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23 essential tools for success in blogging

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You certainly wish there was a better way to blog, right?

From the production of ideas to promotion, there is a big part that goes into content marketing.

So, how can you facilitate this process?

Essential tools for blogging success

You can use a number of tools that will help you generate leads, facilitate the writing process, and even market your content to you.

So here 23:

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Then back to why we are here.

Tools for content discovery

Before you can start writing, you must produce ideas, and ideally those that will be popular. 

1. Quick Sprout : if you put a competitor's URL on the Quick Sprout home page and then click on the button Social Media "(Social network), you will see the details of the most popular content that it has written. It will help you produce some ideas.

2. Buzzsumo : So type in a word or phrase, and Buzzsumo show you the most popular items of the canvas containing this sentence.

3. Carry : If you're fighting for a cool idea or title, just type in a keyword and this one will generate amazing titles for you

4. Quora : Here is a very good place to look if you need some inspiration. People ask questions about all industries, and Quora will help you get out of the hottest.

5. Google Trends : the last thing you want to avoid is to blog about a topic that is not popular! Google Trends will point you in the right direction because it will point you to the search volume for each key word or phrase.

6. Alltop : all blogs are not worth following. Alltop classifies and organizes blogs at the top of the canvas, so you can see what others are writing about.

7. Twitter : Most people use Twitter to do distribution, but it's also a good way to see what's trendy.

8. Evernote As a blogger, you could possibly have more ideas than time. With Evernot, you can keep track of all these ideas.

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9. Trello : the more organized you are, the softer the process of content marketing will be. Trello is a good place to organize your ideas.

Once you have found what to blog about, the next step for you is to start writing.

Tools for writing assistance

If you use the tools listed below, not only will you write better, but you will also be able to create content faster.Essential tools for blogging success 1

10. Google Docs : instead of typing in WordPress, remember to write your content first under Google Docs. It will help you get rid of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Also, you can collaborate with others when you need help.

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11. Sleep as an Droid : If you want to write articles of type list, take a look at Wunderlist. It will make it easier for you to create lists for everything.

12. : graphics and other diagrams do not have to be ugly 🙂. You can now create beautiful graphics and diagrams that will generate shares on Social networks

 13. Uberflip Sometimes you will want to create e-books or PDFs on your blog. Uberflip is a simple tool that will allow you to do it. Plus, it gives you statistics that will show you how popular your content is.

14. TinyMCE If you prefer to blog on WordPress, this tool will ensure you use the correct grammar and spelling.

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15. text Broker : Ideally, you should write your content yourself; but if you do not have time, Text Broker can take care of the writing process for you.

16. Kapost : if you want a tool that makes any », Kapost is worth testing. It's a good tool if you need help with planning and writing, but it can do a lot more.

17. Editorial calendar : Once you're in the flow of blogging, you can use an editorial calendar to organize the publication of your articles.

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It will help you find the holes and find the right time and the right frequency to publish.

Now that you have completed the writing process, it is time for you to move on to the distribution process.

Distribution help tools

Promote your content does not have to be difficult. There are a number of tools that can help you.


18. Yoast : Search engines are a big source of traffic. Yoast optimize your blog so that you can maximize your rankings.

Discover How to configure the SEO WordPress plugin by Yoast

19. Click to tweet : Making quotes and tweetables phrases in your content, you will get more traffic.

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20. Slideshare : why not turn your content into presentations? Submitting your content to Slideshare in the form of a presentation is a great way to get extra traffic and more branding.

21. Outbrain : If you want to generate more traffic, Outbrain is a good source for cheaper traffic. For a few cents the click, you can make more people read your blog.

22. Google Webmaster Tools : If you want to know your ranking in the search engine results, this tool is the only one you need.

You will then be able to select keywords that rank on page one, build links to them, and climb the rankings.

23. Google Blog Search Through this tool you will find relevant blogs within your industry. Once you have a handful of blogs, read their content, and comment on them by offering quality information.

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This will help bring people back to your blog, which will increase your readership.

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Content marketing is not an exact science. The tools I mentioned above will make it easier for you to produce ideas, write articles and promote content.

They will help you save a lot of time each week, which will obviously allow you to focus on other initiatives regarding your content.

So what other content marketing tools do you think are “worthy” to be on this list? : )

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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