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Price grids or price charts play an important role in helping visitors quickly visualize and compare the different features of your pricing plans. These should be simple, but at the same time explicit so as to clearly differentiate the characteristics and prices of different products and services.

There are many WordPress plugins which allow you to create price tables on a website. And in this article, we are going to offer you the 10 best premium WordPress plugins designed to help you easily create price grids on your websites.

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Then find out together our list.

1. Pricing Table

Pricing Table is a WordPress Plugin premium pricing grid that will help you view detailed information about your product or service in minutes.

Pricing table wordpress plugin price grid

It features a fully responsive layout that will help you save clutter and present your offers beautifully. Moreover, it will save you hassle; you won't need to know any coding language or any complicated setup.

Just install this plugin and enjoy its features. Its main features are: a responsive layout, support for any WordPress theme, support for drag and drop, support for custom CSS, customization of fonts, support for shortcodes and much more. more.

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2. Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan is a premium extension of the famous WordPress Plugin Elementor. It will also help you create beautiful price charts on your website.

Pricing plan pricing table elementor addon plugin

Its main features are: unlimited color options, a fully responsive layout, support for several modern browsers, compatibility with the WPML plugin, column rollover effects, available 24 / 7 client support, and more.

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3. Go Pricing

If you like traditional WordPress price grids, but want more, you're in the right place. You will get all the usual features of these, thanks to this extremely responsive WordPress plugin.

Go pricing wordpress responsive pricing tables

Take advantage of this simple and fast way to create great price charts and integrate them into your website as easily thanks to its control panel.

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You will find in its package, demo content ready to use but customizable so that it better suits your expectations. In addition to the traditional features of pricing, this premium WordPress plugin is suitable for presenting team members and comparing products. Its responsive layout is optional. It can be turned on and off to suit your website.

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4. FlatPrice

FlatPrice is a premium WordPress plugin dedicated to the creation of price tables. Its dynamic configuration options panel is easily customizable and its flexible user interface makes it easy to use this powerful WordPress plugin.

Flatprice wordpress pricing tables

Its main features are among others: the ability to create unlimited price tables, several highly customizable configuration options, Bootstrap support, fully responsive layout, the support of the shortcodes and others.

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5. AP Pricing Tables

AP Pricing Table is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create price grids rich in features and provided with intuitive interfaces. It offers 35 predefined models and an unlimited number of options.

Ap pricing tables responsive pricing table builder plugin for wordpress

With this easy-to-use WordPress plugin, designing an amazing price table in just a few clicks will be very easy.

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It allows you to create unlimited price grids by offering the possibility of adding rows and columns, defining the border of the columns, the space between the columns, the width of the columns, and much more. This plugin also allows you add audio content, video and Google Map.

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6. ARPrice

ARPrice is the most flexible and complete WordPress premium plugin for creating price grids. It contains more than 300 price grid templates and provides all the tools you need to create unique and responsive price grids, as well as comparison tables. You can also easily create a beautiful showcase for your team.

Arprice responsive wordpress pricing table plugin

It's a beautiful, intuitive, and unique WordPress plugin, with its impressive visual editor, with real-time preview of customizations.

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Choose a template, and then with simple clicks, drag and drop tools to personalize your price grid, down to the smallest detail. You will be able to add an unlimited number of columns, change colors, fonts, icons, and add your own images and ribbons for announce a discountEg.

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7. CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables

Sometimes a column layout is not suitable for the information you are trying to convey. If this is your case, then this plugin might be the solution you are looking for. With CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables, tables are displayed as vertically stacked rows instead of the horizontally placed columns as is common.

Css3 vertical web pricing tables for wordpress

Like some other plugins, CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables is based on CSS3 and HTML5. You can create an unlimited number of tables although the plugin only offers 10 different appearances, PSD source files are also included.

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Its other additional features are: unique effects with animations on hovering over columns, a customizable column width, support for HTML, support for shortcodes and much more.

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8. CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

This premium WordPress plugin is a powerful solution to add price tables with a responsive design to your website. If you are nervous with the mere idea of ​​having to code these tables, this plugin is for you. It is also compatible with multi-site installations.

Css3 responsive wordpress compare pricing tables

It offers two styles, which you can choose (light and dark) and each one comes with 20 color schemes. This plugin is developed in compliance with standards CSS, which makes it super light and efficient. You will be able to have it at $ 20 for a regular license which also gives you 6 months of support and future updates.

Its features include: the ability to activate responsive mode, an intuitive customization interface, the creation of an unlimited number of price tables, full column customization, and more.

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9. Visual Composer Table Prices Add-On

The Visual Composer Table Price extension is a premium responsive WordPress plugin that was designed specifically for WordPress themes which are compatible with the Visual Composer plugin. The particularity of this plugin is that it allows you to fully customize the background, the colors of the texts and the transparency of your price list.

Visual composer ultimate pricing tables add on

Price lists are usually designed in such a way that they are attractive for a call to action. With this plugin, you will also have impressive "font-icons" to add unique look to your price lists.

Its main functions are: call-to-action buttonscustomizable layout, customizable borders, transparency effects, rollover animations, and more.

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11. WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin is a stable and functional tool that allows you to create and publish in a few minutes fully customizable and responsive price charts on your website.

WordPress pricing table plugin

As features it offers among others: 3 types of layout models optimized for mobile, several predefined sets of colors, 6 pre-defined column elements that can be arranged and customized for perfect rendering, the ability to organize column elements, the ability to customize each column individually, the ability to display price captions and more.

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