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How to Write (write) quality content on days when you feel heavy and distracted

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Wednesday morning. You have barely closed the eye of the night. You could not have your morning coffee because you were late for work, and now you're sitting in front of your computer, staring at an empty editor and wondering what you're going to be able to write.

You know you have to get to work, but your hands do not move, and your brain refuses to start. 😀 You can not wait until we're already Saturday ... but you're only halfway there. week!

Yes. The world is cruel ...

And especially for authors who need to produce original content every day of the week.

The good thing is that when you have a problem, there is always a solution; because a problem without solution ... is not a problem.

Here are some tips to help you in this direction, in addition to the ones I've already been able to give you about this.

Fa few simple tasks

You already feel heavy. Doing tasks that do not require real thinking are not bad.

These tasks « silly Are not always bad, especially if they have a fun side. They wake you up, get you into action, improve your mine a little, and finally you realize that the morning is not that bad.

When you take a walk before coming back to reconnect, ideas do not come with too much difficulty. What's really good about it is that it allows you to " change A bit of a frame.

If you are not really inspired about any subject that is proposed to you, the best thing you can do is let your imagination float.

Listen to songs or any music that helps you focus

Create a playlist for your different states of mind 🙂 If you choose the right music style, it will be easier for you to get to work.

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Put on headphones

Yes. Really. Put that kind of headphones that go a long way, so you can mute everything around you. You will be surprised at how well it works.

You do not become deaf when you have them in your ears, but all the sounds lose their intensity (I have right now in my ears). You can hear yourself breathing, and you can also listen to your thoughts and follow them effortlessly.

The writing you produce at that time, whether you have slept the night before or not, is surprisingly fine.

I have no scientific proof that it works, and I really do not know why it works, but I think the fact ofcancel One sense accentuates the others. The part of the brain occupied in deciphering the external stimuli captured by this sense works less, and more energy is focused on something else.

Before you try, you will not realize how much energy you spend on managing surrounding sounds, even in seemingly quiet places.

This trick could make a good difference on days when you will not feel very bright.

Watch a stimulating TED Talk (or TED conference)

The feeling of distraction may be related to several reasons, but it is more often caused by a lack of creativity than by an energy problem. If your enthusiasm fades or you need a dose of inspiration to get started, a good TED Talk could be more effective than a coffee.

However, it's up to you to find out what inspires you the most. You can then refer to it as needed.

Create a blog bank to visit

Reading brilliant writing, especially those that are full of puns, can quickly change your mood. Create your own database with blogs that inspire you and see the magic work for you.

Choose topics on which you can write in the first person

If you can choose your subjects yourself, choose those that offer a greater possibility of customization.

It's always easier to write something based on your own experience, or even to tell a fictional adventure, if you already like to write. This is the kind of thing that " sort Easily, because it comes from your heart, not your brain (which I think well, do not work hard now), and even before you realize it, you'll already have to drop a few hundred words.

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Keep the research work important for those days when you have slept well and where you will have really bearable mornings!

Give a structure to your articles

If you do not have the luxury of choosing your subjects, and calling to say that you are sick is not an option, then you should use your limited energy wisely.

Spend a little time creating a solid structure for your article, a structure you can rely on and guide you through the process.

Let things come to you

Too much trying is a good recipe for failing. It's even worse on days you already suffer. Stop fighting for ideas. Otherwise, take a break of 5 minutes to gather your ideas. Just wait patiently, with a calm mind, without hurrying at all. Ideas will come to you, and faster than if you run after them.

If you happen to meditate, then you will be of great help in these moments.

Move on

When the mind is stuck, moving your body can loosen it. Walk a little, and walk as if you have springs under your feet. Tap dance in the bathroom for a few minutes. The mind-body connection is deep, and the rhythm of one influences the other.

Personally, I spend a lot of time singing and dancing to songs and choreographies of imaginary musicals. It helps me to stay hyper creative.

Make a Mind Map

Images help us when words let us down 🙂

Take a pen and paper (or smartphone) and start drawing. If you have to write a text about the decor of a house, then draw a house, then a garden, openings, etc.

You can also do it in the palm of your hand. Personally, I prefer when it's not done on a computer.

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At the end, put this in perspective and look!

If nothing works, it does not matter. You are allowed to have a bad day!

This article has you more? Feel free to share it with your friends, and leave a comment!

If you do not know what to say, then tell us about this day when you could not write a single word and ended up writing an extraordinary article!

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