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How to create Excel and Word documents in WordPress

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How to create Excel and Word documents in WordPress?

Highly productive people rarely like to do the same things many times, but excessive paperwork often makes peak productivity difficult to maintain. Even though paper brewing and related issues have diminished over time, the need to generate documents and reports while working with platforms like WordPress remains.

The product we're going to introduce today is Report Builder which is an extension of the plugin wpDataTables, one of the best data management tools on WordPress. " Report Builder "Fills out templates and automatically creates documents in one click.

how to create Excel and Word documents in WordPress WP Paper Work WordPress plugin

One of the most important features with Report Builder is that you don't have to look for a third party app to create special files that you will use. This extension accepts WordPress or Excel files, which means that you can use your existing forms, your logo etc ...

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All you need to do is generate the template you want to use, so it's ready when you need it.

Generating a model is quick and easy. We recommend that you generate several models in order to adapt to different types of reports, which with a few exceptions have common rules.

Nothing should be changed or adjusted on the Report Builder extension. The assistant takes care of creating different types of reports.

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But, you must take into consideration that:

In a DOCX file, variables can be placed anywhere in the model, whereas in an XLSL file, each variable must be placed in its own individual cell. It's not complicated, especially since everything is clearly stated in the documentation.

There are 3 reporting types available, but you can produce these documents using WordPress:

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  • A logical single report to produce a comprehensive picture.
  • Multiple logical report files in which each table row generates a separate document. Once the controls have been set, they can be inserted on a page or article for future use either from you, a customer or an end user.
  • Reports that are not based solely on a logical table but also on the data provided by any user. Report Builder makes things easier by filling the dynamic parts of the document.

report builder settings page

You can test Report Builder to see how it works.

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You can also share the templates you use with your users. Downloads can be saved on a local computer, or saved in the media library.

Another thing that makes this extension such a versatile tool, is that it is possible to upload information through a visual editor, add data from the frontend, and generate or download multiple files at the same time and in one click.

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report generation and download

The documentation without instructions in the manual of " Report Builder Illustrates how the process is simple because everything you need to know is presented in the module. The reports that you are able to perform can also be made by anyone according to your settings.

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Report Builder it's also a lot of features

The number of features that have been incorporated into this valuable extension might come as a surprise, given that extensions are usually limited to one or two useful functions. The other features of the extension " Report Builder " are the following :

  • MS Word and MS Excel (DOCS & XLSX) reports can be generated; For DOCX reports, it's one click from a data table, another data source, or by any user. XLSX reports can be generated from your database or from another data source.
  • Bulk reports are generated by generating files wpDataTables can be downloaded as a ZIP file.
  • Reports can be generated using data provided by any user on the public interface.
  • Once a report has been prepared, it can easily be inserted on a page using Visual Composer -WPBakery- or WP Visual Editor.
  • Previous experience using wpDataTables may be required, but the learning curve is not high with Report Builder. A look at the instructions for use should be more than enough. All the features of the "Report Builder" extension are explained in detail in the documentation, and you also have access to a library of usage examples.
  • You'll get free updates for life, and support for 6 months.

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Report Builder simplifies report creation, and is able to do without configuration. With this extension, you will have a really impressive data management tool that will allow you to easily build reports.

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We offer you here some premium WordPress plugins that will help you do that.

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With this plugin in hand, your media files will be systematically organized and you can easily select an image to insert into a page or publish it. In addition, this plugin is fully compatible with the most popular plugins, especially with WooCommerce, and also supports a large number of languages.

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So if you want to give a boost to the managing your media library, the FileBird WordPress plugin could be your secret weapon.

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Its main functionalities are: the possibility of activating it and finally that it works automatically (no parameters required!), The support for multiple levels of categories (categories, subcategories, etc ...), the highlighting of active category, opening of all parent categories if the current category is inside, compatibility with any WooCommerce theme, responsive to wish, free updates and a very active customer support.

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3. WavePlayer

As you can guess from the name it bears, WavePlayer is an audio player plugin that takes the waveform of the playing audio file. With this plugin, you will be able to host tracks or simply integrate it with other cloud hosting services, such as SoundCloud.

Waveplayer premium wordpress plugins add audio player

It can also be used for podcasting purposes and it offers other features such as: HTML5 support, responsive layout, WooCommerce integration, etc ...

You will also be able to visually create a playlist before publishing it. Another essential feature is its speed and efficiency.

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