme.

If you want to create an online store besides the blog, you have to choose a WordPress theme offering these features.

2. Build Your Blog's Life

This is the most difficult step. With everything already ready, you now need to bring your blog to life. It will be quite a painful task in that you have to accept that you need time to see the traffic evolve.

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But here are some tips that will change things quickly.

social-sharing - become a successful blogger

Be Social

It goes without saying that these days social media traffic is much more important than before. More people are using these social networks to interact with each other. This is where you will find the opportunity to make your way into this source of traffic.

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You have at your disposal several tools that simplify the process: 

Each of your articles must be present on social networks. You will even find plugins that allow you to constantly post tweets of your old articles.

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newsletter-widget - become a successful blogger

Create a newsletter

This is an element which today is almost indispensable. Almost all blogs have a subscription form. Create a newsletter, allows you to keep in touch with your visitors.

You can use tools like MailChimp  ou AWeber to create your newsletter. We have also done good tutorials on these.

Consult them by clicking on the links above.

3. Suggest something to sell

With a blog section on your website, you've taken a step, now it's time to create a cash flow for your website via your blog. For that you have three methods to choose from.

The advertisement

If you use for example the Black WordPress theme, you will be able to add advertisements to your website using the provided landing page template, blog posts and widgets. You just need to access the theme's customization interface, and paste the various advertising banners or Adsense.

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Affiliate sales

You can also promote other products and services on the web to generate income. This is how the majority of YouTube users, some bloggers, and even WordPress gurus make a living.

Join an affiliate program, and add affiliate links to make recommendations.

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Products & Services

As good as promoting other people's products on the internet is creating your own online store. 

Do you want to sell your products on the internet?

Download WooCommerce for free, the best e-commerce plugins to sell your physical and digital products on WordPress and easily create your online store. Perfect for beginners.

Create something that you know your readers will want to buy. If you're a lifestyle blogger, create a workout plan or cookbook. If you write about the stock market, collect your best investing tips.

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Here are some tips to get started.

However, it must be said that this is not all you need, because the advice is quite numerous, but above all you will have to make up your own mind and adjust your strategy over time.

Discover also some premium WordPress plugins  

You can use other WordPress plugins to give a modern look and optimize the grip of your blog or website.

We offer you here some premium WordPress plugins that will help you do that.

1. Duplicator

With over five hundred thousand active installations and a global rating of 4,9 stars, Duplicator is one of the most popular migration plugins on WordPress. We have talked about him more than once here on BlogPasCher. The free version is available in the WordPress.org plugin directory, but there is a The premium version available from 49 $.

Duplicator plugin WordPress migration clone

Created by the team Life in the Grid, Duplicator is an extremely powerful tool designed to allow a website administrator to duplicate, clone, backup, migrate and transfer an entire website from one location to another. 

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A three-step wizard helps you configure a package consisting of a single zip file and an installer. You will be able to customize the package by excluding certain specific directories, file types, and database tables.

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Detailed logs are available at each stage of your progress, as well as a logging tool which is useful for debugging issues with the plugin.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

2. WooCommerce Orders Progress Bar - Pro

This plugin Premium WordPress allows you to add an elegant progress bar for your customers so that they can track their orders on your website.

WooCommerce Orders Progress Bar Pro WordPress plugin progress bar

As main features it offers among others: a Drag and Drop interface which will allow you to manage the status of the orders and consequently hide or display the progress bar, the choice of colors for customizing the appearance of the bar, a control complete on the visibility of the progress bar, a fully customizable appearance with 4 skin templates delivered by default, and much more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. Twitter Feed

With the premium WordPress Twitter Feed plugin, you can add a personalized feed from one of the most popular social networks to your website.  Twitter Feed WordPress plugin

Integrate your own Twitter feed with header and action buttons, create a collection of Tweets by hashtag, or display customer testimonials on your Twitter products. Offer your users all the actions of twitter directly on your website - retweet, reply, share, etc….

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Choose the best layout, add colors and find the right proportions of the widget. Increase the number of followers and increase engagement on your website with an animated and interactive feed.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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