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How to add a Google font (Google Web Fonts) to your blog or WordPress site? If you are also wondering the question, then know that this tutorial is for you because, I will show you how to do it thanks to a free plugin.

You should know that Google puts a very large font library at the disposal of Internet users, so do not worry, you will probably find a font that will suit your blog.

How to install and configure the plugin "Google Fonts For WordPress"

For starters, you will install this plugin from your dashboard. Remember, a plugin available from the dashboard is also available on, where you can download the zip version of the file.


After installing and activating the plugin, you will notice that a new menu is now available on your dashboard, it is the menu " Google Fonts ».

google-font menu

By clicking on it, several other sub-menus will unfold. So we will start by installing the fonts.

How to add new fonts

You must start by clicking on the menu « Fonts ».


This page consists of several tabs.

The "Install / Uninstall" tab

On this tab you can see several fields that allow you to:

Choose a font in the big list « Select Font », Or perform a search« Search by name are ».

Preview the font (by setting its size and the preview text).

By choosing a font, you will see the link " Install xyz " or " xyz "Takes the value of the font you have selected.


By also selecting an already installed font, the link will take another value for " Uninstall xyz ».

The "Fonts" tab

In this tab you can see the different fonts you have installed and the number of times they are used in articles.


From this interface too, you can uninstall a font.

The Statistics & Tools tab

This tab provides you with a list of fonts that have been installed and those still available. It is actually a statistical report.


The "Extra Fonts Sizes" tab

Here you have the option to customize the minimum and maximum font size. You must first activate this option by clicking on " Enabled Extra Font Sizes ».

font-size extra-google-font

How to create custom fonts

The "Manage Presets" tab

You can create a combination of fonts and colors to create a collection or a combination. For that, you must access the interface " Title Presets & Tools ».


By clicking on this menu, you will access the interface which lists the different combinations you have created.


Clicking on " Add New Preset "A online form will display on the same page, and you can determine the name, font, its color, style, shading, sharpness. Don't forget to save your combination.


The "Import Presets" tab

This tab simply allows you to send configurations to your server.

send-to-suit google-fonts

The "Mass Title Tools" tab

This tab groups together tools which allow you to perform a few actions directly on all the titles of your blog. In particular, you can:

  • Put all uppercase titles
  • Put the first word capitalized
  • Put all uppercase titles
  • To lowercase all titles
  • And many more functions

How to Google Fonts

The most important thing now is to be able to apply the configurations to your theme. By activating your plugin, new fields will be available in the theme customization interface.

You can, among other things, customize the font size, choose a color, set the shading, apply a combination that you created earlier.


You can now view your blog, just to see how the changes are displayed.

That's all for this tutorial on adding a Google Web Fonts to WordPress, I hope it will be of great use to you, don't hesitate to share it with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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