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Want to start a professional and profitable WordPress blog but you don't know where to start right?

I know how frustrating it can be to mess around with the technical side of a thing when all you want is to share your knowledge (or sell it) on the internet. If you want to create a blog or a website dedicated to your area of ​​expertise, if you want to become an influential and successful blogger (financial), I hope the tips I will share in this guide will help you easily manage the technical part.

Ready to start your first WordPress blog? You have two options:

1. Engage blogging professionals to do it for you. This is not only the fastest and most effective way, but it is also the one that achieves a professional result in less time. In this case, I recommend the services of

They are not expensive at all and the end result will surprise you. In addition, not only do you pay only once and the website belongs to you for life, but BlogPasCher also has the best support on the market. Click here to discover the services of the platform.

2. Do it yourself. I will show you how to create your own self-hosted WordPress website. It will cost you around € 35 / year, as well as the cost of a professional WordPress theme (around € 50). There will certainly be other paid tools, but you can do it!

Discover mainly our article on How many plugins to install on WordPress

Please keep in mind that I will only recommend resources that I fully trust and use on some of my blogs myself.

But before you start, take the time to take a look at How to install a WordPress themeHow many plugins to install on WordPress.

Then let's get to work!

Create a WordPress blog: the basic steps

 training tutorial-how-create-a-website-wordpress

Here are the basic steps to create a professional blog in WordPress. Your website will have its own domain and its unique look. Follow all the steps in this guide to the letter and boost your chances of success.

In this guide therefore, we will see:

  1. How to name your blog and buy a domain name
  2. Where to find a reliable and highly professional web host
  3. How to install WordPress in less than 60 seconds
  4. Where to buy the ideal WordPress theme and how to install it
  5. Which plugins to install and how to configure them
  6. How to use WordPress: some useful tutorials
  7. How to translate your WordPress theme into French
  8. What training do you need
  9. How to add a newsletter to your blog
  10. How to add an online store
  11. How much does it cost to start a profitable blog
  12. Get started!

Step 1: Name your blog and buy a domain name

blogpascher domain name

Find a domain name for your blog is certainly the most difficult step, especially when you are beginner blogger. Brainstorm and find a name that pretty much describes your style, lifestyle and more simply the purpose of your website. And if you don't have enough inspiration, ask your friends to help you.

Make a list of 10 to 20 domain names that come to mind and only keep the ones that "speak" to you the most. And if you still can't find anything, then use your own name. This is what I did with one of my blogs that I named:

Characteristics of an ideal domain name:

  • Description
  • Memorable
  • Short
  • Easy to spell

And if you are looking for more details on choosing the domain name for your blog, then I recommend this article on the subject: How to choose a domain name.

Once you have a list (restraint) of domain names for your website in mind, you need to go to a web host to check their availability. If all your domains are already reserved, then try other combinations, but also other extensions (Try the .fr - .com - .net - .ca). But preferably, avoid choosing a domain name that will create confusion with another.

Dedicated Server, VPS, Shared or Cloud? What is the best WordPress hosting solution is a must read.

Avoid using hyphens or other punctuation in your test.

Go to 1and1 to check the availability of your domain: Cliquez Ici

And if you are in Canada or the USA, and you don't have a problem with English, then I highly recommend you BlueHost.

Once you have chosen and verified the availability of your ideal domain name, don't buy it yet. Note it somewhere. Why ? Well, it's simply because most web hosts offer the domain name for free if you take a web hosting plan.

The transition is all done ...

Step 2: Find a Reliable Web Host

web hosting blogpascher

In terms of web hosting services, I have learned to my credit that all the hosts are still not serious and do not offer the technical assistance that they promise and that is rightly expected of them. So avoid ordering your hosting plan on any website. Also avoid free web hosts. They very often hide unpleasant surprises.

However, there are professional solutions, which in addition, offer impeccable customer service. Even better, their rates are affordable and they offer one-click WordPress installation.

I know very well that everything I am saying here can seem complicated if you are a beginner. But do not worry ! Not only will I recommend the best to you, but I will also tell you how to install the latest version of WordPress on them in less than 60 seconds.

The best web hosts for WordPress blogs

  • 1and1 : It is the host number 1 in France in terms of simplicity, efficiency, reliability and quality of customer support. With 1and1, you can easily install your WordPress blog in less than 60 seconds.

And if you want to move faster then watch our tutorial on the fastest way to create a website with 1 & 1. Cliquez Ici.

Important : 1 & seems to be limited only in France. So if you don't live in France, then I highly recommend the following host on our list.

  • Funio : For me, it's certainly the world's best shared hosting service. I love their customer service that I can call at any time of the day with the assurance of finding help. It's the same with their live chat system. Funio is an unlimited number ofdisk space, hosted domain names, subdomains, databases, e-mails, and traffic. Click here to get started with Funio for 5,83 $ / month only.
  • Bluehost : affordable, reliable and easy to use (especially if you understand English). He's way better than GoDaddy, Hostgator and everyone else. The disk space offered is "Unlimited" for an accommodation "Shared" (mutualized). Bluehost is rich in features. Customer service is ubiquitous and you're sure to quickly find a solution to your problem.

Again, this is the ideal solution if you have no problem with English.

Note: OVH and Hostpapa are not part of this list because of the poor quality of their customer service. Many customers complain about overtaxed calls from OVH.

Let's move on to the next step ...

Step 3: Install your WordPress blog

install wordpress blogpascher

This step should be easy.

  • Regarding BlueHost, here is an excellent tutorial in English to learn how to easily and quickly create a website on this globally recognized web host.

Once your blog is installed, the first thing to do is change the link structure as I show you in this tutorial.

Step 4: Choose and install a WordPress theme

Buy blogpascher WordPress theme

Your WordPress theme will determine the look and spirit of your website, so you should not choose it randomly.

What to look for in a WordPress theme? In fact you need a WordPress theme:

  • Well created. Your WordPress theme should suit your beauty criteria while providing the functionality that a blog in your niche needs. The WordPress theme should also be coded by someone who knows what they're doing.
  • The display fits perfectly to all screen formats (Pc, tablets, smartphones). Not having a WordPress theme compatible with these supports is missing out on a big opportunity to seduce and convert your visitors.
  • Optimized for SEO. This goes hand in hand with the previous point, because a well-designed website promotes better SEO in the natural results of search engines like Google. A WordPress theme full of errors will greatly hinder your efforts to attract more visitors.
  • In addition to being beautiful, your WordPress theme should also make it easier to add the logo, change colors, manage widgets, etc.
  • Be accompanied by responsive assistance. When you run into problems with your WordPress theme (and you will encounter it)technical assistance and a discussion forum are invaluable resources.

My advice : Avoid free WordPress themes. In most cases, their functionality is limited and some even contain viruses. For more functionality and a more professional result in the end, I recommend Premium WordPress themes. With a good approach, this expense will quickly turn into an investment.

Where to buy a WordPress theme for your blog?

There are several platforms for selling WordPress templates across the web. But here I will only recommend the best ...

ThemeForest : Personally, I believe that ThemeForest offers the best WordPress themes suitable for blogging. Most WordPress themes are compatible with mobile devices and largely meet the qualitative criteria mentioned above. The vast majority of the best bloggers on the planet use custom versions of the WordPress themes sold by this website.

Do not hesitate to take a look at How to choose the best WordPress theme: 9 things you need to consider.

To avoid wasting time looking for WordPress themes, I recommend these 10 templates.

  1. Divi 
  2. Avada
  3. The7
  4. BeTheme
  5. Flatsome
  6. Bridge
  7. X
  8. Xstor to
  9. Brooklyn
  10. TheGem

Note: once on one of these pages you can have a preview of the page by clicking on the button " Live Preview ”Located at the bottom left of the screen.

WordPress Theme Live preview Demo

Themeforest : It is the ultimate platform for selling WordPress themes. The one on which you are sure to find a WordPress template that will meet your needs.

But before buying a WordPress theme on this platform, I invite you to read this guide which shows you how to buy a template on Themeforest and what you need to check before ordering.

Here are some categories of WordPress themes you can use depending on your project.

Once on the page of one of these categories, click on the title of the WordPress theme that interests you and once on the new page, click on "Live Preview".

Whatever your choice, make sure your visitors can:

  • Access your content quite easily
  • Subscribe to your newsletter - Add an email capture form to your sidebar or at the end of your articles
  • Comment your articles - Do not add Captcha and avoid requiring a subscription to the website before any comments.
  • Share your content -  Add buttons to share your content on social networks (I'll show you how to do it below).

Step 5: Install Recommended WordPress Plugins

install plugi wordpress blogpascher

Automatically installing WordPress in a few clicks is not enough. You must also add and configure these extensions that will maximize the potential of your blog and will help you achieve your goals in less time and with greater efficiency.

Each of the plugins in this list will add valuable functionality that your WordPress theme does not offer. In this guide that I want complete, I will not only be content to list the plugins and their features, I will also recommend tutorials to help you configure them as they should.

WordPress plugins recommended for a Pro blog

First of all, click here to learn how to install a WordPress plugin. Of course, you can install these plugins directly from your WordPress dashboard. Simply copy and paste their name as shown in this tutorial.

  • Akismet : Filters unwanted comments without requiring CAPTCHA. You do not really need to install it because it is automatically added to any new WordPress installation. However, you must configure it → See the tutorial

Otherwise, you can always use another great plugin which is called: All In One SEO PackSee the tutorial

  • Rocket Lazy Load : This small plugin only displays images on a page when they are visible to the user. This reduces the number of HTTP requests and improves page load time. No tutorial is needed, you just need to install and activate it.
  • W3 Total Cache : This plugin will greatly help to speed up the loading speed of your blog pages. Nobody likes slow websites, and fast-loading websites tend to be better referenced on search engine results → See the tutorial

And if your host offers you rather WP Super Cache by default, click here to see the tutorial on this other excellent cache plugin.

  • WP : This is another plugin that reduces the weight of images while improving the performance of your website. No configuration is necessary.
  • WP-DBManager : This plugin not only allows you to backup and restore your website in case of problems (Hacking or mishandling), but it also saves you from losing weeks or even years of work in seconds  See the tutorial
  • Contact form 7 : is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a contact form on your WordPress blog → See the tutorial

Step 6: A short training on WordPress

WordPress blogpascher training

Here is a short list of WordPress tutorials that I recommend:

And if you want to access more free tutorials on WordPress, its plugins and WordPress themes, Cliquez Ici.

Step 7: How to translate your WordPress theme

why translate website blog WordPress

First of all, why translate your WordPress theme? In fact, 98% at least Premium WordPress themes are in English. This complicates readers' browsing a little and significantly reduces your chances of creating interactivity on the blog.

For example : Very few French-speaking Internet users know that the "Leave a Comment" that they see on many blogs means " Leave a comment ". In that case, how do you want them to comment on your articles or contact you?

So you understand that it is crucial to have your WordPress theme translated.

Read also our article on: How to create a multilingual website with WPML

Step 8: the training you need

Having a professionally designed blog is one thing, and becoming a pro and profitable blogger is another. In other words, you can have the best of blogs, but if you do not know and do not apply the minimum required, the basics of blogging, then you will be unable to achieve success.

It is therefore essential to master certain pillars of blogging, namely:


Created by Thierry Bertrand (me), it is the ideal training if you want to understand blogging and practice it in a professional and profitable way. You will find out why many bloggers fail, but also how to create a blog that earns money.

And if you need specific coaching to speed up your success process, so click here to find out more about the coaching sessions that I propose.

Steps 9: Create your newsletter (subscriber list)

create newsletter blogpascher

The success of your blog also depends on your subscriber list. You need to create a newsletter that will allow you to automatically notify your readers whenever a new article is published on your blog or whenever you have an important announcement to make (promotion - gifts - etc.).

For that, and here I speak of a professional approach, you need a autoresponder and an email capture plugin to create subscription forms.

There are several ways to create a newsletter or a list of subscribers. Some are free and not always effective enough, while others are paid and very often more effective.

To avoid many hours of searching on the internet, I recommend AWeber that is certainly the best autoresponder on the market. For many bloggers, the problem is that it is in English (again this language). If English is a problem for you, then I recommend this excellent tutorial in French and complete on AWeber.

Click here to test AWeber for $ 1 only.

And if you prefer MailChimp Then here is another tutorial in french on the use of this autoresponder Free.

Regarding the email capture tool, I highly recommend the plugin: Optin Monster. This is in my opinion the best and most complete email capture plugins. Popup release, newsletter form on the sidebar and at the bottom of the articles, and again ... Optin Monster is not only rich in functionality, but also very powerful → See the tutorial

Step 10: How to Add an Online Store to Your Blogcreate an online store WordPress blogpascher

Selling on the internet is within everyone's reach. All you need to know is which plugins to use and how to configure them. Rest assured, I intend to show you how to proceed.

Adding an online store can allow you to sell your products and services from your blog without going through platforms such as: Amazon, 1TPE, or any other platform that would keep a percentage on your sales. Add an e-commerce section to your blog will allow you to keep 100% of revenue. No intermediaries and you have control over everything.

There are plenty of free e-commerce plugins out there, but not all of them are very easy to use while others can be installed and configured with just a few clicks. They are also in French.

This is the WooCommerce case that I recommend to you. This is a very professional and feature rich plugin. Click here to see the tutorial in French on WooCommerce.

The only drawback with this very complete plugin is that it does not work on all WordPress themes. It only works on WordPress themes compatible with WooCommerce, and all themes are unfortunately not. So take this parameter into account when buying your blog template if you plan to sell something there..

If your WordPress theme does not therefore declare compatibility with this plugin, I strongly recommend that you use WP eStore. It is very complete and above all, very easy to configure and use.

Click here to see the tutorial in French on WP eStore.

And it's not over…

Integrating a sales section on your blog is not enough. Like all professional bloggers (Selling products) you should also consider associating an affiliate program. This approach will allow you to multiply your sales by 400% at least.

Creating an affiliate program allows you to recruit other bloggers who will promote your products in exchange for a commission that you will define (10%; 15%; 25%; etc.). Affiliation offers more visibility to your products and at the same time maximizes your chances of making more money.

To do this, I recommend the excellent plugin: WP Affiliate Platform. It integrates perfectly with the 2 plugins mentioned above. This means that when an affiliate sends a prospect to your website, that this prospect then orders your product, WP Affiliate PlatForm will award a commission to the affiliate.

Click here to discover the french tutorial of this plugin.

Step 11: How Much Does It Cost to Start a Pro Blog?

how much does blog pro

In principle, your WordPress blog should only cost you the price of web hosting, and it will vary depending on the one you choose:

  • 1 & 1: 35 € / year (the first year then 75 € about the years after)
  • Funio: 75 € / year
  • Bluehost: 48 € / year (approximately)

But that's just to have a standard blog that will only look pro if you seek the advice of some professionals. And if you also want to become a Professional blogger, if you want to have a blog that offers you all the chances of rapid success, then you will also have to rely on the elements below:

  • Premium WordPress Theme: 46 € (average)
  • Template translation: 75 € minimum
  • Blogging training: €67
  • AWeber autoresponder: 15 € / month (115 € approximately per year)
  • Optin Monster: 75 € / year
  • WP eStore + WP Affiliate: €62 (you only pay once)

TOTAL: 440 € + accommodation costs. This amount could vary depending on the tools chosen.

Again, you can limit yourself to web hosting only. However, it is no coincidence that the biggest bloggers in the world use all the tools mentioned above. It is both an indispensable tool and a long-term investment that will pay off if you operate it properly.

To make a lot of money, you have to invest first. You would be surprised(E) to see how much professional bloggers like me spend every month, and how much these investments are worth.

Step 12: Useful Resources

useful resource blogpascher

1. Recommended readings: Here are some categories of articles on that I highly recommend you read. This is additional free training on the blogger profession:

It's simply a gold mine of quality information that will help you in every aspect of your project.

2. Services BlogPasCher: Don't want to waste time with technique? So don't hesitate to entrust the work to the team. Here are some services offered by the platform:

And if you have a special project, do not hesitate to contact this very professional team. Click here to discover our offers.

3. Affiliate program to follow: Join BlogPasCher Affiliate Program and earn up to 500 € commissions per sale (depending on the pack). The program is serious and the commissions are paid every 5 the following month. Click HERE to find out more about BlogPasCher's affiliate program.

Ouffff !!!!!!

I'd love to add more information, but I'd rather save you an overload. This guide is already rich enough as it is. I really hope you found it useful. If so, don't forget to share it on the networks.

Blogging is not nearly as easy and cheap as we try to make you believe every day on the internet. And everything is not just about installing a blog. You have to put all the chances on your side if you want to have a chance to get out of it. Nothing will be possible without investment.

You too can create a successful blog. But before, it will work hard. And never forget this:

All of today's experts were rookies yesterday. They made mistakes, doubted, started over, failed over and over again before finally achieving popularity and financial success (I know what I'm talking about).

Last step: Get started!

That's all you have to do. Only action will get you to create that professional and profitable WordPress blog of your dreams.

Discover also some premium WordPress plugins  

You can use other WordPress plugins to give a modern look and optimize the grip of your blog or website.

We offer you here some premium WordPress plugins that will help you do that.

1. Ultimate Math Captcha

Ultimate Math Captcha is a 100% effective premium WordPress captcha plugin. It allows adding math captcha on WordPress login, registration, password recovery, comments, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and bbPress forms.Ultimate Math Captcha WordPress Plugin

Its features include: easy installation and configuration, adding captcha to many forms, support for multiple Math captcha on the same page, customization of error messages, and many more.

Download | DemoWeb hosting

2. PayPal Standard Payment Gateway for Ninja Forms

PayPal Standard Gateway for Ninja Forms allows you to create forms that integrate seamlessly with the PayPal payment gateway. You will be able to create personalized order forms and receive payments using standard Paypal accounts.

PayPal Standard Payment Gateway for Ninja Forms

Its main features are: easy and fast integration, IPN integration, the ability to activate / deactivate the PayPal gateway on individual forms, support for regular payments, etc.

Download | Demo |  Web hosting

3. Gravity Forms - List & Edit

With this premium WordPress plugin, it is possible to modify or delete entries submitted in the forms of your website. A feature that is greatly lacking in the Gravity Forms plugin, which is why this extension was created.Gravity Forms List Edit wordpress plugins insert tables graphics website blog form

Among its functionalities we will mention among others: modification and saving of recorded data, deletion of entered data, modification and deletion of already published articles, perfect integration with jQuery Datatables and Gravity-Forms plugins, support for logic conditional, quick and easy to install, and much more.

Download Demo | Web hosting

Recommended Resources

Find out about other recommended resources to help you build and manage your website.


Here ! That's it for this fairly complete tutorial on creating a WordPress website. Do not hesitate to share with your friends on your favorite social networks

However, you can also consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on WordPress blog creation.

If you have suggestions or remarks, leave them in our section Comments.


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