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8 WordPress plugins to customize the blog dashboard

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When building a website for a client, sometimes having a simplified dashboard can help them take things better. The trick in creating a website for clients is to offer a simplified dashboard, especially when they do not yet know how to take WordPress in hand.

You will also be able to add necessary information like your contacts so that they will remember each time you authored this work and that in case of difficulty you are in a better position to solve their problem.

Customizations may therefore vary according to customer needs, but in most cases they contain almost all of them:

WordPress offers a set of features that will allow you to do all of this. In this list I will introduce you the 8 best premium WordPress plugins which will allow you to do this, if you are not a developer.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Material

Material Admin is one of the premium WordPress plugins that allows you to completely customize the overall look of your dashboard. It therefore gives you more control over it instead of a simple Widget. But what makes it show up here is the fact that it comes with over 20 customizable widgets that will let you display various types of information.Material white label wordpress admin theme wordpress plugin

It comes with 100 models of looks, all elegant and provides an option for create your own look

You can also control the full appearance of the admin menu, top bar, buttons, content boxes, typography, forms, text, background colors, logo and so on ...

It is compatible with LTR and RTL modes. It can therefore be used on any website whatever language of the last. In addition, it is compatible with the Multisite function.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

2. WP Admin

This premium WordPress plugin will help you customize the WordPress dashboard interface. It has a wealth of incredible features that are ready to help you give your website dashboard the look you want.Wphave admin a clean and modern wordpress admin theme wordpress plugin

As a functionality it offers among others: a layout and a fully customizable visual interface, a personalized login page, the ability to display useful information such as the amount of memory used, custom icons for the toolbar, multiple dashboard widgets and many others.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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3. Slate Pro

Slate Pro is a powerful premium WordPress plugin dedicated to customizing the dashboard of your website. It is a plugin that completely reinvents WordPress with a sleek and simplified design.Wordpress admin theme white label slate pro plugin wordpress

Now remove any mention of WordPress on your dashboard with custom colors, a custom login page, a logoEtc. ...

Slate Pro is now multisite compatible which is a plus if you manage a network of websites. If you buy it, you will get free customer support for 6 months.

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Try it and come and leave us a comment.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. ABBUA Admin 

ABBUA Admin is a premium WordPress plugin capable of helping you change the appearance of your website dashboard. It is a plugin that allows you to modify the logos, choose one of the many themes, customize everything on the login page and many other features that allow you to bring your dashboard at a higher level.

Abbua admin wordpress theme

Besides its number of features, ABBUA Admin comes with over 30 impressive themes, and at every update, new themes are added.

Its main functions are among others: a Favicon generator, a full page dedicated to user login, an advanced configuration panel of the WordPress main menu, detailed documentation and many more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

5. Ultra Admin 

Ultra Admin is a premium WordPress plugin that brings life to your dashboard. Like the previous plugin, it comes with nearly 30 professionally designed and fully customizable themes. It is compatible with LTR and RTL modes and can be used for all languages.

Ultra wordpress admin theme

You will be able to control the appearance of the WordPress main menu, take control of the top bar, buttons, content areas, typography, forms, text colors and of the background, logo, etc…

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In short, this plugin will offer you to: reorganize the menu and sub-menu items, change menu icons and the links in the top bar, customize the footer, modify the access permissions of plugins, etc ...

Download | Demo | Web hosting

6. Whitelabel 

White label is a premium WordPress plugin that you can easily install on your website, new or old, in order to manage almost all the customization of your Dashboard -Admin Zone-. It comes with powerful features that can be controlled through a set of tools and interfaces that your users will get to grips with intuitively.Whitelabel wordpress admin and login wordpress plugin

It offers you the ability to add your own CSS to customize the Admin area and the login page, so that you have full control over its design. This WordPress plugin also contains many features, such as customizing the toolbar, logo, menu items and icons, user roles, color schemes, backgrounds, notifications, etc.

In addition, it is compatible with almost all WordPress plugins and themes, which we will mention WooCommerce et Divi.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

7. Everest Admin Theme

Everest Admin Theme is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to give your website dashboard an appearance other than that native to it.

Everest admin theme wordpress backend customizer

Although WordPress is great, many people may want to change the appearance of this dashboard finally remove any mention of WordPress.

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This powerful WordPress plugin therefore allows you to do this quite easily by offering you the possibility of giving it a completely different appearance, by reorganizing the menus and other elements. It gives you full control over your dashboard.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

8. Alter 2

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to customize most of the elements of your website's dashboard. It allows you to completely change the style of your dashboard with a color theme you want.

White label wordpress plugin wpalter

Features include, among others: several color options, a flat design, a customizable login page, RTL support, unlimited adding of custom widgets to the dashboard, detailed documentationEtc. ...

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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That's all for this article dedicated to the 10 best premium WordPress plugins, designed to help you personalize your dashboard. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to offer them.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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