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10 WordPress themes to create a school, high school and university website

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Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

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The number of WordPress themes continues to increase and more and more of them offer modern features. This is why our WordPress theme lists need to be refreshed, because the success of today is not necessarily the success of tomorrow.

So, following the growth of the educational field on the internet, we will present you in this list, the 10 best premium WordPress themes designed to help you build educational, school, high school or college websites.

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Then to why we are here.

1. Guru

The WordPress Guru theme also has a comprehensive learning management system, which you can use to create an e-learning website for your students. It effectively uses the bbPress plugin to include a forum for users, and  the WooCommerce plugin for an experience selling e-books to your students.


In addition, it has other features such as management of student and teacher profiles, course monitoring, event management, compatibility with the WMPL translation plugin, support for the Woothemes Sensei plugin, the calendar of events, taking charge of  bbPress & BuddyPress, the creation and management of courses and many others.

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2. Unischool

As we will see with the other themes in this list, the WordPress Unischool theme comes with a beautiful layout and two templates home page whose goal will be to assist you in the easy creation of any institution website. educational.

Unischool themes wordpress create website e learning education teaching

It's a WordPress theme that comes with a demo and many page templates that will undoubtedly appeal to any student who arrives on your website. It should be noted that its many page templates can be modified, thanks to the integration of the King Composer plugin.

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It has excellent documentation that any novice in this field can understand and customer support ready to take care of all your concerns. Note also its perfect integration with the WPML plugin which will help you create a multilingual website.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. Studeon

We are pleased to introduce this recent WordPress theme, featuring an elegant layout and a look that will appeal to many students and educational institutions.

Studeon themes wordpress create website college high school university

WordPress Studeon theme is a perfect option for educational institutions such as: colleges, schools, as well as training centers, language centers or e-learning websites.

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As features, it offers: perfect integration with several popular plugins, intuitive navigation, a powerful control panel, a search bar with auto-completion, regular updates, the support of several shortcodes, easy installation and many others.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. Educon 

Educon is a fairly robust WordPress theme in the creation of any website whose main purpose will be to promote education on the internet. It is cleanly designed to showcase your content. Its perfect layout and its various functionalities also allow it to create any website dedicated to events.

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Educon themes wordpress create website for training schools

From the simple process of importing the demo which allows you to create a structured professional website whose personalization will be based on the WPBakery plugin,

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you will have hundreds of items and thousands of possible combinations of styles available to you to ensure that your website will have a unique look and expression that is yours. And if you want to win over foreign customers, it also remains compatible with the WPML plugin which will help you create a multilingual website.

DownloadDemo Web hosting

5. Skilled

Skilled is an attractive and visually intuitive WordPress theme, well structured, easy to use, very engaging and modern, easily responsive and dedicated to educational websites. It has been developed as a solid and reliable framework for webmasters with or without experience in website development.

Skilled themes wordpress create website e learning training university school college

Support for the WooCommerce plugin will allow you to market your courses directly from your website, while the Sensei plugin will be supported, making you master of all kinds of classes, courses or seminars on the internet. With the integration of a calendar of events, your students will be able to follow your courses with ease.

With our the WPBakery plugin and its extensions, added to LayerSlider plugin, the WordPress Skilled theme will have a perfect look. The four demos that come with the latter will make its configuration simple, and require little customization and a few images to be put online.

DownloadDemo | Web hosting

6. SmartWay

Like any WordPress theme, Smartway offers almost the same features as the previous ones. It allows you to present your institution or training center in a clean and clear interface, worthy of the name.

Smartway themes wordpress create website university educational institution teaching education training 1

Its user-friendly and intuitive control panel will help you improve the navigation and user experience on your website to help you increase user engagement on your website.

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Its customization will also be done with the help of a visual constructor of pages which is integrated and which will allow you to visually create a wide range of web pages in a few minutes, without having to add a single line of code.

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7. Masterstudy

Masterstudy is a user-friendly WordPress theme for the developer and user, reliable and secure, safe and smartly developed, attractive and dynamic, able to help you create a powerful e-learning website. Its features dedicated to training and teaching seduce the developers as well as the owners of this kind of websites.

Masterstudy themes wordpress create website elearning education training

It is a WordPress theme that corresponds to several niches of websites, since it can also be used to create a corporate website. Despite its popularity, two clients will never have similar websites, thanks to its perfect integration with the WPBakery plugin, as well as several elements that will help you improve the interface of your pages. 

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With this WordPress theme, you will also be able to target foreign audiences, thanks to its compatibility with the WPML WordPress plugin.

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8. Smarty

The Smarty theme is a very popular WordPress theme in this niche. It will help you to create a website for any academic, academic or other institution. It has been designed to work perfectly on different devices and browsers.

Smarty themes wordpress create website elearning education training

It comes with demos which obviously suit this niche. The plethora of plugins that accompany it bring an incredible simplification in its handling.

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Among other things, you'll find profiles for your classes and teachers, event manager, Timetable plugin support, responsive layout, detailed documentation, responsive customer support and more.

This is a WordPress theme that you will have to try.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

9. SmartHead

SmartHead is a WordPress theme that will help you create a website for any school, primary or university. It was also designed for any training center, but it remains a perfect solution for any company that offers educational content.

Smarthead themes wordpress create website university educational institution teaching education training

Its configuration options panel comes with a large number of options, which will give you the opportunity to customize almost all the elements of your website, to make it unique and stand out. competition.

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It integrates a plethora of tools and plugins essential to this type of website and which will bring to the latter all the professionalism you need to impose on the competition. It is a WordPress theme whose handling by professional or beginner webmasters will not require specific knowledge in web development to customize it.

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If you are curious to know more, you can read the documentation, or access the demo of the latter by clicking on the Demo link below.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

10. Lincoln

Lincoln is a powerful WordPress theme specializing in the creation of e-learning websites. It offers a large number of features and customization options that will allow you to modify the appearance of the visual elements of your website.

Lincoln themes wordpress create website e learning education online

During the customization of this template, you will have the possibility to see each modification that you will bring to it in real time. You'll have access to the sidebar layout, slide editing, and customization of your layouts, in order to create a powerful website that will compete.

It comes with the powerful Visual Composer plugin, which will help you create and design pages and layouts without having to enter lines of code. It is therefore a template that will be user-friendly for anyone expert or new to the world of web development.

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Although this WordPress theme is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, the latter's customer support no longer seems to be available.

Download Demo | Web hosting

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Here is ! That's all for this article dedicated to best premium WordPress themes, designed to help you quickly and easily create any website for universities, colleges, training centers and more. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know in the reserved section.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your message. I just visited your WordPress theme and I do not know how dates are listed, how is the menu.

    Could you give me two links with:
    1) Page-categories: courses with prices and, if possible, courses.
    2) The products page with:
    a) Day of the week and schedule
    b) Price
    c) Place of teaching
    d) Testimonials
    e) Possibility to buy

    thank you in advance

  2. Is there a single WordPress theme that does all of these functions:
    1) Price list with prices
    2) Course page with:
    a) Day of the week and schedule
    b) Price
    c) Location
    d) Testimonials
    e) Possibility to buy

    I see a lot of themes, but I can't find any that present the information about the courses.

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