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Divi Tutorial: How to Add a Video Module to Divi

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Adding videos to your page in Divi is easy when you use the Video module. This module allows you to integrate videos from any source, but also to customize the thumbnail image and the play button.

How to add a video module to your page

Before you can add a video module to your page, you must first jump to Divi Builder. Once the Divi theme is installed on your website, you will notice a button Use Divi Builder above the publisher each time you create a new page. Click this button to activate Divi Builder and access all Divi Builder modules. Then click on the button Use Visual Builder to start the generator in visual mode. You can also click on the button Use Visual Builder when you browse your website in the foreground if you are connected to your WordPress dashboard.

divi builder

Once you have entered Visual Builder, you can click the gray plus button to add a new module to your page. New modules can only be added inside the lines. If you start a new page, do not forget to add a line to your page first.

video module divi.png

Locate the video module in the list of modules and click on it to add it to your page. The list of modules is searchable, which means you can also type the word "video" and then click enter to search and automatically add the video module! Once the module is added, you will be greeted by the list of options of the module. These options are separated into three main groups: Contents , Design et Advanced .

Use Case Example: Adding a video to your landing page

Adding a video to your landing page is a great way to promote your products and increase conversions. In this example, I'm going to show you how you can use the video module to add a video to your landing page. I put a red circle where the video should go.

creating a video on divi exemple.jpg

Using Visual Builder, I add a new section with a fullwidth (1 column) line. In the line settings, on the Design tab, I select the "Use Custom Width" option. For the Custom Width option that appears, I enter a custom width of 767px. This means that the video module that I'm going to add in this row does not exceed this width and becomes too big on larger screen sizes.

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use a custom width divi.png

Then I add the video module to the row. On the Content tab of the Video Module setting, I enter the video URL of the video I want to embed on my landing page. I am using the URL of a YouTube video for this example.

add a video on divi.png

Then, I add an image overlay URL for my video by clicking the "Generate video" button. This automatically pulls an image of the video as an overlay with a new custom video icon.

add an overlay divi video.jpg

On the Design tab, I change the color of the play icon to match my landing page.

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edit the player icon divi video.jpg

Now I have a video for my landing page that looks clean and matches my design.

final design with the content video.jpg

Now that you've seen the video module in action, dive into all of its settings in the sections below. We have provided a detailed overview of what you will find in each tab of the module parameters and an explanation of what each does.

Content options

parameter module divi.png

URL of the video

The Divi Video module allows you to add video using two different methods. You can upload your own video file from your computer by clicking the "Download Video" button and selecting the desired file, or you can enter any video URL from a third-party video source such as Youtube or Vimeo. Simply copy and paste the URL of your browser and paste it in the URL field of the video and Divi will take care of the rest!

Image overlay URL

If you want to set a thumbnail of custom video, which will be placed on the standard video interface with a custom play button to create a cleaner, more stylized look, you can choose to do so by using the Image Overlay field. This field allows you to either upload your own custom image, or to automatically let Divi generate one from your video URL. Most video providers support this option, such as Youtube and Vimeo. Just click on the "Generate Video" button and let Divi take care of the rest!

Admin Label

By default, your video module will appear with a 'Video' tag in the builder. The Admin tab allows you to change this tag for easy identification.

Design options

change the color of the icon

section design divi.png design

If you designate an image overlay for your video module, the displayed video contains a play icon on the video. You can designate the color of this icon here to match the colors of your page.

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Advanced options

video module advanced section.png

CSS identifier and classes

This can be used to add a CSS ID or class to your module. These can then be used in your style sheet or in the Custom CSS Theme Options box to apply a custom style to the module. CSS IDs can also be targeted with anchor links to link to certain areas of your page.

Custom CSS

Here you can add custom CSS to your video module.


If you want to hide your video module on some devices, you can select the devices on which you want to disable the video module.

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