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The 7 marketing lies on social networks

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How can I promote my site on social networks (Facebook - Twitter - Google+)? How to promote my site on social media? These are all questions many bloggers and website owners ask themselves.

Social networks are not very old. So it should be easy to know how to use them shouldn't it?

This is partly true, but things are getting more complicated because of all the misinformation that is circulating about marketing on these networks. We often deal with conflicting messages to the point where we wonder if it's worth using them.

Let me tell you 7 lies about it:

1. The more followers you have, the better

The numbers game does not apply to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. These social networks are smart. If you have followers who are not engaged, the algorithms these sites use will ensure that very few people see your post.

You should favor a committed audience to a large audience. Social media looks at how much traction your articles are generating, versus how many followers or subscribers you have. If the ratio is right, they will start showing your content to more people outside your circle.

That's how you will generate more traffic: by focusing on getting the right followers, who will become your engaged audience.

2. social sharing buttons will make you have more shares

Adding social share buttons to your site will get you more traffic, right?

Although this seems fair, in most cases it is not. Of course, for blogs, the share buttons work well because people love to read educational content.

However, adding social share buttons could have a detrimental effect on many sites. Why? Because people don't want to share your product pages or even “about”. By putting buttons on these pages, you will just distract your visitors and lower your conversion rates.

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Adding social sharing buttons on pages that nobody cares will not help you generate more traffic.

The best place to add social sharing buttons is your blog. People will be sharing great content, especially since it's free. But don't rely on them to share your product, "about", service pages, or even those you use to generate leads.

3. Social network traffic is not converting well

If these networks didn't convert, do you think Facebook would be worth close to $ 100 billion? And it's not just about Facebook. LinkedIn is around 20, and Twitter is around US $ 30 billion.

These companies are worth so much money because their bases are spending money. Users spend enough agent to advertise on these profitable sites.

I don't invite you to do the same; i just suggest you use these sites because their users are converting well.

Social media traffic not only converts, but you can also measure this conversion using Google Analytics. You will then be able to achieve what each of these sites generates for you.

4. Everyone should use social networks

Although it sounds surprisingly true, social networks are not good for everyone.

For example, Palantir is a company you've certainly never heard of, despite being worth $ 896 million. Why haven't you heard of her before? Simply because most of their income comes from government contracts.

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They're good on Twitter and Facebook, and they even have a blog, but neither of those sites help them with their income. Much of what they do is not public, and never can be, because of their government contracts.

Social media will not help such a business. all they can do is probably make them look cool and 'in' and maybe help them recruit young talent.

There are companies that just are not made for the social web. Furthermore, not all social networks are suitable for all types of businesses.

If your business does not rely on income generated on the web (and you have no plan to change that), social media might not be right for you at all. You can still use them as a recruiting tool or as a way to connect with dissatisfied consumers, but you'd better invest your time and energy in a different channel.

5. You must participate on a daily basis

If you have great information to share on a daily basis, that's great. You should use social networks on a daily basis. If not, consider using them less frequently.

Focus on creating quality updates instead of being on these networks just because you have to. Posting on a daily basis doesn't guarantee your success, and it won't necessarily make your accounts more popular. On Facebook for example, posting once every two days is ideal.

If you have something great to say or share, then do it on the social network of your choice. If not, avoid posting. You must find the ideal frequency for you.

6. What works for B2B companies do not work for companies B2C

The same tactics can work well for both types of social media businesses. What works for one usually works for the other.

7. You should ignore the negative feedback

It's the worst thing you can do. If someone is unhappy with you or your business, you shouldn't ignore that person. Rather, you should accept criticism as a way to improve yourself.

As a business leader, you should embrace criticism as a way to improve yourself, and try to answer them by solving the problem posed. It'll help your business be better… honestly.

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There are a lot of misconceptions about social media marketing. Just because you've just read something on a blog or heard something from a credible source doesn't mean it has to be true!

Always research your own, and try to improve yourself. Social media marketing is bound to last, and can pay off big if it is accepted that you use it right.

What other lies do you hear about social networks?

Do not hesitate to share this article… precisely, on social networks!

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