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Personal Development: 14 tips to stay motivated

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No project in the world can be realized without motivation. This is one of the keys to success. Whoever has neither the desire to start, nor that to advance can in no way achieve its objectives.

Here are 14 practical tips that will help you find all the motivation that will allow you to advance your project.

1. Set your goals clearly - clarity motivates. Set goals because you know how their accomplishment can help you and stay connected to those goals. As long as you stay focused on the benefits of your choice, you will always be motivated.

2. Condition your state of mind - train yourself to think positive thoughts, while avoiding any negative thoughts.

3. Think about your health - it takes physical energy to make decisions. So think about having a balanced diet. Spend more money on your physical health than on anything else.

4. Avoid negative people - In general, this kind of people will always make you waste time and energy. To train with these people for a long time is like attaching yourself to a tree and shooting yourself in the foot every time an opportunity arises.

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5. Encounter motivated people - unlike negative people, motivated people always have positive energy. They are usually people who succeed in everything they do ... You have a lot to learn from their experiences.

6. Set goals, but stay flexible - do not try to do everything at the same time, nor to do what you are unable to do right now. Set goals that you can achieve.

7. Stay focused on your final goal - any action that does not allow you to reach your final goal is a waste of time and energy. And any waste of energy should be avoided.

8. Be responsible for your success - do not blame either bad luck, fate or even the divine. Accept your failures, assume your responsibilities, learn from your mistakes and take action. If nothing works, there must be something wrong with you.

9. Do not be a perfectionist - perfection is the enemy of progress. Do not wait until all the necessary conditions are met to get started. Go ahead, try to do better, and tell yourself it's never going to be perfect. Strive for excellence rather than the unachievable.

10. Celebrate your failures - without our failures we certainly wouldn't be better today. To fail is to find the best opportunity to learn. So take the time to understand why you failed and find a way to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

11. Do not try  - People who start their projects with the intention of trying almost never achieve their goals. So don't try to be successful, be convinced that you are going to do it. Don't tell yourself "I'm going to try…"Always start with "I can…". However, I still want to clarify that positive thinking is not enough, you need concrete actions to achieve your goals.

12. Avoid inaction - as I just said, no positive thought has ever changed the world. Only our actions allow us to move forward and achieve our goals. It is only in action that one gains experience and competence. Get started and give yourself the chance to learn from your mistakes.

13. Give yourself the chance to succeed - If you think training can help you move forward, follow it! If you think a tool can help you reach your goal, give it to yourself. It is better to do, to err and learn from mistakes than to do nothing and live with regrets.

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14. Set progress indicators - Each final objective must always be composed of intermediate objectives. In other words, each goal you set should be broken down into several stages that will allow you to see your progress. Just seeing that you are moving from one stage to another will be a great motivator for you. As long as you have proof that " it works " you stay motivated.

What do you think about this article? Do you have anything else to add?

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  1. Very good advice that summarize the basics to respect to move forward. They are even more important for people working freelance or independently. I am regularly your articles, a big congratulations!

  2. Everything is said nothing to add is really what I am doing to stay motivated and move towards my goals.
    Thanks for this article Thierry


  3. Hello,

    Thank you for this article which refreshes our memory if I may say so. We try to respect that on a daily basis but it is not always easy, we get lost a bit on the way so we have to repeat it every day,

    I really like point 11 which talks about the error of trying. This word is to be banned from the vocabulary for a person wanting to complete an important project because it leaves us a way out that we will surely take the first difficulty encountered. I experienced it during my first projects and strangely (lol) it didn't work out



  4. Hello Thierry,

    It is an action plan that each of us should understand and above all learn!

    Thank you for this article.


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