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How to monetize blog and earn money on the web

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  • How to monetize your blog?
  • How to make money on the internet from his blog?

These two questions evoke a single problem: how to use a blog to make money?

If I had to answer this question quickly, I would say that to make money from your blog, you have to:
1. Sell ​​advertising space
2. Help other entrepreneurs sell their products (Affiliate Marketing)
3. Create and sell your own products and / or services (with your own affiliate program)
4. Use your blog to deepen your relationships with your existing customers
5. Organize conferences online or in the room
6. Submit your services

Let's say it's the quick and easy version of my answer. However, I would like to go further ...

Creating a blog and monetizing it is not always as easy as we want you to believe. Monetization is not just about creating a blog, adding some plugins "Miracles" sold by unscrupulous entrepreneurs, find ebooks with resale rights or private label (dlp) or some products "Revolutionary" which will guarantee you income for life (depending on who sells it), without having to work more than two hours a day. 🙂

This is the official version that all these web entrepreneurs, who are in fact no more expert than you are trying to make you believe. NO ! The monetization of a blog goes well beyond this myth of easy money on the internet.

In fact, good monetization involves:

1. Successful personal development
2. A good identification of the real needs of your niche as well as an excellent understanding of your market (niche)
3. The creation of unique and useful value
4. Understanding and managing the technical part of your blog
5. The quality of the relationship you create and maintain with your readers, prospects, existing customers and partners.
6. Understanding and applying the main principles of internet sales and marketing

Monetizing your blog means being able to master each (or almost all) of these areas. When I talk about monetization I'm not talking about earning a few meager amounts of money (€ 10 - € 30 - € 50), NO! I am talking to you here about earning hundreds of euros minimum all the less. I'm talking to you about making a living from your blog.

Like any lucrative business, monetizing your blog requires some knowledge.

Let's see all this in detail ...

1. Personal development
Contrary to what you are told every day on the internet, monetization does not start with the creation of a blog, it does not start with the choice of a niche '' profitable '' and even less by the need to achieve some financial freedom. NO ! All these steps come after.

Like any lucrative business in the world, monetizing a blog or activity begins with a successful personal development. If you are unable to know who you are and what you do best or are able to learn to do and then do better than anyone, so i can assure you that it will simply be impossible for you to know exactly what your potential customers want so make money on the internet from your blog.

Know yourself and you will understand the world!

To succeed (to earn money) on the internet, you absolutely must:
- Identify your values
- Learn to define your goals with clarity
- Learn to identify your passions and work with them
- Learn to manage your time
- Learn to identify your potential and organize your work so that it can be expressed
- Learn to manage information overload
- Learn to identify and eliminate those obstacles that prevent you from being successful
- Learn to pay attention to others

2. Identifying and understanding your market (niche)
Once you know who you are and what you are capable of, you need to move on to the next step of choosing a niche.

Some will tell you to choose a profitable niche while others will tell you to choose a niche with little competition. The truth is that you will not really know that a niche is profitable or that it has low competition once you get there (you will have chosen it)

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Monetizing a blog is not just about demand, it's about your potential. All trade revolves around the principle of supply and demand. A niche will not be really profitable for you until you are able to create, develop and promote the best offer in the market.

If the creation of an irresistible offer begins with a perfect identification and understanding of the needs of your potential customers, then it is safe to say that monetizing your blog is also identifying and understanding the needs of your prospects and customers.

The real opportunity is not the product you sell, but the potential you have. I'm talking here about the ability to offer the best solutions that will allow your readers to solve the problems they encounter every day on the internet.

You do not believe me ? So please tell me:
- How many ebooks with resale or private label (dlp) rights have you purchased? How much did they bring you?
- How many revolutionary plugins have you bought? What concrete results have they offered to you?
- How many MLM companies have you joined? How much money did you earn?

In fact, the problem is neither these ebooks nor these plugins ... let alone your network marketing company, the problem is you. That's the approach you have. The problem lies in your incompetence.

Without competence:
- How will you modify your ebooks with DLP?
- How are you going to sell them?
- How will you promote them?

I do not know about you, but I think it will simply be impossible to monetize your blog this way.

You must (at this point):
- Learn to choose a niche suited to your potential
- Learn to identify and understand the real needs of your prospects

3. Creating a unique and useful value
Monetize your blog is also to be able to create quality content as well as unique and useful products. Before creating a blog to sell, it is created first to be read. This is the ultimate goal of a blog: To be read!

However, I still want to clarify that the quality of content depends on its relevance and especially its usefulness. A useful article is one that allows the reader to solve his problem (in whole or in part).

To give a basic definition, I would say that monetize your blog is to generate free or paid traffic around content, then expose these visitors to commercial offers (products and services). Seen in this light, you understand that the monetization of your blog passes first by the content of the latter. You are first blogger before being a salesman.

So you understand that you need (at this point):
- Learn (once again) to identify the needs of your readers.
- Learn to write articles and create relevant and useful content

Do not write to write and update your blog as I did a few years ago, write to be useful.

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4. Understanding and managing the technical part of your blog
Installing a blog is not enough.

You must also:
- optimize it for search engines
- translate your theme (WordPress) into French to facilitate navigation for your readers
- present your recent articles and your popular articles
- add email address capture forms (for the newsletter)
- customize the header of your blog (add your logo and your slogan)
- automate the publication of your content on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook
- protect your blog to a minimum against viral attacks
- automatically link your articles to each other
- automatically save the content of your blog
- add social media sharing buttons
- create an online store on your blog (possibly)
- create an affiliate program on your blog (possibly)
- create capture and sales pages
- etc ...

All this is learned and all this requires a lot of time and technical knowledge.

There are even things you will only need to do once in your life. So, if you intend to create more blogs in the future, I advise you to learn how to do it. Otherwise you always have the opportunity to earn no less than 6 months of work by opting for theoutsourcing.

If you think this is unnecessary spending then let me tell you that not all the biggest bloggers and successful entrepreneurs are working alone. They work as a team. You may not know it, but monetization also depends on the time factor.

A product you sell today will no longer be relevant tomorrow. Which means that every minute you lose, represents a potential customer next to whom you spend, so money that passes under your nose.

Taking 3 months to learn how to do one thing that will do only once in your life is wasting time and missing out on a lot of money. It's about 60 X 24 X 90 = 129600 € of potential incomes that pass through your nose.

Do you really believe that Facebook would have generated so much revenue if Mark Zuckerberg had worked alone? Or that Google, Microsoft or Apple would have become financial empires if Sergey Brin Larry Page, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs - Bill Atkinson and Susan Kare had also worked on their own?

Personally, I do not think so.

You can for example entrust the management of the technical part of your blog to the French leader of the installation of professional WordPress blogs at low prices. I'm talking about the site of course (I am the person in charge of the site).

Ask your questions (If you have any) about online support or ask to be called back on landline or Skype (do not forget to specify the time).

For a complete solution and for an immediate start, I recommend the PACK IN-NOW (immediate start).

5. The quality of the relationship you create and maintain with your readers, prospects, existing customers and partners.
Monetize your blog is also knowing how to create lasting relationships with all actors that could positively or negatively influence the destiny of your blog and that of your bank account.

To do this, you must:
- Learn to pay attention to others. (Pay 80% attention and ask for only 20%)
- Learn to respect the work of other bloggers
- Learn to respect the choices and opinions of your readers
- Learn to say what you think
- Learn to build lasting and profitable partnerships

Basically, you have to learn to communicate. Communication is crucial in this environment.

6. Understanding and applying the greatest principles of internet marketing and marketing
Monetize your blog is above all, know how to sell a product (digital or physical). It's also knowing how to make the difference between sales and marketing.

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I recommend these articles:

As for marketing, I would say that if the content is ROI, then the promotion is certainly part of its queens ... :). Without traffic, your blog just does not exist. And if your blog does not exist, we can not talk about monetization either. You need web traffic to exist on the internet.

Monetize your blog is also learning to promote its products and services.

I also recommend you read the following articles:

As you can see, it's not enough just to create a blog and add a few products to talk about monetization. You need a number of special skills to make money on the internet from your blog. The path is long and tortuous, however, the reward is GREAT. Do not give up and give yourself the opportunity to learn how to make money on the internet.

So, what do you think of this article? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Hi Therry, I completely agree with what you are saying but not at the level of "Do you think Mark Zuckerberg will have succeeded etc ...?" There are examples of people who have built their successes almost alone. I am thinking in particular of those who have created ecommerce stores on a niche

    1. Hello William,

      First of all, I want to thank you for participating.

      Then I think you also said “almost alone”. 🙂

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