Need to control the stock of products in your online store WooCommerce on WordPress?

Have a Online Store is not always easy, and sometimes there are even difficult times. This especially happens when you are in " sold out And that your customers want to continue buying products.

This is a downside in many ways because it will affect your income and a big question mark will be raised about the credibility and reliability of your online store. In short, the " inventory management is important and a necessary evil"

To avoid all these situations, it is very important for the owner of an online store to keep a permanent eye on the inventory of his shop. You can hire an expert in stock management, who will keep you informed of stock status, but very few people who start an online business can afford to hire an accountant, this is where WooCommerce helps you through its purchasing reports.

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Then back to why we are here. 

WooCommerce made this task quite easy. You can easily see the stock status all in one place in a quite simplified manner. Yes ! I'm talking about the stock reporting section where an online store owner WooCommerce can effectively maintain and monitor its stock.

control the stock of products

WooCommerce Inventory Report

WooCommerce stock reports can be accessed through location WooCommerce> Reports> Stocks. Here you can see three other sub-sections which are classified on the basis of different stock purchase statuses.

These are :

control the stock of products

You have three tabs:

  • low stock
  • product out of stock
  • overstocks

Low Stock

An owner of a WooCommerce Online Shop will access the " Low Stock " by default. This directory contains all products with low stock. Sometimes, the owners of online stores offer promotions for products that break with forms very well known " Limited time offer"

It's a smart strategy to convert your leads to sales.

But roughly speaking, this section, which serves as an alarm, will inform the store owner well in advance of the state of his stocks. In this way, he can arrange the products so that they remain available to customers all the time.

stock-exhausted example

Once you access this part of the plugin, you will find different columns displaying unique attributes. Let's talk about these attributes in detail.

1. Product

The first column is the name of the product. You will therefore find a list of all the plugins that are about to be exhausted.

2. relative

The next column is the column for parent, which contains the parent product of the product concerned. If a dash (-) is displayed, it means that the product has no parent.

3. Quantities in stock

Quantities in stock  Display the current number of remaining products.

4. Stock status

The next option is for stock status, which displays the current status of a particular product.

5. The actions


The last column allows to take some steps about the products that are listed here. On the line of each product on this column, you can see two symbols.

The first icon allows you to Edit the product and the second icon allows you to See le product.

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Sold out

product-of stock-example

The next subsection will list all products in Sold out. All other options are similar to those available on products with low inventory.

The only difference will be the value of the quantity in stock which should always be "0" and the stock status which should always be " Product out of stock"

The overstock


The last subsection displays the list of overstocked products. Again, all the options are similar. On the column Quantities in stock“, You will notice the excess of products.

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And that's all ! Now you can control the stock of your WooCommerce online store

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