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How to use Snapchat to attract more subscribers

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Every day, Snapchat has more than 150 million people who use, send and receive snaps. Between them, 2,5 billion images are viewed and 10 billion videos are viewed. It's every day! So, it's time to take a look at the world's fastest growing social media platform and how it can be used to help your WordPress site achieve its goals.

This tutorial takes an in-depth look at what Snapchat is, who uses it, and how it can help you grow your WordPress followers. Next, we'll discuss tips for building a Snapchat community and look at best practices when adding snap to help promote your business.

What is SnapChat?

What is snapchat

Snapchat is a popular mobile app that lets you send and view photos and videos to friends and followers. Its distinguishing feature, which makes it stand out in the crowd of other social networks, is that images, or “snaps” as they are known, have only a short lifespan, ranging from 1 second to 24 seconds. hours, after which they are automatically deleted.

One of the main attractions of Snapchat is that it's fun. You can add text, annotations, and emojis to images before sending them, as well as Snapchat lenses. Lenses add dog ears to faces, swap faces with someone else's on the screen, and a lot more. It might sound a little crazy, but give it a try, it's fun!

Who uses Snapchat?

Snapchat has long been known to attract a younger audience, mostly ranging from teens to those in their 24s. Originally, Snapchat was mostly used by the youngest of this population, especially young adolescents. However, over the past year, the fastest growing group has been the XNUMX-year-olds. So if your target audience is around, or under, their XNUMXs then it's time to seriously consider Snapchat as an important social media channel for your business.

Why You Should Use Snapchat

Why use snapchat

Snapchat is becoming an extremely effective marketing platform. Any business that already spends a lot of time producing and posting images and video media will find Snapchat a natural fit. Snapchat's obsession with images and stories makes it the perfect channel to promote any business in food, travel, media, fitness, music, or fashion. Here is how he can help you ...

Attract new customers

To develop the followers of your WordPress, it is important to make sure that you are present and promote your business in the same places as your target audience. If your potential audience is on Snapchat, and you're not there, then it's hard to connect with those who may be interested in your niche. Becoming a key player on Snapchat could help you engage with new people, who may be a little younger.

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Improve brand awareness

Not only can you connect with a new audience on Snapchat, but you can also raise awareness about your brand. Being constantly present on Snapchat will remind people of your discipline, encouraging them to return to your WordPress site and become regular visitors.

Interact with your audience

Due to the nature of Snapchat, with its images temporarily available, this social media channel is fast-paced, and takes place in real time. By being on Snapchat, you can see the trends your audience is responding to and engage with them using relevant snaps and content. This interaction helps keep your followers engaged and interested in your business.

A platform from which you can promote your WordPress site

As with any social media channel, Snapchat provides an impressive platform from which you can promote your site. Try to increase traffic to your site, generate leads, advertise your products and services, or whatever, Snapchat gives you a way to do that.

So now you know a little about Snapchat and the benefits of using it. But how can you start?

Build a Snapchat site

Create a snapchat site

Snapchat is quick and easy to set up, in just a few minutes. Download it from the Apple Store or Google Play, and after a quick signup, you're good to go. However, before you start using Snapchat to promote your business, you must first create a Snapchat.

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As with tracking on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, this can be time consuming. So what can you do to roll the ball quickly?

Add your Snapchat code to your WordPress site

Add snapchat codes to wordpress

Encourage your existing WordPress followers and visitors to add you on Snapchat. It's an effective way to stay in touch with your WordPress audience, encourage them to revisit your site, or purchase your products.

Add a snapcode

The " Snapchat Snapcode Widget Allows you to display your own Snapcode on your website. A Snapcode acts the same as a "Follow me" button. Your audience just needs to swipe your code with their phone, then they can instantly add you as a friend on Snapchat. Your Snapcode can be downloaded from your Snapchat account. Then just upload it to the “Snapchat Snapcode Widget” and add it to your WordPress site.

Snapchat Best Practices

Once you've created a Snapchat fanbase, you need to carefully plan how you'll use Snapchat to grow your WordPress subscribers and promote your business. Think about your goals on Snapchat and what you want to achieve. This will help you decide what type of "snaps" will be best for your business and your audience.

Add snaps to "My Story"

As we mentioned before, Snapchat works by taking a photo or video and then sending it to a friend. It is then displayed for a number of seconds before disappearing.

However, and most importantly, snaps can also be added to "My Story". It is this characteristic that can really be used to promote business. The images here have a lifespan of 24 hours and can be viewed by any of your followers. This means you have more time to reach a larger audience, and to have an impact with your snapshots.

Use videos and other entertainment and interesting content

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Using snapchat media

Remember, Snapchat is fun and cool. So make sure your content is too. Use the power of video to interact with your followers, add text and stickers, and make your pop-up snaps! If you are in the food industry, display amazing meal pictures. If you are involved in sports, add workout clips. Or if you are running an eCommerce store, you can view the products used. This is your chance to really market your business, service or product, in order to get the most out of it.

That's all for this tutorial, I hope it will help you better understand the potential of Snapchat. Do not forget to share this tutorial with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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