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Blogging: How important is it to be the first to address a topic (the importance of the scoop)

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It occurs to you to create a blog about a specific topic, you establish a content management plan, plan the publication of your articles well and you get started. However, you realize that you are not getting there, after a while and despite good practices in SEO, social sharing, etc. to stand out, or to have figures at least as good as those of your " competitors In the same niche.


One of the reasons is that you are not always the first to post about a topic, or the first to tackle a specific subject from an original point of view.

You are not the first, and that's the problem.

Even if you are very busy, you especially need to be on the lookout for what is the most recent in your niche, in order to gain authority, in particular, and in many other aspects besides!

If you think it's not particularly important to be the first one, let me give you three good reasons why it's good to be first :

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1. Prestige

It feels good to be able to say that you were the first to post information about a new product, or that you gave out the information about something that no one else knew about. It also has a good effect on the ranking of your article (blog), and even if you have to write a paper on the subject you cover in a magazine, being cited as the first to address it gives you weight as an authority, as does your site.

2. The links

If you are the first to post about a topic, chances are you will get links very quickly from other people who want to quote your pages. This is something very important. Some incoming links to your page may push you to the top of the search engine results, especially during the first days when the subject is felt, when there will be little competition ink.

3. The robots of search engines

Post quickly and you will increase your chances of being indexed by search engine spiders. You will appear much more glass in the results of search engines. It also gives you a head start in the competition. Plus, being the only one listed in search engines can actually bring in more inbound links, as everyone will refer to you for the topic.

So you understand that it is good to tackle a topic early enough, and to be the first to post about. It will give your reputation a big boost, and you can also benefit from the additional traffic that will be automatically generated.

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It is not no need to write a lot of words to say nothing. You need to be at the forefront of what you do. I'm not asking you to reinvent the wheel, but remember what your readers will remember a lot is the experience they will have on your site.

Give them that sense of exclusivity, that special feeling you get when you're at the forefront of information, and your site will very quickly find itself at the forefront of search results in your niche.

What do you think?

Me in your place, if I did not have this state of mind yet, I would put myself in it, for many of the subjects I deal with.

When do you plan to go there? 🙂

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Do you think it's really worth the effort?

Give me your opinion in the comments, and don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the most recent publications on BlogPasCher!

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