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Visual Composer has been designed to let you create any web page with a very unique look. It is the best web page formatting tool in WordPress. But very often, it happens that you use it and find that it lacks features that allow you to quickly advance in your task.

Extensions also called addons are therefore made available to you, to allow you to fill this gap and quickly advance in your various customization tasks.

In this article, we will therefore propose the best Visual Composer plugins and extensions that will allow you to improve theappearance of your website.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Easy tables

Easy tables is an extension compatible with Visual composer, which will be used to manage tables on your website. With this extension, it is possible to create and manage tables by relying on the drag and drop functionality that supports WordPress.


Your knowledge in Excel you will find it useful to easily create, add or delete columns. You will also have access to the essential functionality toolbar such as font size, bold, italic, underline, font color, cell borders, etc.

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Its features include: an iGraphical interface of tables similar to that of Excel, the possibility to modify and add columns as desired, the btoolbar with essential features, plus of 10 models of tables included etc ...

Download DemoWeb hosting

2. Templatera Template Manager

It is a powerful model manager or template. It will allow you to create, manage and define access to your models according to the user roles of your website.


As soon as you have installed this extension, you will see its contents appear in the main menu of the Visual Composer plugin. This new directory will be useful for keeping your page, section or block templates.

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Its features are: the installation of the backup directory of the templates, the pCustomization of the 'vc_template' post type thanks to a native and familiar user interface, the mautomatic migration of existing models, theaccess control to models, the import / export models in XML format and plus.

Download Demo | Web hosting 

3. Ultimate addon

This addon of Visual Composer adds several premium elements to your plugin. It has a large amount of items that will be very useful in customizing your website.

Ultimate addons

Its features are: tvideo available, the sresponsive customer support, the mise responsive page of its elements, the sSupport of parallax and background videos, abe modal available, a counter countdown, etc ...

Download Demo | Web hosting 

4. Composium

This is an extension of Visual Composer which adds to this last, more than 90 new elements to the default content of this plugin. Also, it comes with a lightbox, a font manager, custom post types and much more.


Its other features are: 16 icon fonts and over 4 icons, the ssupport for icon fonts, support for Google Font Manager, pread over 70 CSS3 animation effects, a gbuilder of widgets, the gintelligent file management, etc ...

Download Demo | Web hosting

5. Massive addons

Massive addons is an extension of Visual Composer which is a real shortcode generator for things like: image carousels, countdown timers, and more. It comes with several page templates and around fifteen demos.

Massive add-ons

Its main features are: the sutouch mode and Shortcodes, compatibility with several WordPress themes, WooCommerce support, excellent SEO and better loading performance, a layout responsive, a ddetailed documentation, et more

Download Demo | Web hosting

6. Unlimited Addons Mega Bundle

As its name suggests, it is the most comprehensive addon in WPBakery. With a list of over 500 content items and 15 layout templates. This extension adds several premium options to your plugin.

Unlimited addons

Among its latest, we will find:ossibility of modifying the HTML / CSS / JS of each elements, the layout hcustomizable, the ppossibility to import and export addons, the mregular updates, etc ...

Download Demo | Web hosting

7. Multipurpose Before After Slider

It is an addon that integrates an image comparison carousel. No line of code is required in the installation and configuration of the latter. It is simple and effective in the treatment and presentation of the difference between images before and after treatment.

Multipurpose before after slider

It is particularly ideal if you have a blog or a website dedicated to fashion or beauty.

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Its other features are: a layout andfully responsive, the psupport for touch features, the cunlimited re-creation of carousels, theupport slides on pages, et more.

Download Demo | Web hosting

8. CL Testimonial

CL Testimonials is a WordPress plugin also called Addons. It allows you to easily add testimonials to your website using the Visual Composer plugin. You will therefore be able to easily configure the layout of your testimonial section using this add-on. It is displayed as a slider, grid or list.

Cl testimonial testimonials add on for visual composer

Its main features are: 17 unique styles, dynamic and manual loading of testimonials or critics, a fully customizable appearance, compatibility with several modern and recent browsers, detailed documentation, the ability to hide or show arrows and much more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

9. Parallax Image And Video Background

Parallax Image And Video Background is an extension of Visual Composer, which allows you to place images and videos in the background of your website, while giving them a magnificent parallax effect.

Video parallax backgrounds

Enriched with this addon, Visual Composer will breathe more life into your website. This effect gives the illusion of a certain depth which improve your website design by adding a simple but neat animation effect.

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Its features are: the support of the pfour-way arallax: up, down, left and right, oreduction of content, oparallax deactivation steps on mobile phones,'' integrates perfectly with your WordPress theme, Multilingual support, compatibility with Visual Composer, background support video, etc ...

Download Demo | Web hosting

10. 4k Icon Fonts

4000 Ultimate Icons Addon is a shortcodes extension for Visual Composer, designed to have all the premium icons you'll need on your website.

4k icon fonts

With this addon, you will be able to customize and add icons to your backgrounds, adjust size and colors, apply different hover effects, and more.

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As features we will find among others: 4000 font icons for all your needs, 11 rollover effects that work on all modern browsers, 7 background templates, layout hfully customizable, detailed fields and complete and many others.

Download Demo | Web hosting

Other recommended resources

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That's all for this article which offers the 10 best WordPress plugins and Visual Composer extensions, which will help you improve theappearance of your website. If you already use a premium WordPress plugin that we omitted from this list, so suggest it to us.

However, you can also consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

If you have some Comments or suggestions, please let us know in the reserved section. We strongly invite you to share on your favorite social networks.   


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