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10 WordPress plugins to manage your product catalog

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The presentation on a site is essential, and when it comes to presenting the products to seduce the visitors, its importance increases even more.

By default, WordPress does not focus much on presentation needs, but thanks to the extensibility options, that is to say the plugins, you can integrate tons of features that can help you in the presentation of your products.

Today, we put at your disposal 10 WordPress catalog plugins for presenting products in your online store.

1. WooCommerce Private Store Plugin

This WooCommerce plugin allows you to force your visitors to sign in to access your online store. You can block access to all your products, a selection, or a category. The plugin has for this a catalog of fully customizable products. Thanks to a B2B solution, you have the possibility of preventing unnecessary people from consulting your product catalog unless you are registered.

"WooCommerce Private Shop" does not affect your Google ranking because it allows the Google robot to crawl the site as before and rank it higher in the search engines. However, if necessary, you can also block Google Explorer to display the content of your website and rank it in Google search results.

The "WooCommerce Private Store" plugin uses the default login / registration form for WooCommerce.

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2. WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode

"WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode" is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to remove prices, remove the "Add to Cart" button or replace it with a request form (only if you want, because it has a good panel settings). This extension also provides you with a Catalog mode that you can enable or disable on your site.

Feature Summary:

  • Enable / disable catalog mode
  • Remove the button "Add to Cart"
  • Remove Price
  • Redirect pages Cart / Checkout
  • Apply to all users / only to connected users / only to non-connected users
  • Ability to exclude product categories
  • Possibility to exclude products
  • Replace the "Add to Cart" button on the Category / Archive pages

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3. WooCommerce Tabbed Category Product Listing - Pro

"WooTabbed for WooCommerce Product Display" is a very interesting and unique WooCommerce extension. This is a perfect solution to display all your product categories as tabs, accordion or carousel on one page. You can also use this plugin to display only products for sale or popular products. This Pro version comes with more than 10 templates, an Ajax feature for loading products, numerous customization options, and several advanced settings.

Feature Summary:

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  • 10 innovative design models to choose from
  • Advanced options to customize the plugin to your needs
  • AJAX function for loading more products
  • AJAX function for filtering Categories
  • Display products in Accordion, Carousel or Tab mode
  • and much more!

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4. WooCommerce Product Catalog With PDF Catalog Export

"WooCommerce Product Catalog" is a plugin that offers unparalleled flexibility by switching from WooCommerce Shop Mode to Catalog Mode and vice versa.

Most shop owners want to access products as a catalog, but what they've always missed so far was a category filter. It is in this perspective that SoftProdigy develops the "WooCommerce Product Catalog" plugin. The latter comes with a category filter through which a user can list the products in a category and can generate a pdf from the catalog.

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5. WooCommerce Plugin Bundle

We have bundled our 15 WooCommerce plugins into one pack for you! So, instead of buying each plugin separately, you can now get all these plugins at one time. And the best? You will get on each of them more than 50% discount (79 $ instead of 268 $). What a story!

The pack also has at least two plugins for product catalog management.

Plugins included:

  • WooCommerce PDF Catalog
  • WooCommerce Catalog Mode
  • WooCommerce Advanced Categories
  • WooCommerce Group Attributes
  • WooCommerce Better Compare
  • WooCommerce Print Products
  • WooCommerce Ultimate Tabs
  • WooCommerce Product Accessories
  • WooCommerce Multisite Duplicate
  • WooCommerce Buying Guide
  • WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together
  • WooCommerce Variations Table
  • WooCommerce Quick VIew
  • WooCommerce Quick Order
  • WooCommerce Wishlist

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6. Woo Product Table Listing

It's a simple, fast and great way to list your WooCommerce products on a responsive and accessible table or PO with a quick preview option. Now you can display all your WooCommerce products as a table on one page without difficulty; Just copy the shortcode and place it on the desired page.

Feature Summary:

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  • Shortcode generated automatically
  • Columns display as needed
  • Ajax Function for Research
  • Ajax function for sorting
  • Pagination with dashboard control option
  • Quick overview of the catalog and tables
  • And many others…

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7. CTL WooCommerce Catalog

Do you want to show all your products but not their prices? Do you want to share sensitive information only with interested customers and resellers?

You are in the right place!

With "CTL Woocommerce Catalog", you can customize your product catalog by hiding prices to show only to specific users.

You can choose to reveal prices only to users who are logged in or who have already sent an email. In this way, you protect both your information and collect useful data.

Feature Summary:

  • Hide prices and the "add to cart" button only for guests.
  • Exclude from catalog mode some or all categories.
  • Exclude from catalog mode some or all of the products.
  • Exclude from catalog mode some or all user roles.
  • View a contact form made with Contact Form 7.
  • Redirect users to request information on a dedicated website page.
  • Redirect users to an external URL.

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8. WooCommerce - Quote Request or Inquiry

This plugin allows you to activate the "Request Quote" or "Product Request" function in your WooCommerce store. It gives you the possibility to activate either the shop mode or the product catalog mode on your site. When the latter is activated, the shopping function is deactivated.

You can also choose to display the price of your product or not. Similarly, you can keep Shop mode and the search function enabled at the same time.

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9. Woo Display Variations On Catalog Pages

"Woo Display Variations On Catalog Pages" is a module that allows you to display the variations of a product on lists of a paginated catalog. You can manage the display of variations from the dashboard.

Feature Summary:

  • Displays an individual variation in the pages of a catalog
  • Option to display an individual variation as a product in specific listings pages as below:
    • Catalog normal page
    • Search Results Page
    • Filter results page
  • Import option for the display of the variation
  • Easy to use, no coding required.

Download | Demo |Web Hosting

10. WooPlugins - WooCommerce Catalog View Mode

Thanks to this incredible extension, you can add to your WooCommerce website a catalog display mode, especially for displaying your products. It is easy to use and configure.

Feature Summary:

  • Enable / Disable Catalog Mode
  • Supports simple and variable products
  • Ability to hide the button "Add to cart"
  • Redirect the payment and shopping cart pages to the home page
  • Hide payment and shopping cart pages on all menus
  • Hide product prices

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That is all! We hope that this article will be of great use to you. Feel free to share it on your favorite social networks!

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