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30 Tips for writing and promoting your blog and generating traffic

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This has happened to us all ...

You write a perfect article, publish it on your blog and hope that it will generate hundreds of visitors in the hours to come and much more in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, and against your expectations ... NOTHING! The expected traffic has never arrived.

As you already know, getting people to read, share, and promote your content is the hardest part of content marketing. This is one of the main reasons people fail.

Some end up believing that blogging is not made for them, others who accuse all these training on homework purchased, etc. If that's your case, then do not worry anymore.

Here are 30 tips that will allow you to encourage your readers to read your articles, share them and especially, to talk about them.

10 Tips want to read the articles in your blog

Imagine yourself browsing a magazine. How do you decide to read an article or not?

Are the images, the title, the length of the article or the reputation of the author that make you want to read more? No matter the quality of your article, if your title is null, nobody will read it. You must learn to write catchy titles, not just to pander the reader, but to make a promise that you will honor in your article.

Do you know how to write this kind of title on your blog? No ?

so here's 10 ways to make sure your title is catchy, that it makes you want to read the content.

    1. Where is the interest ? - People like to read articles that teach them something. So use your title to tell your readers clearly what they will learn in your article. That's what I call to make a promise.

You must give your reader a valid reason to dedicate two things to you: his time and attention. As long as there is profit, you will always get these two things from your potential and existing readers.

    2. There is no need to reinvent the wheel - people like titles like " How to do "Or those who present a" list of… ". I highly recommend using them more often even if you feel they are rusty today. The most important thing is that they are still walking.

Only replace what works by what works much better. Afterwards, it is not really useful to use them in all the titles of the articles of your blog.

    3. Statistics are better than opinions - Do not just give your point of view, reinforce it with data from serious studies. If you can, quote your sources, it will give more credit to your article and will strengthen your own credibility in the eyes of the reader.

    4. Think more about your readers than search engines - Add keywords to the title of your article just to seduce the search engines, is and will never be a good idea if it makes the latter boring and dull. In addition, if your title does not seem to make sense, you can be sure that no one will click on it ... on search engines. Write for your readers and the search engines will reward you for that.

    5. Create a sense of urgency - Giving the impression to your readers that it is urgent to read your article will allow you to get more readings. They must not say to themselves, " I will read it later Because they will never do it again.

    6. Use leverage - People do not like to work, and you can take advantage of that in your title. For example, your title could start like this ... " The lazy trick for .. »

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    7. Induce emotions - We are all human, and arousing an emotional feeling in your title is a great way to grab a reader's attention.

    8. Bet on your mistakes - People make mistakes, so creating a title that says what you can learn from your own or others can attract a wider audience.

    9. Induce curiosity - people are naturally curious, using a title that asks a question will encourage more visitors to click on it, so read your article.

    10. The double blow - Combining some of the above items and using them in a title, can allow you to get a phenomenal opening rate. For example, you can have a title like this: "How to increase your traffic with its 3 simple steps".

Hope these tips help you create a headline that will make your readers want to read your content. And if you're still struggling to write catchy headlines, I recommend these two articles.

Now that you know how to get your readers to read your articles, I think it's time to focus on how to get your readers to share it on the networks.

10 tips to encourage your readers to share your blog content on social networks.

Whether you like or hate sites like Twitter and Facebook, you have no choice, as long as you are on the internet, you must use them if you want to promote your site (blog - online store - etc.) on the internet .

Why ? Well, it's just because these are some of the most popular destinations on the web. Not to exploit their potential is to miss out on a huge market share ... so beside a real fortune.

OKAY. Now that you know it, here are 10 simple ways to get your readers to share your content on social networks.

    1. Do not put too many social sharing icons on your blog - Add social sharing buttons, the easiest way to get a reader to share your content. You can do it easily thanks to plugins such as sharebar, Digg or even Floating social bar.

However, offering too many options to your readers will reduce the number of clicks on your social buttons. Limit the number of buttons to 3, or 2 only.

   2. All social networks are not equal - Do not ask your readers to share, or promote your content on all social sharing sites. Choose only those your readers use. In most cases, this is Facebook and Twitter (also Google+).

   3. Create your social accounts - blogs that receive a lot of traffic from social networks also have accounts on these sites. So take the time to create your Twitter, Facebook & Google+ accounts.

   4. Use a content blocker - Have you ever thought about using a plugin that requires visitors to share your content before you can read it?

Many WordPress plugins exist but before you recommend them, I prefer to emphasize that this tactic works especially if you have a list of loyal readers. Because very few new visitors will share.

    5. Request a retweet - include a "please retweetz" in your tweets will encourage more people to share your content. Believe me, it works.

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   6. Build your network - thanks to services like Tiberryou can find hundreds of people willing to share your content on social networks.

    7. Ask your readers for help - At the bottom of your articles, ask your readers to share your content on the social network of their choice. Just avoid doing this very often as this technique may lose its effect. More than 40% of the articles in this blog are from this tactic.

   8. Organize a contest - Thanks to plugins like Contest DominationYou can easily organize contests and quickly increase the number of Facebook fans without spending a penny on paid advertising.

    9. Do not forget to participate - you can not reap the fruits without giving anything back. You must also publish regularly on your own social accounts, as well as those of other users. Be prepared to offer others what you ask of them.

    10. Capture e-mail addresses - Every time a visitor arrives on your blog, you offer him a gift (e-book) in exchange for his e-mail address.

Later, when you post new content, you can still email it to your subscriber list. And they will come back to your blog, and share your article again and the cycle will start again.

Now, now that you know how to get your readers and visitors to share your content on social networks, let's see if it really works ... I'll make a call to action asking you to share this article if you have it found useful.

How to promote your blog (site) during the holidays?

Promoting its content and publicizing its website is not easy enough, and doing it during the holidays is even easier (contrary to what it seems). Well, I said it was not easy to do, but not that it was impossible.

Do you know what makes a viral article? It's not the marketing strategy (if that's what you thought of) ... it's the content. By creating exceptionally relevant and useful content, you increase the chances of people talking about your blog.

So here are 10 ways to create content that will promote your blog.

    1. Bet more on quality and quantity - It's no longer a secret, associating length with relevance guarantees better SEO to any article. So, publish minimum 1000 articles, and make sure they are relevant if you want them to be well referenced on search engines.

    2. Use infographics - You can still use images to present complex data and make it easier for your readers to understand.

    3. Storytelling - Just think of the last time you were at a party to find things to say. If your blog often tells interesting stories, people will be more likely to talk about it on the internet and in their conversations.

    4. Avoid lulling people to sleep - Make sure to write as if it were a conversation and not a monologue. Use the words "I" and "you" in your articles because they will create an illusion of conversation.

    5. Be controversial - Controversial topics spread like a wild fire. A friend of mine wrote an article that gave the reason why men were better than women.

For him, it was just a joke because he did not really think that men were better than women, but the subject was so controversial that he was finally invited to a famous TV show that I will not mention here. The show subsequently generated so many visits to its site that its servers eventually became unavailable.

    6. Be unique - Although it may seem simple, believe me, it's actually one of the hardest things to do. Creating unique content on topics that have never been covered before is quite difficult. But if you create a masterpiece, you will increase your chances of creating buzz.

    7. Be the first to do (say) - One of the easiest ways to get thousands of visitors to your site is to write about hot topics. Be the first to write about a trendy topic and you will receive a lot of traffic to your site.

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    8. Laughter is powerful - did you notice that most of the popular videos on Youtube are humorous? The trick is that they are entertaining, which is why people will share them, so promote them for free.

Warning ! your video, as funny as it is must have a link with the subject of your blog. The theme of the video should be of interest to readers of your blog.

    9. Take advantage of emotions and positivism - positive content tends to do better than negative content. And the content that readers share most is usually those that exploit emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, joy and lust.

    10. Synchronization is the key - Publish your articles on specific days and above all, at the same time. Your readers should be able to predict each of your posts ... search engines too.

Here ! As you can see, nothing will be easy but everything is possible. With a little work, you too can promote your blog and generate maximum traffic on it.

So what do you think of this article? Feel free to share it on social networks if you liked it.

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