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Features that you probably do not know about Divi

Divi: the easiest WordPress theme to use

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Over the last few years, many useful and powerful features have been added to the Divi theme. And some of these features may interest you without you noticing. In fact, they are hiding right now, hiding in an ordinary site (an awesome survival tactic maybe, but unfortunate). That's why I'm going to talk to you about these features that you probably do not know.

1 - Right-click options

Operation: Simply right-click on any section of the Divi Builder.

Although I do not hover over all right-click options, I would like to highlight some options that are only accessible when you right-click, which is just too convenient not to be 'a review.

2 - Locking

As an administrator, only you have the option to lock certain objects. This is a convenient way to prevent your publishers from modifying the content you want to keep. It also protects you from accidental changes in a large section.

3 - Reduce and Rename

I like to use these two options in combination because I create longer web pages. I do not know about you, but I'm really tired of scrolling up and down to find the sections I need to edit. That's why I use the option to condense large sections of my web page that have been completed. Once pasted, I use the right-click option to rename the section for a recognizable administrator label.

4 - Disable top-level dropdown links

Location: Divi → Options → Navigation → General Settings

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To be clear, the top-level dropdown links are the main parent links that remain visible in the navigation menu. The sub-level links are those that appear after you have hovered over the top-level parent link.

By disabling links from the top-level drop down menu, these links are no longer clickable links. Instead, they can serve as non-clickable placeholders that label and organize your sub-links.

For example, say you are building a site for a company that offers three main services and each of these services needs its own page. A normal configuration would be to have a higher level link called " services With all three types of services as items in the submenu. Instead of adding a link on the main page services You can disable the link " services From the top level and just use it as an organizational tag.

5 - Scrolling to an anchor

Location of the feature: Divi → Options → Navigation → General Settings

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If you've ever tried to link an anchor directly from an external page to a CSS ID, you may have noticed that the location on the page is not quite right. Sometimes it's too low that some of the contents are cut off at the top.

This is what my screen looks like after connecting my CSS ID to an external page. You can not see it, but the title of the section has been cut.

Activation of the alternative method of scrolling by anchoring corrects this problem. Not only does it put the user in the right place, and the top of the page is loaded first before scrolling to the CSS ID. I find it useful for users who may lose in this abrupt display before realizing that they are looking at part of the page.

6 - Hide the logo on mobile

Location: Divi → Theme Customizer → Mobile Styles → Mobile Menu

If you ever have to hide your logo on mobile, Divi makes it very simple. But it's one of those options that's easy to overlook. Save time by using this function instead of CSS code.

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7 - Dropdown animation on the main and segundary menu

  • Main Menu Feature: Divi → Theme Customizer → Header & Navigation → Main Menu Bar> Menu Rollout Menu
  • Functionality for the split menu: Divi → Theme Customizer → Header and Navigation → Sub Menu Bar -> Menu Rollout.

You do not have to settle for the default fade animation for your drop-down menus. The Animation section of the drop-down menu offers four options:

  • Animation Fondue
  • Animation Development
  • Animation slide
  • Scrolling animation

That's all for this feature set that you may not know about Divi. I hope they will help you better customize your theme.

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