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Do you want to make your dashboard unique? Note that the latter can be easily personalized by adding tailor-made widgets, which will allow you to display technical or commercial information. Its widgets will therefore be an important asset for the management of your website.

In this article, we will offer you the best premium WordPress plugins, designed to help you easily add custom widgets to your dashboard.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Material

Material Admin is one of WordPress plugins premium which allows completely customize the overall look of your dashboard. It therefore gives you more control over it instead of a simple Widget. But what makes it show up here is the fact that it comes with over 20 customizable widgets that will let you display various types of information.

Material white label wordpress admin theme

It comes with 100 models of looks, all elegant and provides an option for create your own look. 

You canz also control the full appearance of the admin menu, top bar, buttons, content boxes, typography, forms, text, background colors, logo and so on ...

It is compatible with LTR and RTL modes. It can therefore be used on any website whatever language of the last. In addition, it is compatible with the Multisite function.

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2. UserPro Dashboard

UserPro Dashboard provides easy control over information and user profile design. The dashboard provided by this extension allows you to quickly display all your profile details on a single page. So you have the option of creating customizable widgets for your dashboard.Userpro dashboard wordpress plugin for dashboard

Its functionalities are among others: the possibility of creating a personalized profile page using 14 ready-to-use widgets, the simple design which is based on the Drag and Drop functionality, the creation of personalized widgets, the possibility that the admin configure the custom layout for all users, managing publications directly from the dashboard, support for multiple languages: French, German and Spanish and many more.

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3. Dashy for WordPress

dashy is a WordPress extension premium which allows you to personalize your dashboard with widgets that you have previously selected. Thanks to this extension, you have the possibility to visualize and combine all your data from a large number of sources and create a dashboard which helps you display a combination of your website.Dashy for wordpress advanced dashboard plugin wordpress

You can also use an API to integrate Google Analytics and other systems in your dashboard. 

Here are some widgets you can add: Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google PageSpeed, Google Webmaster Tools, Social media widgets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.) and others.

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4. Dashboard Widgets WooCommerce Stats

Le WordPress Plugin premium WooCommerce Dashboard Widgets Stats "WCDS" sets up a set of very intuitive and detailed statistics directly on the WordPress dashboard. All the statistics you may need will be at your fingertips.

Woocommerce dashboard widgets stats wordpress plugin 1

The idea behind this plugin is to have a set of information that the website administrator can see at a time.

As information we can see, among others: The best-selling products, which are the most "spending" customers, the average and estimated sales, statistics payment methods and much more.

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6. Analytics Dashboard

Le WordPress Plugin premium Analytics Dashboard has been designed to display in one place (dashboard) all the essential metrics and statistics of your WordPress website, your Twitter profile and your Facebook page. It allows you to monitor post and comment statistics, author activity, popularity on social networks, etc.Analytics dashboard plugin wordpress

The plugin also sends a weekly report via email with basic statistics for your website.

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Its other features are: 8 widgets / metrics available, beautiful data visualizations, a customizable layout (via drag & drop), a fully responsive version, the possibility to display / hide selected widgets, easy installation and configuration, useful documentation and much more.

Download | DemoWeb hosting

7. 5sec Who's Online

5sec Who's Online is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add a widget to your WordPress dashboard through which you can see who is online or who is logged in to your blog or website.5sec whos online wordpress plugin for dashboard

Its main features are, among others: no configuration, no API keys; just install and use, a Sidebar Widget, a Dashboard Widget: see who is online in the dashboard, the ability to track your registered users, a [whos-online] shortcode that you can use in any post, page, custom post types etc.

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8. WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

The premium WordPress plugin WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager (WCOSM) is a powerful and flexible tool that allows the store administrator to assign personalized low stock values ​​to a set of products and / or categories. Using the custom value configurator, the store administrator can:

Woocommerce out of stock manager wordpress plugin

Create "threshold" rules whereby the store administrator will assign low custom warning values ​​to sets of products / variants / categories, Deconfigure a default warning value for products that do not match any custom value rule, email notificationsEtc. ...

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Here ! That's it for this list. We hope that this article dedicated to best premium WordPress plugins, designed to help you customize your dashboard by adding new widgets or deleting what you think is not useful to you. 

However, you can also consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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