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How to create an editorial calendar for your blog

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Very few bloggers really think about developing an editorial calendar for their blog. As we often say, »Inspiration does not prevent». OKAY. I agree, but without a plan of action, this inspiration will never be provoked, therefore, will never be there.

Why should you develop a story writing plan on your blog?
The answer is simple: Define in advance an editorial calendar for your blog avoids spending your life as a blogger looking for new ideas for articles to publish on your blog. It also frees you up and gives you more time to write articles.

Better yet, it allows you to focus entirely on a subject. This very often has the advantage of improving the quality of the inspiration, as well as that of the content. The organization facilitates the process and keeps the motivation.

Creating an editorial plan puts you away from stress and frustration. So how do you develop a weekly writing schedule (or at least how to learn how to develop one)?

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So here are 8 tips that will teach you how to do it right.

1. Make a list of topics that you want to address on your blog. Check that these themes are closely related to the main theme of your blog.

2. Set the target (type of readers) according to two main criteria: the needs of your most loyal readers and the goals you want to achieve.

3. Calculate the number of items that you want to publish throughout the coming week on your blog.

4. Set a release date (as well as a specific time) for each of the articles you intend to publish.

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5. Define topics of publication for each specific day you have defined in your editorial calendar. For example : Tuesday can be devoted to article writing around internet marketing (if it is related to your niche). Whatever the subject, give it a specific day of publication.

6. Start looking for ideas for the first item on your list. Read your blog, that of others, go to Google Keyword Tool or on the forums. go to Google and do research related to the subject of your article. You can still use Google Chrome and its translator to read Anglo-Saxon blogs (please do not plagiarize them). Remember to set a time for research and a time for organizing your ideas. Do not just search because your best articles will be the ones you write about topics you have mastered.

7. Set a time to organize your ideas. Nothing requires you to put all your ideas in one article. So think about organizing them to have several articles and why not a series. A few months ago, I wanted to write an article about how to write an ebook. However, I ended up with so many ideas that I decided to write a series of articles on creating and selling an ebook.

8. Do not obey me literally. to each one his style and his way of working. Take inspiration from these ideas to design your own editorial calendar.

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Anyway, the most important thing is not to design an editorial calendar, it is only part of the equation because the most important is the respect. It's not easy but it's at least possible. Define a plan for publishing articles on your blog that you will respect. Do not set goals that you can not reach.

What can you add to this article? What is your method for planning the writing of articles in your blog? Please leave a comment to let me know.

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