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Need the best WordPress plugins for custom backgrounds?

Since WordPress 3.0, a new feature called "Custom Backgrounds" has been released for WordPress themes. This feature gives you the ability to add custom backgrounds to your website, which gives your website a unique look.

However, have you ever wanted to have different backgrounds on pages, posts, categories, search page, and home page? Unfortunately, the default functionality of WordPress is quite limited and does not offer so many possibilities.

Therefore, we will see today the best premium WordPress plugins that will help you create custom backgrounds as needed on your blog or website.

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But back to why we are here.

1. WooCommerce Ultimate Banner And Background

WooCommerce Ultimate Banner And Background is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to define a banner and a personalized background for each category of your website.

Wc ultimate baanner background wordpress plugin for background

With this plugin, you can also set a background for each product, shop page, cart page and payment page. It is fully responsive and works with all WordPress WooCommerce themes.

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Easily create your website with Elementor

Elementor lets you create Easily and Free any website or blog design with a professional look. Stop paying a lot for a website you can do yourself.

In addition, it is possible to create a default background for all products and a default banner for all categories.

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2. All-in-One Custom Background for WordPress

All-in-One Custom Background is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to define multiple backgrounds as a group of backgrounds on your website. A group of backgrounds can be used as the default or contextual background of the website; and as the background of a specific page.

Aoi custom background best wordpress plugin for background

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You can choose between different types - video, image ou color - for each background. Additionally, backgrounds can be restricted to users, user roles, or devices separately.

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3. Custom Background and Banner for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Custom Background and Banner is a premium WooCommerce plugin that allows users to set custom backgrounds for individual categories and / or individual products.

Custom background banner WordPress custom backgrounds plugins

This plugin can also create banners for each category of WooCommerce products. This is an easy way to make your website profitable and unique.

The administrator can add a "Background image and / or banner" in WooCommerce product category options, and can set the "background image" of the Metabox area of ​​WooCommerce products.

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4. Parallax One Page Builder WordPress Plugin

One Page Builder is an amazing premium WordPress plugin allowing the design of a page in minutes on your website. With this plugin you can create unlimited landing pages with lots of features.

Parallax one page builder WordPress custom backgrounds plugins

Its functionalities are: unlimited blocks, toparallax effects, a gallery included, the portfolio included, the fully responsive layout, le Custom SEO, the custom menu, the custom background for the first block, the custom background for the image / color / Youtube video, personalized logo and much more ...

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