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How to generate traffic to your old blog articles with the Revive Old Post plugin

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Generating traffic through content marketing isn't just about writing new articles. Any blogger should always maximize the exposure of every article they post on their blog. To do this, some bloggers just use plugins that display the similar posts, but that's not enough.

You should also promote your old articles through social media if you generate more visitors, and boost your credibility. That being said, the question is: how do you automatically promote your old articles?

And I would answer you with accuracy

Use the plugin Revive Old Post (Formerly Tweet Old Post) .

This is a great plugin that allows you to breathe new life into your old posts and we wanted to give you a review on this one, with a quick setup guide to help you get started more easily and very quickly.

The features of Revive Old Post Plugin Pro


Some of you may be familiar with the old version of this plugin, Tweet Old Post. However, Revive Old Post Pro has new features and does more than just post to Twitter today.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the plugin can now automatically publish your content to:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Adding Multiple-accounts-in-plugin-Revive-old post

You will ask me the question that torments your mind at the moment: What if you have more than one Twitter / Facebook account?

No problem! Add as many accounts as you want.

You can also create a custom Tweet with this plugin followed by a #hashtags to help stimulate people to find your link more easily. Another option that is provided in the Revive Old Post Pro plugin is the ability to add a photo to your posts, which has proven to be the most efficient way to share posts in social media.

It's really amazing how easy it is to customize this plugin when it comes to sharing content.

You can:

  • Configure a minimum time between shares
  • Define a period during which you want your article to be published.
  • Decide if you want the plugin to share old posts more than once (by default it will only share your posts once. You can change this)
  • Exclude certain items or entire categories

Just in a few clicks your plugin will be ready to work.

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Now the Revive Old Post Pro plugin isn't a very difficult plugin to configure, but we'll get you started anyway.

plugin configuration Revive Old Post Pro to post your awesome content

Now let's install this "bad boy" on your website! To configure the Revive Old Post Pro plugin on your site, you will need to go to the header of the plugins section on the Themeisle website.

Here are the steps that will help you get started:

  1. Go Themeisle
  2. Download Lite / Free version of the Revive Old Post plugin
  3. Select the Pro version you want ($ 24,99, 39,99 $, $ 49.99)
  4. Buy and download
  5. Download the Lite version in the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard first, and enable the
  6. Download the extension of the Pro version, and activate the

Now that you have the plugin installed and enabled, it's time to move to its configuration.

Menu-plugin-Revive-old post

You'll find a new option in your menu bar titled, " Revive Old Post". Hover over it and click on the " Revive Old Post In the pop-out.

Let's start by setting up your social networking accounts.


Twitter is the easiest to set up. If you want to connect on LinkedIn or Facebook, you will need to use an API key on both.


As you can see, there is a bit of work to be done, but you'll need to allow the last two, but it's really not that hard. Just follow the given instructions and you will be ready for the next step.

Here is a full screen view of all the options you will have to change when configuring the Revive Old Post Pro plugin.

Plugin-revive-old post

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Let's talk about the important ones in this list.

Post Content.  This is where you decide what will be shared in your social media accounts. You have the following options:


  • Only Title (Title only)
  • Title and Body (Title and Body)
  • Body only (body only)
  • Custom fields

Choose the one you want. If you choose the custom fields, be sure to insert the necessary information in the sections that require the custom fields information.

Include Link. This should be set to YES. You want your article to be easily accessible so insert the link, otherwise your efforts will be wasted

Use and URL Shortener URL Shortener Service.  A long blog URL can take up a lot of character in Twitter. Select the option that allows you to use a short URL and then select the option that looks best to you.

I like the WP short URL option, so I'll choose there

Url-short-option-plugin-revive-old post-pro

Hashtags, Common hashtags Hashtag and Max Length. It's simply a matter of preference, but if you choose to use hashtags and you're logged into LinkedIn, choosing the hashtag option would be crazy. Use only a few that will apply to your articles. You can also choose no hashtags for everything if you want. The choice is really up to you.

Configuration-hashtags-in-revive-old post-pro

Minimum Interval Between Shares. Choose a time between sharing the articles. You can just use a number like 6 which means "wait six hours before posting something again", or you can insert a number like 0,5 which means to send a new social media post every half hour. .

Minimum and Maximum Age Of Post Eligible To Be Shared.  How old do you want your article to be before it's shared to your accounts? You can set a minimum age of 1 to over 1000 days. Or you can choose if you want to disable this option. Again, these options are a matter of preference.

If you want an article written 45 days ago to show in your social media channels, then enter 45 in your minimum age field.

  • Post With An Image. Yes. Just click yes. Photos are more appealing on social media than words, so be sure to take advantage of this option.
  • Share Old Posts More Than Once. I think it's a good idea to share your content. By default, the Revive Old Post plugin allows one-time sharing but if you want more than that, click the checkbox.
  • Excluding Posts.  If you are keen to drive traffic to only certain articles, you also have the option of excluding some others. This is not an option in the settings area of ​​the Revive Old Posts plugin. If you go to the Revive Old Posts area in the sidebar, you will see the Exclude Posts option. This will bring you to the screen shown below.


Simply choose the items you desire, then click, "Exclude Selected".

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And that's all. Now just sit back and let the Revive Old Post Pro plugin do the rest!

Download    | Price: $ 24.99

Final thoughts on the Revive Old Post Pro plugin

Honestly, I couldn't find anything negative to say about this plugin. The idea of ​​driving traffic to old content is a great one. The version Lite the plugin is quite interesting, but limited in terms of the number of accounts you can add, and you will not be able to post photos. But know that the price of the Pro version is reasonable and really worth it.

Using this plugin is a huge time saver which is why we like to use it on all of our blogs.

We hope we helped configure the plugin Revive Old Post WordPress Pro in your website. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them to us in our comments section.


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