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5 websites for restaurant use Divi theme

Divi: the easiest WordPress theme to use

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We started a day ago a tutorial on the Divi theme. If you need to know what it is, you can read this tutorial.

Other tutorials on Divi theme

What we said in our previous tutorial and that I will say again here is that Divi is a versatile theme (multipurpose), which can be used to create any type of theme. In this new tutorial, we will give you some inspiration by showing you what some web site owners have done by using Divi to create a site for their restaurant.

Restaurant sites are known to have a very elegant design. With their use of colors, fonts, images, menus, reservation systems, and even services such as catering, restaurants have always needed an interesting website. Hope you can appreciate the potential of Divi.

1 - Tony Roma

Tony roma's

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Tony Roma has a full screen image with a CTA (call to action) in parallax. Scrolling displays a shaded section with three clickable categories. Below that you will see an about section with information about the restaurant. Locations are displayed on individual pages with contact information, hours, a map, buttons to see the menu, and a button for the delivery service. Food menus are downloadable in PDF format. The reservation page provides contact information for each of the locations. The site makes excellent use of color and background images.

2 - Tutta's Pizza

Tutta's pizza

From Tutta Pizza display a full-screen image with the logo in a parallax section with a call to action Order Now ”In the menu which is displayed on a background which disappears during scrolling. Next is a section with a parallax background and overlay, menu icons with hover animations, an Instagram feed, a CTA event, and a contact form. The menu is displayed as images and text with a link to an online ordering system. The site uses the interesting background patterns on its branding.

3 - Casa Dorita

Casa Dorita

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Casa Dorita offers a full-screen image with logo, slogan and reservation button (CTA) in a parallax background. The following section provides information about food with a link to the food menu. Then you'll see an image slider with illustrations, a section divided with parallax info, a section " specialty of the day With a reservation (who uses an integrated booking system), hovering over the full screen image you will see the charcuterie, and several other sections on a parallax background with more information about the charcuterie, location information on the map, and the contact form. The available menu is downloadable as a PDF. The site makes good use of color and fonts.

4 - The Mexican

The mexican

The Mexican uses a one-page design, It displays a full-width background with a CTA, an article slider, a section with links to menu items (clicking on these will give you an image larger), a section on branding and a contact form on the map. The menu is an interactive command system that is displayed in a modal window. The menu includes clickable sections to add items to your cart and lots of images of the dishes. This is one of the most interesting food menu systems I've seen.

5 - Mendocino Farms

Mendocino farms

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Mendocino Farms displays a full screen article slider with corresponding navigation menus. The menus include CTAs. The drop-down menu displays icons and text that match the branding image. As you scroll down the page, it will display a tagline and three articles about the company with hover animation. The food menu displays a link to the PDF version followed by the online version which displays the menu with categories and an image, menu items, and prices. The menu design is one of the best I have seen. The placements page looks like a blog page with the placements that present themselves as posts. Articles for locations include an image slider, reviews, parking information, and a map.

To summarize

You may notice that there are many possibilities that are offered to you with Divi. With a lot of practice, you will come up with very good websites. We will enter more in detail with specific tutorials.

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