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How to effectively plan articles on WordPress

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By default, WordPress allows us to schedule posts. But often we forget to do it. How about learning how to schedule your WordPress blog posts for automatic posting?

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to do it in seconds.


Why auto-plan items?

Many bloggers schedule posts to be published at a specific time. However, sometimes they forget to do this.

The way to overcome this problem is to use an editorial calendar, which shows you the different articles that have been planned and those published.

Think of a feature like Buffer or HootSuite that automatically schedules for social networks.

Publish to Schedule is a WordPress plugin that does almost the same job.

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How to configure the plugin

The first thing to do is to download the plugin already, available on


After activating the plugin, you need to navigate to the location “Settings> Publish to Schedule”To configure the plugin.


The first thing to do is to define the number of articles you want to publish per day. You can specify a value from 0. If the value specify is 0, then no articles will be published.

You can then set the time interval between each post. By default, this schedule is set to 24 hour intervals per post, but you can configure this value as desired.

The plugin will now automatically post. You will be able to see the future publication date of an article, or you can choose not to see this information. Select all the information or make your configurations in the section "Information".


Do not forget to save your settings.

How to write an article with the Plugin Plugin plugin

All you need to do is start writing an article like you used to in the past.


The most obvious difference is the change of the button "Publish" through " Schedule".

If you have chosen to display the information in the plugin settings, then you will see the publication date of the article.

Remember, you can always plan the article you always used to do in the past.

That's all there is to know about this plugin. Feel free to share it with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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