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5 WordPress plugins to add the click-to-tweet on your blog

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Here's a statistic that might fool you: 500 million tweets are sent every day. Obviously, for users who tweet only a few or even a dozen times a day, what are the chances that someone will see your articles in the midst of all this incessant activity?

If you're using Twitter as a tool in your social media marketing for your website, that's a bit of a daunting idea, isn't it? The fact that you were spending all this time posting great content on your WordPress site and running awesome promotions, only to have a very low percentage of Twitter followers that won't see all of your posts. However, don't be discouraged.

What if I told you that you could get customers and other fans of your brand to tweet on your behalf, thus increasing the number of tweets referring to your WordPress site on Twitter '? You can do this by drawing attention to special text snippets on every page or post. Then you allow your visitors to share those snippets by making them as easy as clicking a single button.
This is called the click-to-tweet.

Click-to-tweet works similar to user-generated content. Basically, you get real clients and followers to share your WordPress content on Twitter; efficiently, by expanding your reach on the platform without having to do an excessive amount of work yourself.

New to click-to-tweet functionality or unsure of how to add this type of content styling to your WordPress site? Then this guide is for you, because I will offer you some tools that you can use for that.

5 WordPress plugins to add the Click-to-Tweet feature on WordPress

Although you can download theTwitter icon on their website and integrate it into your content, you still have to program the "click to tweet" feature into your text ... and that's a bit of a pain. So, why not use a WordPress plugin that simplifies click-to-tweet?
Here are your options:

Better Click to Tweet

Better click to tweet

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This is the most popular of the click-to-tweet plugins (the ones created specifically for click-to-tweet) and it works beautifully. All you have to do is wrap the "Better Click to Tweet" shortcode around the text you want to make tweetable and then your "click-to-tweet" box is created.

Social Share Buttons

Social share buttons


If you are already using the Social Share Buttons plugin on your WordPress site, then you are in luck! The set to premium level of this WordPress plugin includes a customizable click-to-tweet box design that looks really usable. So if you like what Better Click to Tweet does, but want more control over the personalization, ou if you just want to install a plugin that does both social sharing and click to tweet, you can use this plugin.

Social Warfare

Social warfareDownload

Social Warfare is another general social sharing plugin that also includes click-to-tweet functionality. The good thing about this one is that you can customize a lot of them. For example, if you want to use a different URL in the share link (for example, to send people to a special landing page instead of the source link), you can. You can also design your own "click to tweet" dialog box if you want it to better suit your site design.

Sumo Hightlighter

Sumo highlighter


Here is an example of a WordPress plugin that allows you to add click-to-tweet highlighting functionality to your site. However, rather than highlighting text for your visitors, you can give them the power to highlight any string of text on your site and immediately tweet it to their followers on Twitter. Pretty cool, right? You can also customize the design to match your branding, which is always a good thing.

Tweetable Shortcode

Tweetable shortcode


The Tweetable Shortcode v.2 plugin is just one more option you have for tweeting subtle highlights and an instantly recognizable Twitter logo to text on your WordPress site. It's incredibly easy to create on the dashboard. Simply select the tweetable text in your editor, add the shortcode using your toolbar options, and customize.

That's it for this plugin list. Hope you find a plugin that will help you.


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