Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

With over 901.000 downloads, Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. It is complete, easy to use and comes with more than 62 free templates.

This is where visual page builders come in. These “Page Builder” allow you to create, modify and customize your layout without writing code.

In this list, we will offer you the 5 best WordPress plugins visual page builder for WordPress.

Without further ado we invite you to discover our list. 

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Then back to why we are here. 

1. Elementor

Originally launched in 2016, the Elementor WordPress plugin is one of the youngest page builders on this list. Despite its late start, Elementor quickly accumulated more than 1 active installations on WordPress.org, making it one of the most popular visual WordPress page builders.

Visual page builder WordPress plugins -page Builder - - Elementor pro

What makes its reputation is its fluid visual interface, its different style options and other powerful features such as the complete creation of WordPress themes.

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Its interface is divided into two main parts, with a third area for certain parameters. The free version of Elementor offers 28 free widgets. The Pro version brings around 30 other widgets, making a total of 58 widgets in the Pro version.

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The free version includes around 40 free models, while the Pro version brings hundreds of additional models.

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2. Divi Builder

Divi Builder is a high quality page builder highly rated by Elegant Themes. Although usually used as part of the WordPress Divi theme, Divi Builder is also a standalone plugin that you can use on other WordPress themes.

Divi e1544278044306

Unlike the previous two builders, Divi Builder allows you to edit your content using a visual interface on the front-end as well as an interface on the back-end, although most users prefer the first interface. .

Easily create your website with Elementor

Elementor lets you create Easily and Free any website or blog design with a professional look. Stop paying a lot for a website you can do yourself.

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Basically, instead of the sidebars, everything is in popups and floating buttons. It gives you access to 316 pre-designed templates spread across 40 different presentation packs, as well as the ability to save your own designs as templates.

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One of Divi's traits has always been the control of the styles he gives you. On three different tabs, you can configure various settings, including responsive controls, customizable spacing, and more.

You can even add custom CSS, as its CSS editor includes basic validation and auto-completion. One of the criticisms of Divi Builder has always been that it relies on shortcodes. Which means that if you disable it one day, it will leave a bunch of shortcodes in your content. Although this is a little depressing, it is less of a problem now that plugins like Shortcode Cleaner exist.

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3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder has been a mainstay in the visual page builder market for quite some time now. It generates clean code (for a page builder), and is popular with users and developers. It receives regular attention in the form of new features and updates.

visual page builder -page Builder - - Beaver builder

It has official extensions that you can associate for more flexibility. Beaver Builder offers a unique interface for its visual builder. Most of the work will be done in the sidebar right, but the sidebar options only appear when you click a topbar button. It is therefore possible to display a full screen preview at any time.

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Using inline editing with the popup is a bit of a nuisance, to be honest. But you can easily pin the editor to the sidebar to fix this problem. In the free version, Beaver Builder only gives you access to 6 modules, but you will be able to use standard WordPress widgets.

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The premium version, however, gives you access to 30 modules and all are also modular, to enable or disable as you wish.

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4. Themify Builder

Themify Builder is unsurprisingly the offer of the Themify team. It integrates it into several of their WordPress themes to provide customers with simple customization options. But you can also buy it as a standalone plugin and use it with any WordPress theme.

Themify builder animation screen e1544277050530

Comme Divi Builder et Page Builder Pagers, Themify Builder allows you to create layouts in the front-end or the back-end. Another good thing is that this plugin allows you to customize your responsive breakpoints (but only at the whole website level).

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One interesting thing about Themify Builder is that it still lets you use the standard WordPress editor, while other page builders require you to use the visual page builder interface for everything.

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5. SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin Page Builder was built to last. And in that "eternity," it managed to collect over a million active installs on WordPress.org, making it the most popular visual page builder plugin on this list. While SiteOrigin Page Builder is a bit lighter than most of the other options on this list, it offers great performance and tons of CSS controls.

best WordPress page builder plugins - page Builder - - Siteorigin

SiteOrigin has two interfaces that you can use to create your layout. You can drag and drop blocks or click on a specific block to edit it. This editor gives you the most workspace, but it lacks a real-time preview.

It's not the same as the other page builders on this list, as you won't be able to actually drag and drop in the preview. You cannot save your designs as templates, but you can easily clone existing pages to achieve similar functionality.

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SiteOrigin Page Builder's styling options are going to be disappointing compared to other visual page builders if you don't know CSS. But if you're comfortable with them, they're actually quite useful. SiteOrigin's page generator leaves behind a mixture of HTML code and shortcodes.

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